Can turbo blankets be proven to increase performance?


How Turbo Blankets Work, With Proof Of Faster Spooling & Less Lag

Do turbo blankets actually work? What is the purpose of a turbo blanket? What are the advantages of using a turbo blanket?

This video involves two tests, one completed by myself and Humble Mechanic, the other as a thesis for a masters at UT Austin. For our tests, we seek to see if there are any major temperature differences between using a turbo blanket, versus not. This can mean different cabin temperatures, lower hood temperatures, lower engine bay temperatures, and even lower intake air temperatures.

The idea of a turbo blanket is that it keeps all the exhaust heat contained within the turbocharger, rather than radiating out from it. This means more heat is contained as useful pressure, and that pressure spins the turbochargers. With more pressure, you create more power. Does it actually work? Let's watch and find out!

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Duration 17:01
Posted Jan 8, 2018
Series Automotive
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