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The driver who can wreck F1's 2020 silly season Prime

The driver who can wreck F1's 2020 silly season

Most of the top drivers in Formula 1 are facing intriguing 2020s. If things go one way, there could be a much-changed grid in '21. But, as Scott Mitchell explains in his final column, only if one racer doesn't get everything right this season

Alfa Romeo must do better in "chaotic" races - Vasseur

Alfa Romeo must maximise "chaotic" Formula 1 races better after missing opportunities that would have given it a "completely different" championship last year, says team boss Frederic Vasseur.

Honda: Verstappen relationship 'like a young Senna'

Honda's Formula 1 boss says Max Verstappen's relationship with the company is like seeing that of a young Ayrton Senna.

Key team personnel shouldn't be F1 boss - Ferrari

Formula 1 teams would not be happy to see a former team boss take a senior role within the championship like Toto Wolff has been linked to, says Ferrari's CEO.

Vasseur: Giovinazzi Spa crash almost cost him his seat

Antonio Giovinazzi’s late crash out of the points in the Belgian Grand Prix last year could have cost him his Alfa Romeo drive, team boss Frederic Vasseur says.

Ferrari making "sacrifices" to benefit smaller F1 teams

Ferrari says it is making financial "sacrifices" in negotiations over Formula 1's post-2021 future, intended to help the sport's smaller teams and ensure it is "economically viable".

Honda hitting targets key to building Red Bull trust

Honda believes its ability to hit its engine targets in Formula 1 this season has been key to building mutual trust with its new partner Red Bull.

Verstappen: Inconsistent F1 stewards like football referees

Max Verstappen says stewarding in Formula 1 is the same as refereeing in football, because personal interpretation will always play a key role in decision-making.

Ferrari: Letting Vettel win in Singapore was "key"

Ferrari Formula 1 boss Mattia Binotto believes it was right to let Sebastian Vettel win this year's Singapore Grand Prix to boost his confidence and his trust in the team.

Albon was "almost back at square one" after Red Bull call-up

Alex Albon says the change that came with his mid-year move to Red Bull was “almost like starting back at square one” midway through his rookie Formula 1 season.

Honda no longer losing time to "clean-up" work

Honda's improved reliability in Formula 1 has allowed it to invest more time in performance development instead of being distracted by "clean-up" work finding fixes to problems.

Ferrari wants to add female drivers to F1 junior programme

Ferrari wants to add female drivers to its Formula 1 junior programme and is working to make sure it happens "very soon".

Hamilton engineer swap a "great opportunity" for Bottas

Valtteri Bottas says he was given a "great opportunity" in 2019 to work with one of Lewis Hamilton's ex-engineers and learn more about the six-time Formula 1 world champion's methods.

Vasseur got Sauber’s blessing for Alfa Romeo rebrand

Frederic Vasseur called Peter Sauber before anyone else about rebranding his Formula 1 team as Alfa Romeo, which he says will be in place for the "long-term".

Why Honda’s true progress will only be seen in F1 2020 Prime

Why Honda’s true progress will only be seen in F1 2020

Honda and Red Bull joined forces in Formula 1 2019 – a year on from the former’s high-profile split from McLaren. There were wins, but no title challenge. Here we explain why that was never the expectation

Dec 23, 2019

Honda asked for concerns over two-team supply

Honda asked its trackside staff for problems or concerns that arose in the "challenge" of supplying two Formula 1 teams for the first time, so it can improve next season.

Wolff: Mercedes achievements will mean nothing in 2021

Toto Wolff says Mercedes’ record-breaking success in Formula 1 does not buy the team “any credit” for the challenges that will arrive with the new rules from 2021.

Horner: Red Bull engine promises delivered for first time

Red Bull Formula 1 boss Christian Horner says the team finally had all its engine promises delivered for the first time, after switching from Renault to Honda in 2019.

Hamilton, Bottas form "sensational driver line-up" - Wolff

Mercedes has a “sensational driver line-up” in Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas that is competitive without compromising the team’s objectives, says its Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff.

Ferrari: Vettel/Leclerc "crisis" good to set ground rules

The crash between Formula 1 teammates Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc was a necessary "crisis" to establish ground rules within the team, says Ferrari's CEO.

Ricciardo: Renault thought backmarker-like lows were over

Daniel Ricciardo admits he and his Renault Formula 1 team were left "scratching our heads" at some of the lows they endured during the 2019 season.

Honda's attention to detail has impressed Verstappen

Max Verstappen says he loves working with Honda because of the Formula 1 manufacturer's working practices and attention to detail, right down to the accuracy of its "wires and stickers".

Bottas: 2018 repeat would have cost me Mercedes drive

Valtteri Bottas suspects he would have lost his Mercedes Formula 1 drive with a repeat of 2018, but instead has rediscovered the love of racing that he lost last year.

The high-pressure "job" Leclerc completed in 2019 Prime

The high-pressure "job" Leclerc completed in 2019

Charles Leclerc started his first season at Ferrari knowing the team expected Sebastian Vettel to lead its title challenge. But Leclerc made it his mission to change that view, which he did, vanquishing his world champion teammate in the process