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MIR Jet FC results

MIR Jet FC results
Aug 17, 1997, 12:19 PM

For immediate release. Bill Pratt 301-870-9876 ( Results of the 19th Annual Jet Funny Car Nationals Maryland International Raceway, August 16, 1997 MIR Jet FC Titles to Hanna, Ehrmantraut, and Parlett Rich Hanna continued ...

For immediate release. Bill Pratt 301-870-9876 (

Results of the 19th Annual Jet Funny Car Nationals Maryland International Raceway, August 16, 1997

MIR Jet FC Titles to Hanna, Ehrmantraut, and Parlett

Rich Hanna continued his dominance of the annual MIR Jet Funny Car Nationals race as won the 1997 event handily. Toby Ehrmantraut won the Jet Dragster Match Race in Al Hanna's brand-new, scientifically-designed 'Eastern Raider' machine. Bobby Parlett retained his stranglehold on the Frantic Four/Dragster points with a win, and Bob Motz thrilled all in attendance with impressive blasts from his jet-powered Kenworth Truck.

The race kicked off at 7pm with the second round of Frantic Four/Dragster qualifying. The FF/O cars got two qualifying shots. The final qualifying order was as follows:

POS Driver Home Town Car ET Speed

1. Bobby Parlett Hughesville MD 96 S&W 7.089 186.74 2. Richard Wilson Pr. Frederick MD 23 Model T 7.135 185.97 3. Mike McKenzie Pasadena MD 93 Burnley 7.152 191.51 4. Tony Tull Mt. Airy MD 97 S&H 7.175 186.74

Alternates included the following:

5. Steve Wilson Clinton MD 97 Bos 7.259 182.95 6. Dickie Smith Jr Waldorf MD 97 HSC 7.289 184.45 7. Sonny Hammett Waldorf MD 91 Keir 7.381 182.21 8. Joseph Smith Waldorf MD 23 Model T 7.537 179.30 9. Dave Cornnell Annandale VA 77 S&W FED 7.631 173.76

With the fields set, the first round of FF/O would occur during the Jet Funny Car second round.

Racing began with Rich Hanna taking his first of three straight wins and his first of three 5.80 runs. Hanna's "AutoWorks First Strike" Firebird- bodied machine made short work of father Al Hanna's similarly-painted "Autoworks Eastern Raider" Firebird. The younger Hanna went 5.88 seconds, 271 mph to defeat his father's 6.10, 248 mph run. Pat Davidson then took the "Under Pressure" 1991 Chevy Beretta-bodied car to a 6.00 second, 231 mph win over Colorado's Bruce Abbott and the "Western Flame" Chevy S-10 Jet Pickup, which ran 6.27 seconds at 251 mph.

Toby Ehrmantraut came out next with Al Hanna's brand new "Eastern Raider" Jet Dragster. Designed by the Hanna team and built by Page Race Cars, the "Raider" is the most technologically advanced jet in drag racing history. The car is a blend of space age ideas and several exotic metals, including magnesium. Hanna even had the car anodized instead of painted in order to save the nine pounds a paint finish usually requires. Facing the Hanna team car was Kenosha, Wisconsin's, Dennis Roslansky, and his track speed record holding "Cross Fire" machine. Ehrmantraut took Hanna's machine to the first win at 5.36 seconds, 290 mph to defeat Roslansky's 5.53 second run at 286 mph.

Round two of the program began with the Frantic Four/Open dragsters and altereds. In the first pairing, Richard Wilson took the Wilson Racing supercharged Chevy Altered to an impressive win over Mike McKenzie, 7.04 seconds at 188.31 mph to McKenzie's top speed of the meet, 7.22 at 191.51 mph. The next pair wasn't a pair at all; Bobby Parlett got a bye run when Tony Tull broke on the starting line. Parlett singled to an impressive 7.01 second pass at 188.31 mph, setting up an all-7.0 second final.

Rich Hanna continued to steamroll over the Jet Funny Cars, this time with a 5.87 second, 271 mph defeat of Abbott's truck at 6.34 seconds, 248 mph. Pat Davidson then gave Al Hanna a freebie win when he left the line too soon and fouled. The Massachusetts driver wasted a fine 5.97 second, 244 mph run as the elder Hanna cruised to a 6.09 second, 264 mph win.

Toby Ehrmantraut made it two straight over Roslansky as he pushed the gold anodized "Eastern Raider" to a super 5.29 second, 296 mph to 5.50 second, 290 mph decision.

Bob Motz ended the round with his awesome jet powered Kenworth truck. The huge machine sped to a 8.23 second, 193 mph blast after a terrific fire show on the starting line.

The final round began with the Frantic Four final. The Parlett Bros. and Richard Wilson both had run 7.0s in the previous round. The Computech racing team was able to squeeze a few more hundredths out of the supercharged Chevy, however, and that spelled the difference. While Wilson ran an ultra-consistent 7.04 at 189 mph, he still trailed Parlett's 6.99 second, 189 mph run through the lights. The Parlett Bros. have won all four Frantic Four titles contested this year, and have built a commanding lead in the points.

Up next was a consolation Jet Funny Car race between Al Hanna and Bruce Abbott. Hanna won his second race of the night by defeating the pickup, 6.05 seconds at 266 mph to 6.21 seconds at 250 mph. Rich Hanna then sealed the championship with an incredibly consistent 5.85 second, 271 mph winner over Davidson's Beretta at 6.02 seconds, 243 mph.

Dennis Roslansky got a measure of revenge in the final Jet Dragster race. He strapped a .412 second to .722 second reaction time advantage on Toby Ehrmantraut from which the Eastern Raider car could not recover. Roslansky ran a consistent 5.50 at 290 mph to win as Ehrmantraut shut off at 900 feet to record a 5.65 second time at only 219 mph.

Motz ended the night with another superb fire show and a bellowing 8.28 second, 187 mph ride. As Motz went through the traps, fireworks lit up southern Maryland sky for a special treat.

In other action, Danny O'Day of Brookfield, MA, made three exhibition runs in his 'SuperWinch Superbird' Ford Thunderbird-bodied wheelstander. O'Day ran 9.25 seconds at 131 mph, 9.15 seconds at 135 mph, and finally, a new track record of 9.000 seconds at 137.20 mph. O'Day employed a rear wheel start on the record run. He lined up the back tires on the starting line beam instead of the front tires. O'Day reasons that since he carries the front wheels all the way past the finish line, the car should leave the starting line with the tires that break the finish line beams. Not all wheelstander racers would agree, but O'Day had no opponent to object.

Jamie Emery of Colton's Point, MD, took three time run shots in his nitro burning Harley drag bike. The young rider had three runs in the 7.3 zone at over 180 mph; his aggregate best times were 7.340 at 185.97 mph. Emery has been receiving computer tuning help from the Parlett team. -- Bill Pratt Bilden Enterprises, Inc.

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