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How F1's development battle has swung between Mercedes and Red Bull

Formula 1's COVID-forced adoption of an interim car design for 2021 has resulted in some fascinating battles on and off track this season: and a very different upgrade war.

The updates helping McLaren fight for F1 wins

McLaren has made some impressive progress in Formula 1 this season, as it has ended its long victory and pole position droughts.

The Mercedes/Red Bull set-up splits as F1 title battle intensifies

Red Bull and Mercedes are locked in a battle for the Formula 1 championship that looks all set to go the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Italian GP: Key F1 tech updates, direct from the garages

Join us as we delve into the latest technical developments from the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

What's behind Red Bull's latest F1 floor tweak

Red Bull has expended considerable resources this season, adding performance to its RB16B at almost every Formula 1 race.

How wet weather complicated F1 wing choices in Belgium

Spa-Francorchamps always offers a different challenge for Formula 1 teams on the set-up front, with the track having different demands throughout the lap.

Belgian GP: Key F1 tech updates, direct from the garages

Join us as we delve into the latest technical developments from the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

The images that reveal Verstappen's missing half F1 car Hungarian GP
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The images that reveal Verstappen's missing half F1 car

Red Bull Formula 1 boss Christian Horner joked after the Hungarian Grand Prix that Max Verstappen had been left with less downforce than Mick Schumacher's Haas after the first corner pile-up.

Hungarian GP: Key F1 tech updates, direct from the garages

Join us as we delve into the latest technical developments from the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring, courtesy of Giorgio Piola and Sutton Images.

Why F1's battle of the rear wings is becoming even more intricate

One of the defining aspects of the Formula 1 title battle between Red Bull and Mercedes this year has been the rear wing choices made by the two teams.

The F1 upgrades that helped Mercedes triumph in the British GP

The Mercedes Formula 1 team had arrived at the British Grand Prix in need of a good result after a recent run of Red Bull success.

Tech insight: What F1's 2022 full-scale model really tells us

Formula 1 unveiled a full-scale version of the future at Silverstone on Thursday, allowing us to get our first true impression of what the cars will look like from 2022 onwards.

How Ferrari's floor experiments have finally paid off

Ferrari has been investigating the benefits of a new floor design for several Formula 1 races now, with various iterations trialled to find the right performance balance.

F1's flexi-wing controversy faces end game in France

Formula 1's focus on tyre pressures has dominated chatter in the build-up to the French Grand Prix, but the weekend is an important one on another technical front.

How Bottas' pitstop ended up being 43 hours long

Valtteri Bottas' Monaco Grand Prix came to a premature end when a Formula 1 pitstop went wrong, and his right front wheel could not be removed until nearly two days later.

The revamp that failed to help Mercedes win in Monaco Monaco GP
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The revamp that failed to help Mercedes win in Monaco

Mercedes has always had a weakness at slow speed circuits, with its long wheelbase and tyre characteristics not perfect for Formula 1 venues like Monaco and Singapore.

The different rear wing approach that helped Hamilton win

Lewis Hamilton's storming charge to victory in the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix showed again his brilliance at overtaking and tyre management.

Is Mercedes in trouble or is it part of a plan?

Judging the accurate performance of the Formula 1 field off the back of pre-season testing has always been a bit of a fool's errand.

How Mercedes overcame latest F1 rules threat

In our latest instalment focused on Mercedes' amazing run of winning cars, we arrive at yet another rule change that the team dealt with in style to stop rivals catching up.

How Mercedes made its best car better

Mercedes hit the ground running when Formula 1’s turbo hybrid era began in 2014, as its W05 made perfect use of the best power unit to charge to world title glory.

The F1 upgrades that spurred Mercedes on to a Mugello 1-2

Mercedes made some small but meaningful tweaks to its W11 as Formula 1 raced at Mugello for the first time in the Tuscan Grand Prix, with both the front wing and T-Wing treated to optimisations.

How low can you go? Skinny Monza F1 wings explained

Monza holds a special place on the calendar, owing to the unique challenge that it poses to engineers and drivers alike. While higher top speeds are achieved elsewhere, its unique layout prompts many designers to create specific rear wing designs for this one race each year.

Under the skin of Red Bull’s F1 quest to catch Mercedes

Red Bull wanted to be quick out of the blocks in 2020, but has openly admitted that the RB16 hasn’t been good enough in the opening rounds of the championship.

Why Mercedes gets uncomfortable when the pressure goes up

Max Verstappen’s victory for Red Bull at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix came as a relief for many, as Mercedes dominance until that point raised the spectre of a season-long ‘silverwash’.

