Tulsa Shootout results 2005-12-31

Twenty-Two Drivers Claim Golden Drillers in Tulsa Shootout TULSA, Okla. (December 31, 2005) -- Twenty-two different drivers representing ten different states raced to victory lane in Saturday night's 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented ...

Tulsa Shootout results 2005-12-31

Twenty-Two Drivers Claim Golden Drillers in Tulsa Shootout

TULSA, Okla. (December 31, 2005) -- Twenty-two different drivers representing ten different states raced to victory lane in Saturday night's 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by O'Reilly's and Brodix at Tulsa Expo Raceway.

The night's only multiple winner was Indiana's Trenton Beckinger, who scored wins in the Super Junior II and Junior Animal Kart classes, as eleven different drivers posted wins in the dozen Kart features.

Rodney Stealy became the seventh different winner in as many Micro events by topping the headline 600-cc Multi "A" Feature, besting a record field of 123 entries to claim his second Shootout Multi triumph in three years.

It was more of the same in the Quad classes with four different riders racing to victory lane in as many features, with Daryl Rath and Brad Covington splitting victories in the Pro classes.

The 21st Annual Tulsa Shootout presented by O'Reilly's and Brodix attracted 1,097 entries from 35 different states. A total of 234 races were contested over the course of the two-day event, including 153 heat races, 58 semi-features and 23 "A" Mains. A total of 2,086 laps of green flag laps of racing were completed.


Indiana's Rodney Stealy took full advantage of a reprieve from Lady Luck to capture his second Tulsa Shootout 600-cc Multi feature victory in three years over a stout field of 123 entries. Other Micro winners included Oklahoma drivers Scott Sawyer and Jared Wilson in "A" Class action, Indiana's Andrew Peters and Sooner State shoe Donnie Crawford in Non-Wing competition, Tyler Edwards in the Restricted "A" Class and Blake Hahn in the Junior Sprints.

While outside front row starter B.J. Fay outgunned polesitter and defending race winner Stan Yockey for the lead at the drop of the green flag, Stealy was on the move from his tenth starting position. Stealy had advanced to third by the tenth round when he nearly spun in turn three. Stealy gathered his machine in and continued on as a pair of cars tangled in his wake, bringing out a caution and allowing Stealy to retain third.

Stealy charged past Montie Frey, Jr., for second on the restart then disposed of Fay for the lead on the 12th lap en route to winning the 25-lap headliner. Frey followed Stealy past Fay and tried to mount a late challenge before settling for second. Nate Lauderbaugh claimed the show position, with eleventh-starter Jonathan Hendrick and Fay rounding out the top five.

Danny Lasoski and Terry McCarl both utilized provisional starting positions for the 600-cc Multi main event, settling for finishes of 14th and 20th, respectively.

Arizona's Ken Caskey started the day at the tail of the second "E" Main and climbed through the alphabet until his charge ended in "B" Main action where he executed a pair of minor flips.

In "A" Class action, polesitter Jeremy Scott paced the opening ten rounds of the first 20-lap feature before surrendering the point to sixth-starter Sawyer. Sawyer survived a late caution to beat Jason Dent, eleventh-starter Chad Boat, Dustin Morgan and Jim Woods to the line.

Wilson started on the pole of the second "A" Class feature and scored a wire-to-wire triumph, virtually unchallenged in doing so. Todd Kimmel crossed the stripe second but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection for an illegal engine (as was sixth place finisher Todd Kirkman), handing the runner-up slot to Chris Berreth. Josh Most charged from 20th to snare third, with Aaron Reutzel and Steven Shebester rounding out the top five.

Wilson tried to pick up a second win in the first Non-Wing 20-lap feature, engaging in a race-long duel with Andrew Peters. Peters paced the opening four rounds from the pole position before Wilson raced by on the low side. Peters ultimately rode the cushion back into the lead on the 13th round then fought off Wilson the rest of the way to score the win. Dex Eaton took the show position, while Terry McCarl raced from the 16th starting position to snare fourth. Chad Winfrey rounded out the top five.

