Chili Bowl Saturday feature lineups

Saturday O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Feature Lineups TULSA, Okla. (January 14, 2006) -- With three nights of qualifying action in the books for a record 260 competitors at the 20th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals at ...

Chili Bowl Saturday feature lineups

Saturday O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Feature Lineups

TULSA, Okla. (January 14, 2006) -- With three nights of qualifying action in the books for a record 260 competitors at the 20th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals at Tulsa Expo Raceway, the popular question throughout the racing world is most assuredly: Where is my favorite driver starting on Saturday?

Lineups for the famous alphabet soup of features consisting of 21 feature events, including the front half of the 24-car Championship "A" Main event, have been determined.

With an abundance of talent throughout the field, can anyone match the heroic drive from an "F" Main all the way to third in the "A" Feature in the fashion of J.J. Yeley in 2004? Action kicks off with Twin "K" Main hot laps at 12:00 noon, with the Chili Bowl championship "A" Main event scheduled to hit the track at approximately 10:00 p.m.

The top four finishers from each night of qualifying action drew for their "A" Feature starting positions, with each night's winner's draw determining the balance of the Twin "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J" and "K" Feature lineups.

Thursday night's Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores feature winner Jay Drake, a 2001 Chili Bowl winner, drew the pole position with two-time Chili Bowl champ and Friday's Warren CAT feature winner Cory Kruseman drawing the outside front row position. Wednesday's Creek Nation Casino qualifier winner Danny Lasoski drew the number three pill.

<pre> Saturday's complete feature lineups are as follows:

