1994 entry list

Monza, 2001-10-21 - Rubens Barrichello was one of the main attractions at the Monza party. "I am happy to be here and the fans gave me a fantastic welcome," said Rubens. "Everyone has been really nice." The party was the time to take a look back ...

1994 entry list

CATEGORY 1 (13 Entries) ======================================

LMP1/C90 ['90 WS/PC rules] (7 entries) -------------------------------------- 1 TOYOTA RV94 Turbo(Toyota Team Sard) Mauro Martini/Ratzenberger/J.Krosnoff

2 COUGAR C32LM Porsche (Courage Comp.) P-H Raphanel/E.Van de Poele/L.Robert

3 COUGAR C32LM Porsche (Courage Comp.) Pascal Fabre/Henri Pescarolo/TBA

4 TOYOTA RV94 Turbo (Nisso Trust Rac.) Steve Andskar/George Fouche/Bob Wollek

5 PORSCHE KREMER CK 3,0L T (Gulf Oil) Derek Bell/Jurgen Laessig/RobinDonovan

6 PORSCHE 962 GTI (ADA-Tean Nippon) Jun Harada/Tomiko Toshikawa/M.Hondo

7 PORSCHE 962 3,0L (Stealth Engine.) Justin Bell/Tiff Needell/TBA

IMSA WSC (3 entries) -------------------------------------- 13 COUGAR C41 Chevy 4.5L (Courage Co.) TBA/TBA/TBA

14 SPICE OLDSMOBILE 5.0L (Brix Racing) Bob Schader/Jeremy Dale /R.Melgrati

15 SPICE LEXUS TOYOTA 4.0L(J.Christie) C.Nelson/D.Clark/TBA

LMP2 ['93 WS/PC rules] (3 entries) -------------------------------------- 20 DEBORA LMP294 Alfa (Didier Bonnet) Georges Tessier/TBA/TBA

21 WR LM93 Peugeot (Welter Racing) Alain Lamouille/TBA/TBA

22 WR LM93 Peugeot (Welter Racing) Patrick Gonin/Stephane Ortelli

CATEGORY 2 (37 Entries) ======================================

LM GT1 (12 entries) -------------------------------------- 30 VENTURI 500 LM (BBA Competition) Ferdinand De Lesseps/Jacques Tropenat

31 VENTURI 600 LM (Riccardo Agusta) R.Agusta/Michel Krine/Michel Vermesse

32 PORSCHE 911 TURBO (Ec.Biennoise) Enzo Calderari/Lilian Keller

33 PORSCHE 911 Turbo S LM (Larbre) J-P.Jarier/Jesus Pareja/Dom.Dupuis

34 BUGATTI EB 110S (Michel Hommell) J-P. Malcher/Alain Cudini/Eric Helary

35 DAUER 962 Porsche (Le Mans Porsche) Hans Stuck/Hurley Haywood/(Boutsen)

36 DAUER 962 Porsche (LeMans Porsche) Yannick Dalmas/Mauro Baldi


38 VENTURI 600 LM (Jacadi Racing) Michel Ferte/Michel Neugarten

39 VENTURI 600 LM (Venturi Comp.) Michel Trolle/Rene Arnoux

40 DODGE VIPER 8.0L (Rent-a-Car) TBA/TBA/TBA

41 DODGE VIPER 8.0L (Rent-a-Car) TBA/TBA/TBA

LM GT2 (22 entries) -------------------------------------- 45 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 3,8L (Heico) D.Ebeling/Ulrich Richter/K.H.Wlazik

46 HONDA NSX (Kremer Racing) Shimizu/Nakaja

47 HONDA NSX (Kremer Racing) Kunimitsu Takahashi/Tsuchiya/Hida

48 HONDA NSX (Kremer Racing) Bartrand Gachot/Christ.Bouchut/A.Hahne

49 PORSCHE RSR 3,8L (Flymo-Almeras) Jean-Marie Almeras/Jacques Almeras/TBA

50 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 3,8L (Larbre) Joel Gouhier/JackLeconte/Betrand Balas

51 PORSCHE CARRERA 2 3,8L (Obermaier) Ruggero Grassi/Renato Mastropietro

52 PORSCHE CARRERA RSR 3,8L(PN Racing) Alain Gadal/TBA/TBA

53 LOTUS ESPRIT 2.0L Turbo (Magnani) Fabio Magnani/Luigi Taverna

54 CALLAWAY CORVETTE (Reeves Callaway) Boris Said III/TBA/TBA

55 FERRARI 348 LM (SimpsonEngineering) Robin Smith/"Stingbrace"/T.Ota

56 PORSCHE RSR 3.8L (Chico d'Oro) Olivier Haberthur/TBA/TBA

57 FERRARI 348 (Repsol Ferrari Espana) Thomas Saldana/Philipe D'OrleansBorbon

58 PORSCHE 968 RS Turbo(Seikel Motor.) John Nielsen/T.De Bscher

59 PORSCHE RSR 3,8L (Konrad Motors.) Franz Konrad/Antonio Hermann/Netzeband

60 ALPINE RENAULT A610 (Legeay Sport) Luc Galmard/Jacques Bazille/J-C Police

61 LOTUS ESPRIT 300(Lotus/Chamberlain) Andreas Fuchs/Thorkild Thirring

62 LOTUS ESPRIT 300(Lotus/Chamberlain) S.Watson/Hilton Cowie/TBA

63 HARRIER LR9 FORD (Chamberlain) R.Wilson/TBA/TBA

64 FERRARI 348 GT (Club Italia) G.Busi/F.Mancini

65 VENTURI 400GTR (Agusta) Stephane Ratel/E.Chaufour/S.Meyers

66 PORSCHE 968 RS Turbo (Henriksen) Eric Henriksen/B.Farmer

IMSA GTS (3 entries) -------------------------------------- 74 MAZDA RX7 (Team ArtNature) Yojiro Terada/TBA/TBA

75 NISSAN 300ZX (Clayton Cunningham) Steve Millen/Johnny O'Connell

76 NISSAN 300ZX (Clayton Cunningham) John Morton/B.Leitzinger/Scott Pruett

10 SUPPLEMENTARIES (1 IMSA WSC, 1 LMP1, 3 GT1 & 5 GT2) ======================================

1-IMSA WSC 16 PEGASUS BMW (Oliver Kuttner) Oliver Kuttner/M.Sheeman/Jim Downing /Dieter Quester

2-LMP1 8 SAUBER S93 BMW 3,5L (Bassaler) Roland Bassaler/Patrick Bourdais

3-GT2 68 VENTURI 400GTR (Agusta) J-L Sirera/J.Camp/A.Puig

4-GT1 42 PORSCHE RSR (Gustl Spreng) Gustl Spreng/F.Mueller/TBA

5-GT2 69 PORSCHE RSR (Chottard) Didier Caradec/J-L.Le Duigou/Segolen

6-GT1 43 VENTURI 600LM (JCB Racing) Jean-Claude Basso/Philippe Olczyk/TBA

7-GT1 44 VENTURI 500LM (BBA Competition) J.L.Maury Laribiere/P.Camus/TBA

8-GT2 70 PORSCHE CARRERA RS (Muhlbauer) A.Mattschull/A.Mattschull/P.Auvray

9-GT2 71 PORSCHE RSR (Konrad Motorsport) TBA/TBA/TBA

10-GT2 67 PORSCHE CARRERA 2 (Patrick Boidron) Boidron/Masse/Philippe Sinault

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