Rodney Stealy held off a host of challengers to apparently top the second Non-Wing feature, only to fail post-race inspection. Crawford was the benefactor, as his last corner slide past California's Dean Alexander proved to be the race-winning move. Neil Shepherd was credited with the show position following the disqualifications of Stealy and apparent fourth-place runner Todd Kirkman, with Chris Andrews and Brady Bacon rounding out the top five.

Tyler Edwards gunned into the lead from the pole position at the outset of the 20-lap Restricted "A" Class main event and wired the field with Ricky Williams, Raio Morgan, Natasha Cox and Megan Wood rounding out the top five.

Likewise, Hahn assumed the early lead from the pole in the 15-lap Junior Sprint main event, fending off a late bid from Kentucky's Cameron Stewart to secure the win. Hahn and Stewart were chased to the stripe by Cody Smotherman, Austin Thomas and Cody Ledger.

Micro Sprint Results:

600cc Multis (123 entries):A Feature (25 Laps): 1. Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), 2. Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK), 3. Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN), 4. Jonathan Hendrick (Fortville, IN), 5. B.J. Fay (Claremore, OK), 6. Dustin Morgan (Collinsville, OK), 7. Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), 8. Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 9. Kenny Biro (Bargersville, IN), 10. Kenny Niflis (Springville, IN), 11. Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 12. Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), 13. Stan Wiggan (Kokomo, IN), 14. Danny Lasoski (Dover, MO), 15. Wes Gutierrez (Salinas, CA), 16. Kenny Koelsch (Inola, OK), 17. Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), 18. Kara King (Vienna, IL), 19. Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), 20. Terry McCarl (Altoona, IA), 21. Scotty Smith (Middletown, DE), 22. Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), 23. Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK), 24. Brandon Carey (Ripon, CA), 25. Gregg Dillion (Terre Haute, IN). Disqualified: Derek King (Vienna, IL), Trent Wilson (Monticello, IN).

Heat Race Winners: Stephen Sanchez (Flagstaff, AZ), Kara King (Vienna, IL), Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), David Chilcoat (Jenks, OK), Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), Kenny Nilfis (Springville, IN), Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ), Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK), Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Austin Laskey (Tulsa, OK), Chris Windom (Canton, IL), Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK).

Qualifying Race Winners: Nate Lauderbaugh (Kokomo, IN), Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA), Zack Gigot (Garden City, KS), Brandon Carey (Ripon, CA), Montie Frey, Jr. (Owasso, OK).

"A" Class (95 entries):

Odd Pool A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), 2. Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ), 3. Dustin Morgan (Collinsville, OK), 4. Jim Woods (Chickasha, OK), 5. Jonathan Beason (Broken Arrow, OK), 6. Josh Toho (Hinton, OK), 7. Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK), 8. Cody Cordell (Tulsa, OK), 9. Rob Carter (Tulsa, OK), 10. Nick Clifford (Omaha, NE), 11. Travis Smith (Parsons, KS), 12. Kevin Bayer (Broken Arrow, OK), 13. Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM), 14. Dex Eaton (Owasso, OK), 15. Jeremy Scott (Sand Springs, OK), 16. Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), 17. Randy Fowler (Edmond, OK), 18. Dwayne Benson (Sweet Springs, MO), 19. Cody Cothran (Wichita Falls, TX), 20. Ronnie James (Sand Springs, OK). Disqualified: Jason Dent (Kirbyville, MO).

Odd Pool Heat Race Winners: Jeremy Scott (Sand Springs, OK), Michael Wickham (Ramona, OK), Rob Carter (Tulsa, OK), Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM), Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK), Jason Dent (Kirbyville, MO).

Even Pool A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 2. Chris Berreth (Tulsa, OK), 3. Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), 4. Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), 5. Steven Shebester (Pauls Valley, OK), 6. Matt Covington (Glenpool, OK), 7. Ryan Duke (Claremore, OK), 8. Daniel Gooder (Folsom, CA), 9. Mark Calvert (Tulsa, OK), 10. Conner Pullen (Amarillo, TX), 11. Dalton Cole (Pryor, OK), 12. Neal Carpenter (Broken Arrow, OK), 13. Jason Martin (Liberal, KS), 14. Trey Robb (Newcastle, OK), 15. Peter Breshears (Sutter Creek, CA), 16. Shane Golobic (Fremont, CA), 17. Dara Morrow (Tulsa, OK), 18. Ryan Dean (Oklahoma City, OK). Disqualified: Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN), Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN).

