Pharaons Rally: Series final stage report

DOUBLE POKER FOR COMA SCHLESSER RISKS, BUT WINS Marc Coma scores two pokers: four Pharaons Rally and four World Championships. Schlesser puts the wheels on the ground after rolling over and profits of his advantage to get the victory of the race.

Pharaons Rally: Series final stage report


Marc Coma scores two pokers: four Pharaons Rally and four World Championships. Schlesser puts the wheels on the ground after rolling over and profits of his advantage to get the victory of the race. The standing are followed by Francisco Lopez and Helder Rodrigues in bikes; Traglio/Lurquin and Mitsuhashi/Guehennec in cars. Vigouroux gets the 2wd Trophy for the first time.

El Alamein --The thirteenth edition of Pharaons Rally has crowned its new winners in Porto Marina at El Alamein this afternoon. Marc Coma, after three consecutive stages victories wins the overall classification for bikes. Maurizio Traglio/Fabian Lurquin marked the third consecutive stage win but Jean Louis-Schlesser/Arnaud Debron are the new Pharaohs in cars.

The last stage of Pharaons Rally 2010 took competitors from Siwa's bivouac to the podium in El Alamein. Marc Coma opened the road today for the 240 km special section and got his third stage victory in a row. After this result, Coma is the new winner of Pharaons Rally and the FIM World Champion in Super Production. Also, with his fourth victory in Egypt, the Spanish reaches the record of the record held for Italian rider Fabrizio Meoni.

Second overall was Francisco "Chaleco" Lopez. The Chilean rider carried out a great race and headed the overall classification for three days with his Aprilia 450 cc. Helder Rodrigues in Yamaha did an outstanding race. The Portuguese came to Egypt all by himself with no assistance and got the third place overall, a real proof of talent.

Pharaons Rally was an excellent first experience in an African race for Marcos Patronelli. The Argentinean quad rider won five over six stages on his Yamaha quad and got the overall victory over two strong men: Rafal Sonik and Dmitry Pavlov.

The only woman competing in Egypt was Camelia Liparoti. The French-Italian was fourth in her class and obtained here the title of FIM Women's World Cup on quads for the second time. In cars, today's stage was the third consecutive victory for Maurizio Traglio/Fabian Lurquin. The Tecnosport crew takes the second place overall after Jean Louis Schlesser/Arnaud Debron. The Schlesser Buggy rolled over after 13 km of the last special losing several minutes, but the advantage from the stages before allowed them to keep the victory of Pharaons 2010.

Japanese/French crew of Jun Mistuhashi/Alain Guehennec took the third place overall. Toyota Autobody was pleased to place their car in the standings in the race.

Eric Vigouroux and his Trophy Truck Chevrolet were sixth overall. After some unlucky days in the desert, the French crew found some comfort and kept fighting. Their main goal in Pharaons was to obtain the FIA Two Wheel Drive Trophy. They arrived to Egypt with a five point difference over Schlesser, and they acquired the precious trophy at the end of the race.

The best Egyptian crew in Pharaons was El Gouna Rally Raid Egypt. Ahmed El Shamy and his English co-driver Paul Round finished the race tenth overall.

They said...


Marc Coma: "It is a great way to say good-bye to the 690 cc bike with the World Title. Knowing that Fabrizio (Meoni) won Pharaons Rally four times and now I reach feels very special. He is a reference and I admire him deeply. To get close to his results make me very proud."

Francisco Lopez: "I'm glad. Unfortunately the last two days were not made for my 450 cc, but I think that to have been first overall for four days shows that we can have great results. I'm second in the FIM World Championship of 450 cc and first in this race. These are great results."

Helder Rodrigues: "I feel good, this is a great third place overall. I rode carefully not to break the engine or anything because I came all alone, without any assistance. I'm tired but satisfied. Third in Pharaons and third in the 450 cc class in the World Championship is a great score."


Marcos Patronelli: "I'm more than happy to win in Egypt. I was able to make a difference day by day, but I've never thought that I would come for the first time and win the race. Competitors that come to Pharaons are strong, so I feel very good about my result."

Rafal Sonik: "Before coming I thought that Egypt was a mentally easy race. Once I got here I have had one problem after the other. I had 15 punctures, more than I do in a whole season! It was more difficult than I expected it."

Camelia Liparoti: "I'm very happy because I'm the only woman among eleven quads and I'm fourth. The race was fast, not very adapted to my small quad. Yesterday's stage was technical and I was my kind of stage so I was classed 25th of the day! I'm proud of the FIM World Title, it's a great thing."


Jean-Louis Schlesser: "It was a very positive week, even if we had an accident this morning. After we rolled over many times I can state the solidness of our chassis. Nothing moved at all. I'm glad of my third victory of Pharaons Rally and most of all, this is my first one with JVD International."

Maurizio Traglio: "The results we have done with our Nissan Pathfinder are great. I'm glad with our second place overall, and I think Schlesser deserves his first place too. It was such a beautiful race: the sand stages we have here we cannot have them anywhere else! Not even in the UAE!"

Jun Mitsuhashi: "To have placed our T2 in the standing is something I didn't expect before coming to Egypt, but we did it. That is what makes cross country rally so exciting!"

Eric Vigouroux: "Today was a stressing day. We saw the moment Schlesser rolled over. We stopped to help them and then we continued. I had my eyes in the board to check every possible signal because we needed to get to the finish. The FIA Two Wheel Drive Trophy is an excellent reward."


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