WKA: Daytona Dirt World Championships

Porginski posts two wins at Dirt World Championships By Bruce C. Walls DAYTONA BEACH, FL-Ultramax Racing Chassis factory pilot Chad Porginski posted a pair of wins at Daytona Beach, FL's Municipal Stadium during the American Power Sports 2000 ...

WKA: Daytona Dirt World Championships

Porginski posts two wins at Dirt World Championships
By Bruce C. Walls

DAYTONA BEACH, FL-Ultramax Racing Chassis factory pilot Chad Porginski posted a pair of wins at Daytona Beach, FL's Municipal Stadium during the American Power Sports 2000 Dirt World Championships raced December 27th to the 30th. The annual kick off for the WKA/Briggs & Stratton Speedway Dirt Series season lured 1,763 competitors to the legendary 1/4-mile dirt oval. Thursday's competition was canceled because of rain, but the remaining nights saw heated competition and close finishes.

Porginski scored his first win that Wednesday taking Trick/Olimpic Karts Briggs Lite just .225-seconds ahead of Barney, GA racer Brett Williams. King Williams, VA native Stephanie Pitts turned a 19.288-seconds lap for the pole time, but outside pole winner Bradley Gerrells, of Dahlonega, GA grabbed the early lead when the green flag dropped. Williams quickly advanced to second with Porginski on his tailpipe. Several laps later they drafted by Gerrells with Williams in charge of the 30-racer field. Williams held the lead under the white flag, but Porginski got by him on the final lap in time to take the win.

"The new Pro Force 2000 kart ran great and the Hi Tech motor was great, it really ran fast," said the Greenville, SC based winner who pocketed $1,000 for winning on an Ultramax Racing chassis. "I have to thank J.T. Stillwagon, my dad, Ultramax Racing Chassis and Dill Fabrication, Precision Cams and Jammer Clutches,"' Porginski added.

Gerrells finished third and was followed in the top five by Blaize Martin and Brad Pittman.

Two nights later Porginski topped Ratech Corp. Briggs Senior Champ. This time he took the final flag just .702-seconds ahead of Salisbury, NC competitor Jody Miller. Justin Moorefield earned the pole with a 20.124-seconds trip, led the 30-racer field on the first lap, and then surrendered the front to Miller's machine. Miller had just taken charge when the first of two caution flags waved. As Miller held the lead, Porginski worked his way from fourth to second. Once he secured second Porginski set his sites on the leader and with 12-laps left he took the lead as they passed under the flag stand. From there Porginski held off Miller's challenges until the end.

"Most of the other karts were sliding on the corners and mine was sticky," Porginski credited. "The Ultramax kart handled great, the tires were perfect and JT's motor ran great. I want to say thanks to Danny King and the Nye family," Porginski said after his second win.

Trailing Miller across the finish in the top five were Jason Scruggs, AJ Currelli and Moorefield.

Wednesday's action got underway with Beef Powered Phantom Banshee kart pilot Daniel Hemric edging out RLV Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite pole winner Ricky Keisler at that finish by just .730-seconds for his first win at Daytona. When Keisler, who earned the pole with a 21.829-seconds lap, headed the 30-racer field to the initial green flag the crowd was on its feet cheering their favorite drivers. Keisler led the field through a pair of cautions with Hemric on his tailpipe. Hemric grabbed the lead shortly after the field got the green again, built a small advantage over Keisler who closed the gab in the final laps.

"It feels great getting my first national win here at Daytona," said the 9-year-old Winston/Salem, NC competitor. "The start was a little rough and the kart was a little loose in the beginning, but it came in at the end and I passed him (Keisler). The Beef Performance motor ran great and I want to thank Harrill Wiggins for a great go-kart."

Anthony Comparetto finished third, Dustin Dunn took fourth and Hunter Mallory ran fifth.

Tommy's Karts-n-Parts Briggs Junior Champ was a heated four racer battle between pole winner Anthony Johnson, Andy Pugh, Donnie Nall and Blake O'Neal. After securing the pole with a 20.556-seconds lap Johnson took the early lead, but just after the first lap was booked Nall was in charge of the 29-racer field. Three laps later the race's only caution flag waved. Nall led the restart and quickly opened a comfortable lead. Nall tried to extend his lead, but Pugh broke from the field and ran down him with just five laps left. As they headed for the checkered flag Nall made one final attempt for the lead, but he spun in the final corner and Pugh took the victory.

"The kart ran great and the motor was awesome, it came in after seven laps or so and then I just had to hold on," reported the 14-year-old Giniva, AL based PEC powered Ultramax kart pilot. "I want to thank Dave Roland for the motor and set up," added Pugh who also pocketed $1,000 for earning the win on an Ultramax chassis. JJ Nye finished third and was followed in the top five by Luther Jenkins and Anthony Johnson.