Even Pool Heat Race Winners: Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN), Steven Shebester (Pauls Valley, OK), Chris Berreth (Tulsa, OK), Aaron Reutzel (Clute, TX), Matt Covington (Glenpool, OK).

Non-Wing (97 entries):

Odd Pool A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), 2. Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), 3. Dex Eaton (Owasso, OK), 4. Terry McCarl (Altoona, IA), 5. Chad Winfrey (Liberty, MO), 6. Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ), 7. Jonathan Halford (Tulsa, OK), 8. Tony Roney (Herculaneum, MO), 9. Dalton Cole (Pryor, OK), 10. Josh Toho (Hinton, OK), 11. Zack Clark (Olathe, KS), 12. Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM), 13. Ed Mangrum (Owasso, OK), 14. Jim Woods (Chickasha, OK), 15. Chris Windom (Canton, IL), 16. John Belden (Burnettsville, IN), 17. Kelly Mahaffey (Tulsa, OK), 18. Patrick Haynes (Bradley, IL), 19. Paul Carbone (Collinsville, OK). Disqualified: Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN).

Odd Pool Heat Race Winners: Andrew Peters (Greentown, IN), Jonathan Halford (Tulsa, OK), Jared Wilson (Skiatook, OK), Patrick Haynes (Bradley, IL), Josh Toho (Hinton, OK), Ronnie Smith (Peralta, NM).

Even Pool A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Donnie Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), 2. Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), 3. Neil Shepherd (Warsaw, IN), 4. Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK), 5. Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 6. Zach Alley (Claremore, OK), 7. Cody Cordell (Tulsa, OK), 8. Ronnie James (Sapulpa, OK), 9. Billy Lawhead (Tulsa, OK), 10. Brandon Oldham (Edmond, OK), 11. Rick Reavis (Broken Arrow, OK), 12. Cody Cothran (Wichita Falls, TX), 13. Dean Drake (Collinsville, OK), 14. Matt Ward (Tahlequah, OK), 15. Travis Smith (Parsons, KS), 16. Trey Robb (Newcastle, OK), 17. Jason Schevlen (Broken Arrow, OK), 18. Kenny Niflis (Springville, IN). Disqualified: Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), Todd Kirkman (Kokomo, IN).

Even Pool Heat Race Winners: Dean Alexander (Visalia, CA), Matt Ward (Tahlequah, OK), Cody Cothran (Wichita Falls, TX), Rodney Stealy (Lakeville, IN), Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), Donnie Crawford (Broken Arrow, OK), Chris Andrews (Sapulpa, OK).

Restricted "A" Class (54 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Tyler Edwards (Salina, OK), 2. Ricky Williams (Clinton, OH), 3. Raio Morgan (Fresno, CA), 4. Natasha Cox (Casey, IL), 5. Megan Wood (Monticello, IN), 6. Tanner Mullens (Andale, KS), 7. Matt Johnson (Delphi, IN), 8. Kody Conley (Pryor, OK), 9. Brooke Green (Higginsville, MO), 10. Cody Baker (Lone Jack, MO), 11. Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK), 12. Ross Bohmann (Forney, TX), 13. Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK), 14. Ryan Bernal (Hollister, CA), 15. Ronnie Allen, Jr. (Chouteau, OK), 16. A.J. Hopkins (Brownsburg, IN), 17. Jarrett Crouch (Jay, OK), 18. T.J. Smith (Fresno, CA), 19. Justin Sanders (Salinas, CA), 20. Nathan Janeway (Sapulpa, OK).

Heat Winners: Tyler Edwards (Salina, OK), Raio Morgan (Fresno, CA), Ricky Williams (Clinton, OH), Natasha Cox (Casey, IL), Cody Baker (Lone Jack, MO), Andrew Felker (Carl Junction, MO), Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK).