A Feature (50 Laps) 71k Jay Drake (Val Verde, CA) 47 Cory Kruseman (Ventura, CA) 33d Danny Lasoski (Higginsville, MO) 2x Jon Stanbrough (Jamestown, IN) 17J P.J. Jones (Torrance, CA) 67s Steve Kinser (Bloomington, IN) 70 Garrett Hansen (Manhattan Beach, CA) 23 Jerry Coons, Jr. (Tucson, AZ) 9 Kasey Kahne (Enumclaw, WA) 1a Tim McCreadie (Watertown, NY) 5m Steve Buckwalter (Royersford, PA) 1 Sammy Swindell (Germantown, TN) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st B Feature (20 Laps - 6 Transfer) 86 Justin Allgaier (Springfield, IL) 99b Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK) 67 Bryan Clauson (Noblesville, IN) 39 Kevin Swindell (Germantown, TN) 7R Johnny Rodriguez (Galt, CA) 44c Shane Cottle (Kokomo, IN) 74k Brad Kuhn (Avon, IN) 22 Ray Bull (Kokomo, IN) 88 Dan Boorse (Milwaukee, WI) 71 Darren Hagen (Riverside, CA) 85x Brent Beauchamp (Fairland, IN) 11w Dave Darland (Lincoln, IN) 52 Mike Spencer (Temecula, CA) 11a Brett Anderson (Belleville, IL) 37x Casey Shuman (Tempe, AZ) _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd B Feature (20 Laps - 6 Transfer) 11m Mike Goodman (Tulsa, OK) 32L Jason Leffler (Long Beach, CA) 44d Don Droud, Jr. (Lincoln, NE) 125 Teddy Beach (Donnelsville, OH) 11 Tracy Hines (Greenfield, IN) 8k Bud Kaeding (Campbell, CA) 87c Rich Camfield (Decatur, IL) 15T Michael Trimble (San Jose, CA) 5 Davey Ray (Davenport, IA) 27 Josh Richards (Shinnston, WV) 3c Chris Rahe (Placentia, CA) 21 Ryan Kaplan (Chico, CA) 05 Brad Loyet (Sunset Hills, MO) 35w Gary Wright (Hooks, TX) 5c Joey Montgomery (Fredericktown, MO) _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st C Feature (15 Laps - 5 Transfer) 71c Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH) 1c Chad McDaniel (Concordia, KS) 71h Keith Rauch (Thornton, CO) 51d Chris Deshon (Littleton, CO) 1w Paul White (Temple, TX) 20w Josh Wise (Riverside, CA) 29 Scott Sawyer (Broken Arrow, OK) 2 Danny Stratton (Riverside, CA) 7b Joe Boyles (Greenwood, MO) 57k Randy Koch (Oregon, WI) 5x Craig Carey (Mattoon, IL) 85 Shane Hollingsworth (Indianapolis, IN) 47x J.J. Yeley (Phoenix, AZ) 95J Rik Forbes (Omaha, NE) 47d Stan Yockey (Fresno, CA) _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd C Feature (15 Laps - 5 Transfer) 36 Alan Ballard (Bakersfield, CA) 68 Jonathan Hendrick (Fortville, IN) 31 Donnie Lehmann (Springfield, IL) 8 Wally Pankratz (Orange, CA) 51s Jeremy Sherman (Phoenix, AZ) 4 Michele Miller (Reading, PA) 67k Paul McMahan (Nashville, TN) 29w Cole Whitt (Alpine, CA) 32 Aaron Fike (Galesburg, IL) 8s Jimmy Sills (Elverta, CA) 77e Dave Ely (West Lawn, PA) 91 Ryan Durst (Lincoln, NE) 11z Travis Berryhill (American Canyon, CA) 35 Mat Neely (Robinson, IL) 31h Justin Henderson (Sioux Falls, SD) _____________________ _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st D Feature (15 Laps - 3 Transfer) 22g Ron Gregory (Noblesville, IN) 12c Rick England (Wichita, KS) 63n Rex Norris III (Knightstown, IN) 44p Ryan Pace (Arroyo Grande, CA) 50 Daniel Adler (East Carondolet, IL) 96 Cody Brewer (Choctaw, OK) 7 Critter Malone (Speedway, IN) 2L Luke Icke (Littleton, CO) 7s Shannon McQueen (Bakersfield, CA) 71b Chad Branson (Sherman, IL) 5d Gary Taylor (Wheatridge, CO) 25x Jerome Rodela (El Monte, CA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd D Feature (15 Laps - 3 Transfer) 20az John Sarna (Sedona, AZ) 12 Trey Robb (Newcastle, OK) 51J R.J. Johnson (Phoenix, AZ) 4ko Kevin Olson (Machesney Park, IL) 51h Joe Roe (Pleasant Prairie, WI) 17s Greg Schaefer (Ft. Lupton, CO) XX Darrin Bolton (Eldorado Hills, CA) 15 Scott Hatton (Roscoe, IL) 61a Toby Brown (Carthage, MO) 75h Bart Hartman (Zanesville, OH) 5h Doug Hunting (Sacramento, CA) 63 Paul Perkins (Bristol, WI) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st E Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 75 David Gough (Machesney Park, IL) 54 Ralph Cortez (Sacramento, CA) 30 Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ) 00x Thomas Meseraull (San Jose, CA) 86c Davey