What’s at the heart of Mercedes’ recent gearbox trouble?

Mercedes has made important changes underneath the bodywork ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix, in a bid to alleviate the gearbox problems that marred their race last week at Red Bull Ring.

Why there’s more to Mercedes than a new paint scheme in Austria

Mercedes arrived at the Austrian Grand Prix with a collection of new parts as it continues to push forward in the defense of its world championships.

Revealed: Renault’s key element of its triple F1 update package

Renault has brought a triple update package to Austria, with parts originally scheduled to arrive at races in Vietnam, the Netherlands and Spain now available for the first race of the season.

Motorsport Heroes: The Ferrari that made Massa F1 champ for 38s
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Motorsport Heroes: The Ferrari that made Massa F1 champ for 38s

In Motorsport Heroes, the full-length feature film by Manish Pandey now available on, four legends of our sport share their life stories. Here, we look at the machinery that almost powered Felipe Massa to the 2008 world title.

How Mercedes made DAS the perfect front-end fit

Mercedes’ controversial Dual-Axis Steering device was likely to be the big story of the Australian Grand Prix, until the coronavirus pandemic became the only narrative in town. Now that the dust has settled on the non-start to the 2020 Formula 1 season, let’s take a detailed look at how this innovative system is installed in the W11 chassis.

How Red Bull struck an early tech blow against Mercedes Australian GP
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How Red Bull struck an early tech blow against Mercedes

A wheel has yet to be turned in the Formula 1 World Championship but tensions are already high in Melbourne, as the teams begin to jockey for position and dispute the legality of each other’s machines.

Tech breakdown: Under the skin of the new Mercedes Prime

Tech breakdown: Under the skin of the new Mercedes

In a pre-season video, Mercedes introduced us to its 2020 challenger with technical director James Allison, who eloquently broke down some of the car’s key design aspects. So let’s take an in-depth look at the myriad detail changes he talked about.

Tech insight: What’s behind Red Bull’s new aero package?

Red Bull has introduced a selection of new parts on the second day of the final Barcelona pre-season F1 test, as it looks to hone in on the aerodynamic package that we will likely see at the first race of the year.

Tech insight: Can Williams rise again with its new FW43?

Williams has had a tough few years from a technical standpoint but hopes are high that it can come out from the cold with its 2020 challenger – the Mercedes-powered FW43.

Discover the hidden technical secrets of Red Bull’s new RB16

To the untrained eye the RB16 might appear relatively similar last year's car, but further examination proves that Red Bull has been hard at work, not only refining pre-existing concepts but also learning lessons from others and pushing the design envelope even further – as you’d expect from technical team led by Adrian Newey.

What's behind Mercedes' extreme new sidepods

Mercedes may be coming off the back of another F1 title double, but that has not stopped it taking a design concept originally introduced by Ferrari in 2017 and then taking it a step further.

Tech analysis: What’s new on the Ferrari SF1000

Ferrari’s SF1000 is the first car to be physically unveiled this year and affords us a look into the mindset of a team that quickly found itself adrift from the title fight last season, but is also mindful of the enormous challenge faced by the all-new car that must be designed for the 2021 regulations.

Five key design points on the new Haas VF-20

The Haas F1 Team revealed what Formula 1 designers would call a “very beige” 2020 car on Thursday, which continues to feature many of the so-called ‘listed parts’ available via its technical collaboration with Ferrari.

Tech insight: What we can expect from the 2020 F1 Mercedes
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Tech insight: What we can expect from the 2020 F1 Mercedes

On the eve of a new Formula 1 season, one team will feel the weight of expectation like no other, having already achieved an uninterrupted sequence of six double world championships.

Tech verdict: How Mercedes struck back at Suzuka

Mercedes achieved a monumental feat in Japan, becoming the first team in the sport’s history to capture six back-to-back drivers’ and constructors’ F1 World Championships. What makes this particularly impressive is that it has been able to achieve this through a sequence of regulation changes, which shows it could adapt and develop to a range of circumstances.

Tech verdict: How Ferrari really turned the tables on rivals

Ferrari turned the tables on its Formula 1 rivals since the summer break, not only taking victories at low-downforce tracks where expectations were high, but also at races where they were expected to be on the backfoot. The result in Russia may not have swung in its direction, but the signs are there that it will be able to fight Mercedes more often at the remaining races this season.

Tech insight: The caped crusaders of the F1 paddock

The under-nose ‘cape’ is now less of a trend and more of a staple of Formula 1 car design in 2019. With Alfa Romeo recently joining the growing stable of teams to run the aerodynamic appendage – that takes the tally to over half of the grid.