Junior Sprints (28 entries):

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK), 2. Cameron Stewart (Paducah, KY), 3. Cody Smotherman (Porterville, CA), 4. Austin Thomas (Lafayette, IN), 5. Cody Ledger (Omaha, NE), 6. Barbie Kimmel (Mentone, IN), 7. Morgan Moore (Oklahoma City, OK), 8. Blake David (Fulton, MO), 9. Garrett Aitken (Paris, IL), 10. Dustin Denmark (Bringhurst, IN), 11. J.R. Mason (Mayfield, KY), 12. Ty Hulsey (Owasso, OK), 13. Christopher Martin (Ankeny, IA), 14. Mason Shoemaker (Fulton, MO), 15. Jason Tetrault (Bradley, IL), 16. Cody Jarvis (Yukon, OK), 17. Seth Myhre (Twain Harte, CA), 18. Caleb Paris (Cashion, OK), 19. Tyler Allen (Indianapolis, IN), 20. Haley Witcher (Marshall, MO).

Heat Winners: Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, OK), Cameron Stewart (Paducah, KY), Morgan Moore (Oklahoma City, OK), Cody Jarvis (Yukon, OK).


Eleven different drivers earned victory honors in Kart action, with Indiana's Trenton Beckinger the only to double up in the dozen features. Seven states, including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, Nebraska, North Carolina and Wisconsin were represented among the winners.

Beckinger kicked off the evening by beating Justin Carver, Johnny Whitman, Lucas Wallace and Ben Stumpf to the line in the Junior Animal division. He later backed it up by topping David Davidson, Jr., Tyler Gilmore, Johnny Whitman and Justin Carver in the Super Junior II main event.

In Stock Kart action, Eddie Brose outlasted Jody Krug and Morgan Blalock in the Lights, with ninth-starter Byron Parrish earning a hard-fought triumph over Justin Lindsey and Cameron Koopman by becoming the race's fifth and final leader on the 19th of 20 laps in the Medium feature. Garrett Swiggart scored the win in the Stock Heavy feature over Justin Kern and Brose.

Iowa's Chad Waller added another Golden Driller winner's trophy to his collection by topping Casey Skyberg and Barnaby Simon in the Animal Medium feature, with Dave Williams wiring the Animal Heavy feature field. Williams was chased to the line by Swiggart and Tanner Bohlen.

Casey Skyberg paced the opening 18 rounds of the 20-lap Blue Wazoom feature, only to see 20th-starter Chad Selk of Chili, WI, charge into the late lead to snare the win. Selk beat Skyberg and Aaron Marrant to the line.

Ralph Woodard wired the field in the Yamaha KT 100's, taking the checkered flag in front of Chuck Clark and Joe Womochil.

Justin Parrish blasted from fourth into the lead on the opening round of the Run What Ya Brung feature and led all the way, holding off Jamie Ferrell and Chris Seay for the win.

Brett Moffitt beat Chance Latiolais and Brandon Beckendorf to the wire in the Junior II feature, with Jake Blackhurst scoring a wire-to-wire win in front of Ryan Luza and Alex Stumpf in the Junior I main.

Kart Results:

Junior I (38 entries):

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. Jake Blackhurst (Farmington, IL), 2. Ryan Luza (Cypress, TX), 3. Alex Stumpf (Menasha, WI), 4. Lucas Gibbs (Udall, KS), 5. Rien Kelley (Haskell, OK), 6. Ryan Harris (Crosby, TX), 7. Trevor McKern (Marion, IA), 8. Reggie Moe (Prescott, WI), 9. Ryan Schleusner (Hector, MN), 10. Zach Less (Hopkinton, IA), 11. Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), 12. Darrin Zomer (Canton, SD), 13. Drake Helgeson (Glenda, WI), 14. Carson McCarl (Altoona, IA), 15. Daulton Greven (Bolivar, MO), 16. Clayton Graham (Burlington, IA), 17. Andrew Downs (Altus, OK), 18. Dusten Reed (Lenox, IA), 19. Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), 20. Joey Gase (Cedar Rapids, IA), 21. Zachary Hockemeier (Kansas City, MO), 22. Brandt Ames (Keokuk, IA), 23. Darin Owens (Highlands, TX), 24. Jacob King (Whoville, WY), 25. Tyler Allen (Indianapolis, IN).

Heat Winners: Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa, IA), Jake Blackhurst (Farmington, IL), Reggie Moe (Prescott, WI), Alex Stumpf (Menasha, WI), Trevor McKern (Marion, IA).