Veteran kart racer Chester Wright, of Jacksonville, FL, led 29 Phantom Racing Chassis Briggs Senior racers wire-to-wire. The Capps powered Ultramax kart pilot said he prayed for 20-laps. "The kart was perfect and Mike and Lee Capps motors are the strongest stuff in the world. I want to thank my wife and kids for their support and Mike and Lisa Capps for the motor." added the G-Man Kart Works/Dyno Cams/Southern Karting sponsored winner.

Ray Parker, Phillip Bell, Thomas Pritchard and Stevie Stephenson rounded out the remaining top five.

Ultramax factory pilots continued their domination over Wednesday night's wins with Greensboro, SC based Brad Sellers beating Rohn Moon to Team Simpson Racing Briggs Controlled Medium's finish. Barrett Terry earned the pole with an 18.607-seconds lap and took the early lead. Sellers rocketed from a sixth place starting position to the lead several laps into it and never looked back.

"We missed a little on qualifying and made some small changes. I gotta thank my Crew Chief Derek Baker, he's the best and I have to thank Ronnie Robinson he did a great job on the motor it had unbelievable horsepower," credited the Haul Mark Race Trailers/SBR Graphics sponsored winner.

Completing the top five of 28 behind Moon were Gerrells, Chris Douglas and Chad Haithcock.

Scott Bazen and Chris Seay were the first two across Horstman Mfg. Stock 2-Cycle's finish line. But both were DQ'ed making the official top five Olin Baldwin, Gregg Jones, Jason Seay, Chris Harrell and Ed Schreifels.

Barney, GA based Blake Williams bagged Friday's first feature Bandit Racing Chassis Briggs Medium nipping Moon at the finish line by .152-seconds. Moon clocked the pole time with a 19.244-seconds trip and owned the race's first half while Williams worked his way from fifth to second. Williams took charge of the 31-racer field just after the half and held off Moon's challenges to the end.

"That was a tough race," admitted the Phantom Karts/Jammer Clutches/WMS Products sponsored winner. "I want to most of all thank God. And I want to thank all of the staff at Phantom Racing Chassis for a great kart and my Uncle Larry for a great motor. Hard work paid off. The kart was good, it was fast enough to win and the motor was awesome," Williams added.

Rounding out the top five behind Moon were Brett Miller, Justin Moorefield and Jonathan Cash.

Hunter Peacock handled ARC Racing Briggs Junior Sportsman-2 Heavy's pole with a 20.493-seconds lap, but when the lead swapping battle ended Jared Jackson beat Daniel Hemric to the finish by .736-seconds.

"The Phantom kart handled good, the motor had great power in the straights and that's what did it," credited the Hendrick Motorsports/Checkered Flag Fuels sponsored winner.

Behind Hemric in the top five of 30 were Justin Bridges, Jonathan Ross and Greg Tallent.

Beef Performance powered Greg James owned a comfortable 3.510-seconds lead over Randy Lightsey at Robinson Speed Shop Briggs Super Heavy's finish. Dan, Œthe Shadow Man' Sox earned the pole with a blistering 19.676-seconds lap and lead half of the race's first lap before James came up from third and took charge of the 28-racer field for good.

"The Phantom kart and Beef Performance motor both ran great," said the Winston-Salem, NC based winner. "I want to thank my wife, Jeff Carter and Harrill Wiggins," he added.

Sox finished third and was followed in the top five by Bryan Wheeler and David Long.

An 18.264-seconds lap earned Ultramax kart pilot Chad Haithcock Bordeaus Dyno Cams Briggs Controlled Heavy's pole position. Haitcock took the early lead then surrendered it Rohn Moon who rocketed into a comfortable lead that he ended 5.034-seconds ahead of Blake Williams.

"Blaize Martin had a great idea on what to do on tires, we did it and it worked," beamed the Jacksonville, FL based winner. "This means a lot. I can't thank the guys enough, it was a team effort and we all worked hard and it worked," he added.

Haithcock held on to third, Sellers followed in fourth and Mechanicsville, VA native Scott Bajer capped the top five of 28.

Sox avenged himself in Friday night's final feature Prototype Engine Sales 4-Cycle Modified beating pole winner Moon to the finish by 4.233-seconds. Moon burst into a huge lead when the initial green flag waved. Four laps later a pile up in turn four cut his lead. Moon led the restart with Sox close behind. Sox shot by Moon two laps later and never looked back on his way to the checkered flag.

"George Owenby gave me a great motor and this just shows what he can do," credited the West Columbia, SC competitor. "The Shadow kart was awesome and I want to thank Rohn Moon and the other guys in this class for a good race," he added.

Shane Evans, Brad Gerrells and Barry Bryant rounded out the remaining top five.

Augusta, GA racer Brian Connor earned CKI Briggs Limited Lite's pole with a record setting 16.642-seconds lap. RJ Robinson, of Salisbury, MD, clocked the outside pole position with a 16.742-seconds lap. Connor took the early lead and then several laps into it Sellers found his way from third to first for a short lived lead over the 30-racer field. Florida racer Neal Lewis grabbed a piece of the lead from Sellers and then surrendered it to Connor who showed the field home from there.

