PDKA Path Valley report 2002-08-18

PDKA State Championship Kart Series races round rive Spring Run, PA - Amber Lyter of Landisburg celebrated her fifteenth birthday with her biggest racing win of the season Sunday in the Pennsylvania Dirt Karter's Association (PDKA) Burris State ...

PDKA Path Valley report 2002-08-18

PDKA State Championship Kart Series races round rive

Spring Run, PA - Amber Lyter of Landisburg celebrated her fifteenth birthday with her biggest racing win of the season Sunday in the Pennsylvania Dirt Karter's Association (PDKA) Burris State Championship Series at the Path Valley Speedway Park.

Lyter was one of 19 kart class winners in the fifth race of the six-race series. She won a close race in the Jr. Sportsman III Lite class. On the final lap of the thrilling feature Lyter got bumped by the kart behind her and went into the outside wall coming out of turn four for the checkered flag. PDKA rules eliminate one-lap finish restarts so the race was scored on the white flag lap for Lyter's win.

Tyler Bear of Elliotsburg was one of the day's multiple winners with Jr. Sportsman I Lite and Jr. Sportsman I Heavy wins. "I just love the PDKA races," the young Bear said, "and this just might be my best day ever!" In the senior classes for older riders, Jake Murphy of Mechanicsburg won in both the Sr. Lite and Sr. Medium features. Extra Heavy winner Jason Wevadoe of York Haven said his feature was his first-ever PDKA win.

About 220 karts entered the full day's program, and two practice sessions, time trials for every kart and all 19 features were completed by 6:30 p.m.

The results are unofficial until certified by the PDKA board of directors and only the best five finishes of the six-race series count toward the Pennsylvania State Championships. In addition to electronic timing and scoring with radio transponders on each kart, the PDKA races feature extensive technical inspections and engine teardowns.

The day's general racing sponsor was Al's Kart Supply, and Midnite Power sponsored the Fast Time Awards. Individual class sponsors for the 19 divisions of karts include: JJ's Auto Body, In Memory of Kevin Gobrecht, Silver Springs Speedway, Kirby's Speed Secrets, Frank Sears Sanitation, Awards and Beyond, JC Specialty, Path Valley Speedway, Paul E. Power, Locke's Auto/Viper Engines, Little's Kart Shop, Quality Cleaning, York County Kart Supply, Trim's Automotive/T-E Motorsports, Ensor's Speed Shop in 2 classes, Selinsgrove Raceway Park, Silver Springs Speedway, American Carpentry/Frame to Finish.

According to PDKA President Butch Diller, teams are now being surveyed on their preferences for a spec tire in the 2003 series. Currently the Burris M-15A/B tires are required.

PDKA board member Ira Kerns said the day's racing was one of the best ever. "The racing was excellent, with only two minor accidents that required the ambulance to check on riders. The track as in great shape again, and the rain held off until after we finished," he said.

Jack Flowers, a partner in Two Wheel Promotions and one of the track's owners said, "These are some of the best young riders anywhere and someday a few of them might be great professional drivers. It's always a pleasure to have the PDKA here at Path Valley because they are so polite, careful, and sportsmanlike. Some of our adult racers could take lessons from them." The six-race series alternated between Path Valley and the Selinsgrove Raceway and the remaining event is a Sunday race Sept. 29 at Selinsgrove. The rain date is Oct. 6. Gates open at 7 a.m. with practice at 10 a.m. and racing at noon.

Feature race winners in all classes receive a winner's plaque and in classes with 12 or more karts a $100 gift certificate from the class sponsor. All riders setting fast times in their class receive a medal. All of those entering the Kids Karts class receive a trophy, and cash payouts are based on the number of entries.

As part of the Burris National Speedway Series, information is available at the BNSS web site at www.burrisnationalspeedwayseries.com/. The PDKA competitors range from Kid Karts for those 5 to 7 years old up to adult classes for those 15 and older. For rules, past state champions and information on the PDKA, riders can consult the series website at www.padirtkart.com/.


Class, kart #, name, time,
Kid Karts #25, Andrew Hogue, 20.655 sec,
Sr. Heavy #9 Jeff Rathfon, 13.596,
Jr. Sportsman II Heavy, #92 Stephen Mattlin, 14.136,
Junior #21 Patrick Rineman, 13.315,
Controlled Medium, #77 Derek Locke, 12.957,
Yamaha 2-cycle Heavy, Keith Blumenstein, 12.797,
Sr. Champ, #1 Cale Reigle, 14.099,
Sr. Lite, #18 Jake Murphy, 13.075,
Jr. Sportsman Champ, #16 Gerard McIntyre, 15.432,
Jr. III Lite, #61 Craig Wetzel, 13.490,
Jr. Sportsman I Lite, #25 Tyler Bear, 14.577 sec,
Controlled Heavy, #77 Derek Locke, 12.806,
Jr. Sportsman II Lites, #52 Austin Hogue, 13.944,
Star Champ, #18 Brent Baumgartner, 13.279,
Yamaha 2-cycle Lite, Clark Simonton Jr., 12.159,
Sr. Xtra-heavy #12 Jason Wevadoe 13.465,
Medium #18 Jake Murphy, 13.065
Jr. Champ #13 Eric Walker, 13.694
Jr. Sportsman I Heavy #25 Tyler Bear 14.516 <pre> FINISH ORDER (UNOFFICIAL)