Junior II (56 entries):

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. Brent Moffitt (Grimes, IA), 2. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 3. Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN), 4. Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI), 5. Darik Fox (O'Neill, NE), 6. Jordan King (Omaha, NE), 7. Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), 8. Thomas Liechti (Omaha, NE), 9. Charles Wood (Missouri City, TX), 10. Keenan Heitkamp (Omaha, NE), 11. Christopher Weyer (Des Moines, IA), 12. Cody Burks (Italls, TN), 13. Chance Latiolais (Yangsville, LA), 14. Cheyenne Cameron (Birnamwood, WI), 15. Bryce Jewell (Madisonville, KY), 16. Justin Carver (Atoka, TN), 17. Derek Henry (Beaumont, TX), 18. Blake Mull (Stawn Plains, TN), 19. Lucas Wallace (Albany, KS), 20. Stephen Applegate (Greenwood, IN).

Heat Winners: Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA), Chance Latiolais (Yangsville, LA), Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), Thomas Liechti (Omaha, NE), Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI), Blake Mull (Stawn Plains, TN), Justin Carver (Atoka, TN).

Super Junior II (54 entries):

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), 2. David Davidson, Jr. (Hall, TN), 3. Tyler Gilmore (Mesquite, TX), 4. Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI), 5. Justin Carver (Atoka, TN), 6. Brandon Beckendorf (Danube, MN), 7. Darik Fox (O'Neill, NE), 8. Anthony Kopp (Bismarck, ND), 9. Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN), 10. Will Holder (Brighton, TN), 11. Dusty Trail (Danville, IA), 12. Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA), 13. Mark Strange (Duquoin, IL), 14. Bryce Jewell (Madisonville, KY), 15. Charles Wood (Missouri City, TX), 16. Thor Anderson (Bondurant, IA), 17. Joe Bogdanovich (Omaha, NE), 18. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 19. Jeremy Lile (Higginsville, MO), 20. Keenan Heitkamp (Omaha, NE).

Heat Winners: Bryce Jewell (Madisonville, KY), Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), David Davidson, Jr. (Hall, TN), Skylar Prochaska (Lakefield, MN), Justin Carver (Atoka, TN), Anthony Kopp (Bismarck, ND), Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI)

Junior Animal (31 entries):

A Feature (15 Laps): 1. Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), 2. Justin Carver (Atoka, TN), 3. Johnny Whitman (Depere, WI), 4. Lucas Wallace (Albany, KY), 5. Ben Stumpf (Menasha, WI), 6. Justin Johnson (Olathe, KS), 7. Dylan Sherfick (Wakeeney, KS), 8. Austin Allen (Goddard, KS), 9. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 10. Charles Wood (Missouri City, TX), 11. Tyler Townsend (Longview, TX), 12. Jeremy Lile (Higginsville, MO), 13. Jarin Cass (Etowah, TN), 14. Derek Henry (Beaumont, TX), 15. Rob Penny (Owensboro, KY), 16. Austin Crane (Ashland, MO), 17. Stephen Applegate (Greenwood, IN), 18. Tyler Gilmore (Mesquite, TX), 19. Brett Moffitt (Grimes, IA), 20. Nathan Kroupa (Omaha, NE).

Heat Winners: Trenton Beckinger (Evansville, IN), Justin Johnson (Olathe, KS), Ben Stumpf (Menasha, WI), Jeremy Lile (Higginsville, MO).

Stock Light (64 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), 2. Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS), 3. Morgan Blalock (Madison, AL), 4. Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), 5. Ken Murphy (Kansas City, KS), 6. Scotty Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), 7. Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), 8. Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), 9. Joey Lile (Higginsville, MO), 10. Kyle Lentz (Green Bay, WI), 11. Eric VanDerPloeg (Altoona, IA), 12. Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), 13. Kenny Lovins (Blytheville, AR), 14. Chris Hawxby (Des Moines, IA), 15. Bradley Meyer (Sherwood, AR), 16. James Murphy (Kansas City, KS), 17. Patrick Mahnken (Fulton, MO), 18. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 19. Chris Marrant (Richmond, MO), 20. Brian Bauer (Fargo, ND).

Heat Winners: Kyle Lentz (Green Bay, WI), Morgan Blalock (Madison, AL), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Ken Murphy (Kansas City, KS), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), Joey Lile (Higginsville, MO), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS).