"The kart was excellent and the motor was real fast," Connor said adding thanks to Dan and Charlie Sox for the Shadow kart and Jason and David Larussa for helping in the pit

David Halk finished just .414-seconds behind Connor and was followed in the top five by Lewis, Joey Justice and Sellers.

Seigler Motorsports, Inc. Star Champ's checkered flag waved for Evans, GA racer Michael Rivers who finished just .206-seconds ahead of Jason Moates. Pole winner Larry Bryant, who clocked a 17.783-seconds lap, took the early lead with Moates and Jody Miller threatening from second and third. Caution waved on lap six and Bryant led the restart, but Rivers quickly took the lead from him. Rivers led the 28-racer field through another caution restart before taking the final flag.

"It was tough. I lost a contact lens seven laps into it and then lost the other one with eight laps to go," Rivers said. "I really needed those orange cones to win this one," he laughed, "But the Shadow kart ran great and the JRPW motor was awesome."

Jason Merriman took third, Miller following in fourth and Shawn Parker rounded out the remaining top five positions.

Ben Stancill clocked Jammer Clutches Briggs Junior Sportsman Champ's pole time with a 20.981-seconds lap. He and Eddie Daniels swapped the led several times during the early laps before Daniels secured it and led the 27-racer field through the race's only caution before finishing with a huge 8.791-seconds advantage over the Illusion kart of Eldorad, MO racer Nick Helgason.

"The Ward Racing Chassis was good and the Ward Power motor was good," said the 11-year-old Rayford, NC racer. "I just tried not to spin out."

Rounding out the top five were Trevor Bayne, Thomas Barden and Justyn Elwood.

Terence Burdette who turned an 18.254-seconds lap set E-Z Bore Briggs Restricted Junior's pole time. Chase Luster rocketed into the early lead from third and held it until a lap 11 caution. Luster led the restart, but surrendered it to Woodstock, GA racer JJ Nye's Hi Tech powered Millennium machine. From there Nye held off David Larussa's challenges taking the final flag with a slim .181-seconds advantage.

"The kart felt good and the motor pulled real good," reported the 15-year-old winner. "I won two previous Daytona poles and now it feels great to get my first win here. I'd like to thank my dad, Maxxis Tires, Buller Clutches, Gold Speed USA and all the people who helped me win this race."

Taking the remaining top five of 30 positions were Joe McIntyre, Luster and Taylor Satterfield.

Twister Karts/Davis Mfg. Briggs Heavy's checkered flag was captured by West Columbia, SC competitor Kevin Smith who owned a very close .001-seconds edge over Blake Williams at the finish line. J.T. Stillwagon earned the pole with an 18.203-seconds lap and Williams clocked the outside pole time at 18.281-seconds.

Williams blasted into the early lead with Sox chasing him. On the second lap Sox grabbed the lead in the back straight and then Williams recaptured it in the same spot. Williams led the 28-racer field through two caution restarts and with five laps left surrendered it to Smith. From there it was a heated battle to the checkered flag with Smith narrowly taking it at the end.

"I just waited for the right chance," explained the first time Daytona winner. "I want to thank first of all my mom and dad, Michael Schumacher, G-Man Kart Works and Louis and Furman Myers for all their support."

Wright, Moon and Tod Miller followed Williams in the top five.

When WKA national flagman Buddy Burkett waved Bully Clutches Unlimited 2-Cycle's checkered flag for Barrett Terry it triggered an explosive fireworks show that lit the sky over Municipal Stadium signaling the event's end. Terry, a former WKA 2-Cycle national champion from Lenior City, TN, turned the pole time with a blistering 16.303-seconds lap. From the pole Terry roared into the early lead and was building on that advantage when caution waved for Chris Seay's machine in turn four. Terry led the restart with Gregg Jones trailing him. Jones grabbed a piece of the lead at mid-race, but Terry quickly recaptured it and showed the 22-racer field home from there finishing a comfortable 1.020-seconds ahead of Archdale, NC competitor Scott Bazen.

"That was a hard race," Terry admitted. "We're very grateful to win here tonight. I want to than Buller Racing for the kart and Donnie Wheeler for the motor. I just tried to dodge the holes and keep cool."

Behind Bazen in the top five were Michael Gordon, James Kirby and Raymond Seaman.

Spring Nationals are next on the WKA Briggs & Stratton Speedway Dirt Series schedule. Oak Grove Motorsports Park will host them April 6-8 and Low Country Kartway in Aynor, SC will host this year's Summer Nationals June 15-17. Grand Nationals will be raced July 27-29 at Margarettsville Speedway in Margarettsville, NC and the season ends with Fall Nationals that will be hosted by Southern Pitt Raceway in Greenville, NC.

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