LMS Le Mans event summary

LMS Le Mans event summary

Le Mans Series teams: Le Mans stars! 37 cars out of the 55 entrants of the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours are Le Mans Series regulars! Figures are edifying! There is no doubt about the sporting justification of the series which are celebrating this year ...

Le Mans Series teams: Le Mans stars!

37 cars out of the 55 entrants of the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours are Le Mans Series regulars!

Figures are edifying! There is no doubt about the sporting justification of the series which are celebrating this year their fifth season.

In LMP1, is it nececessary to underline Audi's strategic victory? Obviously based on their Le Mans -good!- experience, but also on the observation of their main challenger during the three first races of the season...

As for their LMP2 little sisters, they also invade their category's podium. Let's pay a special tribute to the Saulnier Racing team and to its drivers, mainly made of "rookies", who are placed on the podium third step!

On the GT side, battles never stopped between Corvette and Aston Martin, to the benefit of the British make, for the second consecutive year in LMGT1.

Last but not least, in the LMGT2 class, we find a trio of Ferraris F430 GT on the podium. A huge moment of happiness for Pierre Ehret, Pierre Kaffer and Lars Erik Nielsen on the third step of the podium; a rank they have so far in the Le Mans Series team classification!

Congratulations, looking forward to Germany now!

All at Le Mans Series congratulates the teams who fiercely fighted during the 2008 edition of the most exciting endurance race in the world, with courage and permanent search of sporting and technology performance.

Records were broken on the occasion of the 76th 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thanks to the drivers' skills of course, but also thanks to the work achieved by the team crews. A performance they also practice all along the year during the Le Mans Series season which, according to everybody, is a complete and demanding programme.

Now they have finished with their quest for the French highlight, they carry on, on 15,16 and 17 August, at the Nurburgring, in Germany.

The 24 Hours are gone, but the endurance season is not done yet... Just follow us to Germany and Great Britain !

Audi smiles, the Lion cries...

Three races, three victories! After a more than encouraging 2007 testing year and a faultless 2008 start of the season, the Peugeot Total team, with furthermore the best lap times and the pole, could honestly be confident!

Nevertheless, the German manufacturer was first to cross the world most famous finish line at 15:00 and this for the eighth time! On this occasion, Audi have also signed their third consecutive victory with a diesel-powered engine, making eveidence, if needed, of their knowledge of this first class competition, both in the technical and tactical side.

Peugeot, with a second participation in the event with the 908 Hdi-FAP, has definitely not to blush! The three cars have taken their drivers through the finish line, two of them being on the podium. A tribute is to be made to their technical staff who were able to produce such an impressive work to repair Marc Gene's car no.7, badly damaged during the Official Practice. A big thank you to them from the car herself under the shape of a podium second step...

The six first cars classified in the LMP1 category are diesel-powered cars. Nevertheless, it is a must to underline car #17 interesting seventh place. Actually, the Judd powered Pescarolo of the Pescarolo Sport team driven by Harold Primat, Christophe Tinseau & Benoît Treluyer ranks first of the regular petrol-powered cars. #16's engine problems have prevented Boullion/Collard/Dumas trio to reach their target, but as a manufacturer, Pescarolo has a very positive return on this 24 Hours edition. Let's notice that Pescarolo Automobiles was one of the manufacturers the most represented on the starting grid with five cars against six for Lola!

Two Porsches, otherwise nothing!

Any Porsche enthusiast throughout the world has for sure appreciated this LMP2 podium! Two RS Spyders trusting the two highest steps of this podium... Let's greet this performance!

Neverthelees, placing their Pescarolo Judd no.35 on the third step of the podium, the Saulnier Racing teams young drivers have also achieved a remarkable feat. Matthieu Lahaye, Pierre Ragues & Cong Fu Chen, each of them less than 24-year old, and "rookies" for two of them (Matthieu & Cheng), have definitety deserved this splendid victory, after they missed the podium twice this year in the Le Mans Series.

To be noticed that 11 out of the ... 11 LMP2s starting at the 2008 24 Hours of Le Mans, are Le Mans Series regulars! Maybe an omen? Anyway, a promise of a battle at the 1000 Km of the Nurburgring, since any of them will either try to confirm his position or opposite, or to have his revenge! Wait and see.....

Luc Alphand Aventures: 8 (well) done!

8th participation, 8th chequered flag! The Luc Alphand Team went through the 24 Hours of Le Mans finish line for the eighth consecutive time and ranked for the second time first private GT1 team (5th GT1 for the Corvette #72 and 6th for the Corvette #73).

The French team, known for the friendly relationship between the drivers and the staff, a spirit which looks like being the one of their best assets, achieved a race without any major trouble. As a result, they ranked right after the official Astons and Corvettes. A remarkable performance for this team, currently placed first of their class at the Le Mans Series classification, who intends to confirm at the 1000Km of the Nurburgring in forthcoming August!

Team Modena, so far third of this category in the Le Mans Series classification have successfully used their best endeavours to cross the finish line of this 24 Hours of Le Mans edition. A major problem on the gearbox has led the Aston Martin DBR9 #59 to go into the pit to undergo repairs for two hours during the night! Thanks to God, the staff's hard work and the drivers (Terry Borcheller, Christian Fittipaldi et Jos Menten) talent have overcome and the team could cross for the third time the 24 Hours of Le Mans finish line!

The Monza winner will for sure be very keen to appear on the German podium...

Farnbacher: 3rd at Le Mans Series, 3rd at Le Mans!

Seven out of the 24 Hours twelve LMGT2 24 Hours entrants are Le Mans Series 2008 regulars. A very llively category which suffered of a lot of breakdowns: six of them only have crossed the finish line and half of the remaining participants compete in our series!

Nothing else to do than congratulating German team Farnbacher Racing which took the Ferrari F430 GT no.90 onto the third step of the category podium. Pierre Ehret, Pierre Kaffer et Lars Erik Nielsen have hardly battled to keep to the very good results gained in the Le Mans Series. Actually, their first rounds results (4th in Barcelona, 2nd at Monza) take them to the third place of their category.

JMB Racing and Team Felbermayr-Proton (so far respectively 4th et 8th at the Le Mans Series LMGT2 teams classification crossed the Great Classic finish line, ranking 4th et 5th in their category; not that bad!

-credit: lemans-series.com

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