Stock Medium (82 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Byron Parrish (Decatur, AL), 2. Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS), 3. Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN), 4. Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), 5. Ronnie Binkley (Calvert City, KY), 6. Chad Waller (Traer, IA), 7. Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), 8. Eric VanDerPloeg (Altoona, IA), 9. Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI), 10. Brooks Wilson (Mesquite, TX), 11. Carl Smith (Hockley, TX), 12. Casey Povelones (Danville, IL), 13. Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), 14. Matt Henderson (Coon Valley, WI), 15. Darrell Johnson (Vinegrove, KY), 16. Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS), 17. Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), 18. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 19. Scotty Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), 20. Chris Marrant (Richmond, MO), 21. Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO).

Heat Winners: Chris Marrant (Richmond, MO), Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), Jody Krug (Tecumseh, KS), Scott Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS), Chad Waller (Traer, IA), Byron Parrish (Decatur, AL), Darrell Johnson (Vinegrove, KY), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA).

Stock Heavy (67 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), 2. Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), 3. Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), 4. Ronnie Binkley (Calvert City, KY), 5. Jamie Gerlach (Rapid City, SD), 6. James Polmonari (Memphis, TN), 7. Eric VanDerPloeg (Altoona, IA), 8. Chad Waller (Traer, IA), 9. Buddy Wilson (Paris, IL), 10. Chris Comerford (Blue Springs, MO), 11. Dane Williams (Charlotte, NC), 12. Byron Parrish (Decatur, AL), 13. Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE), 14. Kenny Lovins (Blytheville, AR), 15. Scotty Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), 16. Blaine Luck (Dunkerton, IA), 17. Patrick Mahnken (Fulton, MO), 18. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 19. Kevin Swindell (Bartlett, TN).

Heat Winners: Ronnie Binkley (Calvert City, KY), Scotty Bajer (Mechanicsville, VA), Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), James Polmonari (Memphis, TN), Justin Kern (Grimes, IA), Kenny Lovins (Blytheville, AR), Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE).

Animal Medium (43 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Chad Waller (Traer, IA), 2. Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), 3. Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI), 4. Andy Kennemer (Woodville, AL), 5. Chad Selk (Chili, WI), 6. Ken Murphy (Kansas City, KS), 7. Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), 8. Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), 9. Jamie Gerlach (Rapid City, SD), 10. Eric VanDerPloeg (Altoona, IA), 11. Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), 12. Bryan Nevins (Des Moines, IA), 13. Adam Stuart (Wichita, KS), 14. Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), 15. Brian Bauer (Fargo, ND), 16. Kyle Lentz (Green Bay, WI), 17. Jeremy Rasmussen (Bentonville, AR), 18. Lee Mill (Council Bluffs, IA), 19. Kevin Swindell (Bartlett, TN), 20. Bradley Williams (Crosby, TX).

Heat Winners: Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), Kevin Swindell (Bartlett, TN), Chad Waller (Traer, IA), Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI).

Animal Heavy (44 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Dave Williams (Charlotte, NC), 2. Garrett Swiggart (Lincoln, NE), 3. Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI), 4. Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), 5. Andy Kennemer (Woodville, AL), 6. Ken Murphy (Kansas City, KS), 7. Joe Warren (Symsonia, KY), 8. Jason Marc (Missouri Valley, IA), 9. Eric VanDerPloeg (Altoona, IA), 10. Bryan Nevins (Des Moines, IA), 11. Cole Wrisinger (Oak Grove, MO), 12. Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), 13. Henry Povelones (Danville, IL), 14. Chad Waller (Traer, IA), 15. Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS), 16. Jamie Gerlach (Rapid City, SD), 17. Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), 18. Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), 19. Jake Alton (Woodville, WI).

Heat Winners: Dave Williams (Charlotte, NC), Tom Spanel (Lincoln, NE), Tanner Bohlen (Hortonville, WI), Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), Mike Halliburton (Columbia, MO), Justin Lindsey (Columbus, MS).

