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Inside Line F1 Podcast: Points For Everyone? No, please!

The 'points for all' topic is disturbing. No, please don't go down this road, Formula 1. We've gone from awarding points to top-6 to top-8 and now 50% of the grid (top-10) scores points.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: British GP Preview

Welcome to the world of podcasts, Formula 1. We've had your back for the last 6 years and now we look forward to you increasing the size of the pie for all of us.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Leclerc has outperformed Verstappen

Charles Leclerc has had a phenomenal start to his debut season in Formula 1 - better than Max Verstappen even!

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Romain Grosjean interview

In a bonus episode before the 2018 French Grand Prix, we have the senior-most French driver in Formula 1, Romain Grosjean, as a guest on the Inside Line F1 Podcast.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Red Bull demote Renault, promote Honda

Renault has joined the list of demotions at Red Bull Racing, while Honda find themselves with an unexpected promotion.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Best time to own a team?

The business of Formula 1 seems to be changing. With Liberty Media looking to restructure team payments, budget caps, standardisation, etc. - is this the best time to invest in a Formula 1 team?

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Jehan Daruvala interview

This week, we have Force India F1 team's junior driver and current F3 racer Jehan Daruvala on our show.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Ferrari’s ill-treatment of Raikkonen

The FIA has put Ferrari under scrutiny for various reasons. We think, the FIA should also scrutinise Ferrari for ruining Kimi Raikkonen's races in 2018. Maybe for 2016 & 2017 too?

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Chinese GP and Verstappen

In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Mithila and Kunal talk of Mercedes' multiple errors in the opening three rounds of 2018.

The Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Arjun Maini interview

Formula 2, or the 'Battle of the Junior Drivers' as we call it, has had an Indian racer line-up on the grid for the first-time ever.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Mercedes' party mode could spoil 2018

Is Mercedes' mystical 'party mode' a myth? Well, for Formula 1's sake, let's hope so. However, full marks to Mercedes for scaring the living day lights out of the competition in qualifying, although that lap has to be attributed more to Lewis Hamilton's talent than the Mercedes package.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: F1 under pressure from other series

The classic racing in IndyCar, MotoGP and Formula E in the last week has ensured a dream start to the Motorsport season of 2018.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Key questions ahead of new season

Yes, the 2018 Australian Grand Prix is just around the corner. In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we ask some key questions that will be answered through the 2018 Formula 1 Season.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Esteban Ocon interview

Will Esteban Ocon be in a position to upset Daniel Ricciardo's possible move to Mercedes for 2019? For that to happen, Ocon will need to beat Force India veteran and team-mate Sergio Perez - expect this to be a tough fight.

The Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Sergio Perez Interview

By the end of the 2018 Formula 1 Season, Sergio Perez would become Force India's most-experienced driver - and unless Esteban Ocon (who is next on the show!) goes on a podium scoring spree, he will also become the team's most-successful driver.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The power of Fernando Alonso

Toyota and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) have done the unthinkable. They successfully lobbied to move the date of the Japanese round of the WEC to accommodate Fernando Alonso's Formula 1 commitments.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Felix Rosenqvist interview

Mahindra Racing star Felix Rosenqvist joins us on the Inside Line F1 Podcast.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Bodywork changes for sponsors

Come 2019, Formula 1 cars will adapt existing bodywork to better the visibility of sponsor logos. Whatever happened to fans calling for bodywork changes to increase the racing spectacle!

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Alonso, Raikkonen & Kimoa

While the origins of the word 'kimoa' maybe Hawaiian, we believe that the real reason why Fernando Alonso chose the name 'Kimoa' was because of the social love for Kimi and his favourite expression 'BWOAH'.

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Ferrari breakaway series

Ferrari's breakaway series is no longer news. In fact, apart from grabbing headlines for the last decade, there's never been further movement.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The one change F1 needs in 2018

2017 was Liberty Media's first full season as the new owners of Formula 1. How well did they fare? Also, what is the ONE change you would like to see in the sport in 2018?

Inside Line F1 Podcast: F1 2017 in one word

It's off-season time in Formula 1; there's no track action whatsoever. But on the Inside Line F1 Podcast, we're still in-season. We've got our latest track of the week out, tune in.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: The Mika Hakkinen Interview

Here it is! Here's our Mika Hakkinen special episode. We spent much of the last weekend with the Flying Finn as he visited India to promote his 'Never Drink & Drive' campaign.

Inside Line F1 Podcast: Kvyat-Verstappen Equation For 2018

You already know the equation between Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat. Each time Kvyat has lost out, Verstappen has won that very race.