Kid Karts 1. #57 Ian Scheaffer, Harrisburg, 2. 24 Ashley Brooks 3. 88 Jessica Miller 4. 10 Travis Tate 5. 25 Andrew Hogue

Jr. Sportsman I Lite 1. 25 Tyler Bear, Perry County, 2. 37 Alex Benda 3. 41 Jonathan Pillion 4. 19 Dakota Bear 5. 01 Chad Brooks

Jr. Sportsman II Lite 1. #52 Austin Hogue, York 2. 12 Keith Blumenstein, 3. 19 Brent Marks 4. 3 Brock Zearfoss 5. 1 Mike Rodriquez

Jr. Sportsman I Heavy 1. #25 Tyler Bear, Elliotsburg 2. 37 Alex Benda 3. 41 Jonathan Pillion 4. 26 Nathan Danner 5. 24 Zack Fouse

Jr. Sportsman II Heavy 1. #12 Keith Blumenstein Jr., Mechanicsburg, 2. 97 Stephen Mattlin 3. 19 Brent Marks 4. 4 Danny Holtgraver 5. 3 Brock Zearfoss

Jr. III Lite 1. #34 Amber Lyter, Landisburg, 2. 61 Craig Wetzel 3. 21 Cody Seiber 4. 89 Donald DJ Holland Jr. 5. 8 Trenton Sheaffer

Jr. Champ 1. #13 Eric Walker, Middletown, 2. 8 Jacob Hartlaub 3. 10 Cody Schmiedel 4. 87 Patrick Rineman 5. 7 Nathan Melton

Jr. Sportsman Champ 1. #16 Gerard McIntyre, New Oxford, 2. 01 Chad Brooks 3. 4 Mike Nelson III 4. 22 Rodney Westhaver 5. 83 Cody Fairchock

Jr. Stock 1. #29 Garrett Krummert, 2. 21 Patrick Rineman 3. 89 Donald Holland Jr. 4. 34 Amber Lyter 5. 7 Matt Cooper

Yamaha 2-Cycle Lite 1. 03 Clark Simonton Jr., Port Royal 2. 21 Elvin Diller 3. 7 Aaron Anstine 4. 57 Andy Little 5. 4 Joshua Eckard

Yamaha 2-Cycle Heavy 1. #21 Elvin Diller III, Enola 2. 12 Keith Blumenstein 3. 29 Tracy Blumenstein 4. 57 Andy Little 5. 81 Bob Anderson

Star Champ 1. #18 Brent Baumgartner, New Windsor MD, 2. 6 John Westbrook 3. 60 Bob Johnson 4. 83 Greg Robinson

Sr. Champ 1. #16 Brady Bitting, Carlisle, 2. 1 Cale Reigle 3. 20 Brent Baumgartner 4. 25 Brent Lawrence 5. 60 Bob Johnson

Controlled Medium 1. #77 Derek Locke, Mechanicsburg 2. #19 Missy Ciucci, 3. 67 Kenneth Duke 4. 9 Matt Hummel 5. 6 Randy Goldsborough

Controlled Heavy 1. #28 Chuck Paige, Middleburg, 2. #77 Derek Locke, 3. 9 Jeff Rathfon 4. 98 DJ Clark 5. 0 Matt Hummel

Sr. Lite 1. #18, Jake Murphy, Mechanicsburg 2. 36 Ben Murphy 3. 78 James Kirby 4. 31 Tommy Beavers 5. 98 Todd Shellenberger

Sr. Medium 1. #18 Jake Murphy, Mechanicsburg 2. 88 Rodney Sweger 3. 36 Ben Murphy 4. 31 Tommy Beavers 5. 17 Justin Seigler

Sr. Heavy 1. #1 Adam Dimm, 2. 9 Jeff Rathfon, 3. 17 Danny Wiles 4. 78 Kanon Ford 5. 74 Dwayne Gutshall

X-Heavy 1. #12 Jason Wevadoe, York Haven 2. 21 Mike Rogers 3. 9 Jeff Rathfon 4. 15 John Elder 5. 95 Markus Woodring


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