Blue Wazoom (21 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Chad Selk (Chili, WI), 2. Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD), 3. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 4. Kevin Mulder (Omaha, NE), 5. Randy Wulf (Baltic, SD), 6. Bart Seltrecht (Cedar Rapids, IA), 7. Dane Williams (Charlotte, NC), 8. Erica Bear (Roberts, WI), 9. Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), 10. Chris Marrant (Richmond, MO), 11. Jake Alton (Woodville, WI), 12. Carl Smith (Hockley, TX), 13. Jason Marc (Missouri Valley, IA), 14. James Murphy (Kansas City, KS), 15. Cameron Koopman (Brewster, MN), 16. Barnaby Simon (Tyler, TX), 17. Ricky Hernandez (Basehor, KS), 18. Nick Bailey (Cabot, AR), 19. Mike Gracy (McKinney, TX), 20. Ray Landry (Carencro, LA), 21. Brian Bauer (Fargo, ND).

Heat Winners: Brian Bauer (Fargo, ND), Dane Williams (Charlotte, NC), Casey Skyberg (Black Hawk, SD).

Yamaha KT 100's (29 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Ralph Woodard (Omaha, NE), 2. Chuck Clark (Carbondale, IN), 3. Joe Womochil (Carter Lake, IA), 4. Greg Nelson (Decatur, IL), 5. Justin Parrish (Indianola, IA), 6. Corey Forsythe (Carlisle, IA), 7. Jamie Ferrell (Indianapolis, IN), 8. Patrick Mahnken (Fulton, MO), 9. Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), 10. Bryon Weyer (Des Moines, IA), 11. Michael Jones (Des Moines, IA, 12. Jason Gibb (Redmond, WA), 13. Brad Moriarty (Des Moines, IA), 14. Chris Birky (Foosland, IL), 15. Chris Hawxby (Des Moines, IA), 16. Eddie Brose (Mitchellville, IA), 17. Richard Thompson (Blue Springs, MO), 18. Chris Seay (Chesnee, SC), 19. James Shedd (Shawnee, KS), 20. Keith Moody (Platte City, MO).

Heat Winners: Ralph Woodard (Omaha, NE), Chuck Clark (Carbone, IN), Tony Schill (Oakdale, MN), James Shedd (Shawnee, KS).

Run What Ya Brung (34 entries):

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. Justin Parrish (Indianola, IA), 2. Jamie Ferrell (Indianapolis, IN), 3. Chris Seay (Chesnee, SC), 4. Jody Davidson (Monroe, LA), 5. Brad Moriarty (Des Moines, IA), 6. Greg Nelson (Decatur, IL), 7. Chris Birky (Foosland, IL), 8. Erica Bear (Roberts, WI), 9. David Snyder (Flint, TX), 10. Cody Forshee (Wichita, KS), 11. Teddy Headrick (Scottsboro, AL), 12. Ralph Woodward (Omaha, NE), 13. Bryon Weyer (Des Moines, IA), 14. Corey Forsythe (Carlisle, IA), 15. Jason Gibb (Redmond, WA), 16. Britt Smith (Little Rock, AR), 17. Chuck Clark (Carbondale, IN), 18. Robert Apt (Des Moines, IA), 19. Luke Payton (Pleasant Hill, IA), 20. Keith Moody (Platte City, MO).

Heat Winners: Corey Forsythe (Carlisle, IA), Teddy Headrick (Scottsboro, AL), Justin Parrish (Indianola, IA), Jason Gibb (Redmond, WA).


Daryl Rath broke into the early lead in the 12-lap Pro Quad feature and held a off a persistent Brad Covington to score the victory. Rath and Covington took the checkered flag in front of Michael Coburn, Gregg Bakker and Danny McGraw.

In the 250-cc Quad main event, Covington out dueled Bakker for the point on the opening round then fought off the many-time Tulsa Shootout champion for the win. Rounding out the top five were Brent Kuik, Thad Martin and Micah Schliemann.

New York's William Scalisi took the Open Amateur checkered flag in front of Chad Boone and Todd Harrell. Harrell held off Coy Burton for victory honors in the 250-cc main event, with Chase Bunker taking the show position.


