Reddy on high after MRF F1600 championship triumph

Anindith Reddy has been in great form all through the 2017 season.

Reddy on high after MRF F1600 championship triumph

It is no wonder that he wrapped up the MRF F1600 season without too much difficulty. The best part of it is that the Hyderabad-based driver is thoroughly enjoying it.

"It feels really good to win the championship. The whole season was fantastic," he told

"The opening round at the Buddh International Circuit was fun, but challenging. It was tough to compete with the front-runners. But I got good finishes and points at the BIC," he added.

More than just winning the title, Reddy seems to have enjoyed it to the hilt. "The car came alive in the last three rounds and I felt at home with it. So, I got some wins but the best part is that I really enjoyed the racing," he stated.

The best part of Reddy's 2017 racing season has been that he has won in style, sometimes completely dominating or come-from-behind wins. He is undoubtedly happy about it and gains confidence.

"Absolutely, I get confidence out of that," he noted.

"When I first started racing, there was a bit of nervousness. . But now, it is more of the kick building up to the race and get mentally better till the lights go off. I think that has been one of the big changes this year."

More than just the thrill of winning the championship, Reddy likes the fact that he has learnt a lot.

"There has been a lot of learning every year," he said.

"I tell my family that I learnt double of what I learnt the previous year. It is no different this year. I learnt to be consistent with my laps and that is why I did well in the races though I had tough qualifying sessions. And that learning always continues," he added.

"I managed to be quick against the other drivers I competed against. I also had to fight my way to a win rather than just a straight lights to flag victory. I clearly enjoyed it."

The big question is: what next?

Reddy is looking at racing GT cars, or is hoping to get a chance in the MRF International Challenge.

"I wouldn't mind racing formula cars for another year. But I think I should be moving to GT cars soon," he stated.

"In formula racing, there is only one thing I am looking at and that is the MRF Challenge. If I don't do that, I will certainly do GT cars."

Reddy is really hoping that the MRF Challenge will work out because it will be good for his career.

"Absolutely, it has some of the best drivers in the world and I enjoyed racing formula cars. I would love to see how I stack up against the best in the world. Besides, it is an Indian championship and there should be an Indian driver," he felt.

For now, however, the MRF F1600 National Championship title is what he is enjoying.

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