Open Pro (28 entries):

A Feature (12 Laps): 1. Daryl Rath (Hutchinson, MN), 2. Brad Covington (Batesville, AR), 3. Michael Coburn (Garretson, SD), 4. Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), 5. Danny McGraw (Hale, MO), 6. Thad Martin (Batavia, IA), 7. Craig Hayes (Huntington, AR), 8. Tyler Smith (Walker, LA), 9. Derek Clark (Eldon, IA), 10. Micah Schliemann (Baltic, SD), 11. Dustin Clark (Eldon, IA), 12. Vince Jones (Kansas City, MO), 13. George Hood (Des Moines, IA), 14. Frank Batista (Riverdale, CA), 15. Brent Kuik (Sioux Falls, SD), 16. Brandon Swailes (New London, IA), 17. Lonnie Eubanks (Tulsa, OK), 18. Chad Winfrey (Liberty, MO).

Heat Winners: Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), Danny McGraw (Hale, MO), Daryl Rath (Hutchinson, MN), Michael Coburn (Garretson, SD), Derek Clark (Eldon, IA).

250cc Pro (27 entries):

A Feature (12 Laps): 1. Brad Covington (Batesville, AR), 2. Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), 3. Brent Kuik (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Thad Martin (Batavia, IA), 5. Micah Schliemann (Baltic, SD), 6. George Hood (Des Moines, IA), 7. Dustin Clark (Eldon, IA), 8. Craig Hayes (Huntington, AR), 9. Danny McGraw (Hale, MO), 10. Brandon Miller (Muskogee, OK), 11. Derek Clark (Eldon, IA), 12. Daryl Rath (Hutchinson, MN), 13. Tyler Smith (Walker, LA), 14. Chad Winfrey (Liberty, MO). 15. Jason Oaks (Sioux Falls, SD), 16. Corey Strothman (New London, IA), 17. Tim Macrae (Tulsa, OK), 18. Michael Coburn (Garretson, SD).

Heat Winners: Dustin Clark (Eldon, IA), Brad Covington (Batesville, AR), Brent Kuik (Sioux Falls, SD), Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), Thad Martin (Batavia, IA).

Open Amateur (39 entries):

A Feature (12 Laps): 1. William Scalisi (Clay, NY), 2. Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), 3. Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), 4. Brian Stacy (Muskogee, OK), 5. Bob Taylor (Lindale, TX), 6. Thomas Tracy (Glenpool, OK), 7. Josh Dresher (Tulsa, OK), 8. Chad Olson (North Branch, MN), 9. Cameron Shimek (Princeton, MN), 10. Jordan Peck (Coweta, OK), 11. Chad Avey (Heber Springs, AR), 12. Terry Cain (Tonkawa, OK), 13. Jessica Spurlock (Hendrick, IA), 14. Chase Snapp (Tulsa, OK), 15. Nathan Smithson (Greenbrier, AR), 16. Amanda Howe (Kansas City, MO), 17. Patrick Smith (Sand Springs, MO), 18. Coy Burton (Billings, MO), 19. Colby Jones (Tulsa, OK), 20. Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR).

Heat Winners: Chad Boone (Great Bend, KS), William Scalisi (Clay, NY), Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), Terry Cain (Tonkawa, OK), Bob Taylor (Lindale, TX), Brian Stacy (Muskogee, OK), Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR).

250cc Amateur (41 entries):

A Feature (12 Laps): 1. Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), 2. Coy Burton (Billings, MO), 3. Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR), 4. Andrew Bullard (Kansas City, MO), 5. Williams Scalisi (Clay, NY), 6. Tyson Collins (Hitchita, OK), 7. Chase Snapp (Tulsa, OK), 8. Josh Lamar (Richmond, MO), 9. Thomas Tracy (Glenpool, OK), 10. Nathan Smithson (Greenbrier, AR), 11. Bill Shields (Grain Valley, MO), 12. Jordan Peck (Coweta, OK), 13. Cameron Shimek (Princeton, MN), 14. Brandyn Martin (Fairfield, IA), 15. Jim Morrow (Princeton, MN), 16. Willie Balthis (Sapulpa, OK), 17. Shelton Cooper (West Monroe, LA), 18. Chad Olson (North Branch, MN), 19. Colby Jones (Tulsa, OK).

Heat Winners: Tyson Collins (Hitchita, OK), Chad Olson (North Branch, MN), Coy Burton (Billings, MO), Todd Harrell (Coweta, OK), Josh Lamar (Richmond, MO), Andrew Bullard (Kansas City, MO), Chase Bunker (Lonoke, AR).


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