Camfield (Decatur, IL) 22J Jasiel Randolph (Tulsa, OK) 3m John Wolfe (Winchester, IN) 73 Josh Ford (Oxnard, CA) 4m Scott Milan (Ft. Collins, CO) 83 Kurt Blackaby (Bentonville, AR) 21s Bob Shreffler (Plainfield, IL) 71bg Mike Leslie (Litchfield Park, AZ) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd E Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 17k Kenny Adams (Normal, IL) d33 Jeff Davis (Pittsburg, IL) 99 Kyle Rayburn (Pueblo West, CA) 8F Aaron Fiscus (Sun Prairie, WI) 3 Tracy Miller (Reading, PA) 85J Matt Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK) 7m Michelle Decker (Guthrie, OK) 98 Curtis Bailey (Bartlesville, OK) 61 Bugs Norbury (Prescott Valley, AZ) 5z Zach Daum (Pocahontas, IL) 14 Tony Rossi (Westminster, CO) 6d Tony Elliott (Kokomo, IN) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st F Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 38 Levi Jones (Olney, IL) 25 Nick Knepper (Belleville, IL) 49 Billy Pauch, Jr. (Frenchtown, NJ) 69 A.J. Fike (Galesburg, IL) 93 Dustin Morgan (Collinsville, OK) 43x Bryan Stanfill (Bakersfield, CA) 37 Matt Mitchell (Yorba Linda, CA) 17T Rob Russell (Fremont, CA) 3g Rickie Gaunt (Torrance, CA) 5a Shon Deskins (Waddell, AZ) 2b Brady Short (Bedford, IN) 55x Matt Sherrell (Tulsa, OK) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd F Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 45 Aaron Kirk (Magnolia, TX) 21m Andy Martin (Gordonville, PA) 37b Zac Osborn (Muncie, IN) 3w Brandon Waelti (Sun Prairie, WI) 6 Damion Gardner (Concord, CA) F5 Wayne Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK) 19s Jonathan Beason (Broken Arrow, OK) 73s Seth Wilson (San Clemente, CA) 35x Korey Weyant (Springfield, IL) 5s Darren Stewart (Bixby, OK) 20 Tony Stewart (Columbus, IN) 71p Cruz Pedregon (Santa Rosa Valley, CA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st G Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 24L Roy Larkin (Tulsa, OK) 7T Todd McVay (Lee's Summit, MO) 73i Aaron Pierce (Muncie, IN) 17x Audra Sasselli (Fresno, CA) 33a Stephen Arnold (Seymour, IN) 19x Tadd Holliman (Beaver Lake, NE) 46 Russ Gamester (Peru, IN) 6r Bill Rose (Plainfield, IN) 86x Daron Clayton (Sikeston, MO) 27x Bobby Boone (Bakersfield, CA) 1p Conner Pullen (Amarillo, TX) 01 Greg Lueckert (Kansas City, MO) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd G Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 43 Buddy Luebke (Stoughton, WI) 16b Patrick Bruns (Champaign, IL) 15p Alex Pruett (Carefree, AZ) 11R Ryan Cole (Porter, OK) 4w Edwin Wilson (Tuttle, OK) 22x Dex Eaton (Owasso, OK) 50J Jeff Griffin (St. Helena, CA) 10a Thomas Briggs (Anna, OH) 27b Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN) 93s Evan Sewell (Jenks, OK) 26 Glenn Carson (Newark, CA) 19n Nick O'Neal (Wagoner, OK) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st H Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 31b Danny Burke (Houston, TX) 95x Jay Jordan (Lincoln, NE) 10v Ron Kuhn (Lee's Summit, MO) 19b Cameron Beard (Atwater, CA) 45h Matt Sargent (San Jose, CA) 17 Kenny Brown (Millstadt, IL) 10d Dan Douville (Bridgewater, NH) 41 Trey Hausmann (Grand Forks, ND) 9b Ryan Beechler (Anna, TX) 17m Doug McCune (Ft. Worth, TX) 81 Shane Carson (Yukon, OK) 49J Jimmy Light (Indianapolis, IN) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd H Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 21x Steve Stroud (St. Charles, MO) 31T Randy Timms (Oklahoma City, OK) 55 Tony Everhart (El Cajon, CA) 16 Tom Bigelow (Winchester, IN) 4b Ronnie Burke, Jr. (Antioch, IL) 11az C.J. Sarna (Sedona, AZ) 1x Rick Eckert (York, PA) 11s Eric Schrock (Lake Ozark, MO) 13 Chris Shoulders (Dallas, TX) 19 Chris Wagner (Colorado Springs, CO) 4p Will Pierce (Lee's Summit, MO) 20c Carey Becker (Reading, PA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st I Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 11J Jonathan Henry (Glendale, AZ) 37v Damon Lusk (Kennewick, WA) 74 Ernie Bartley III (El Cajon, CA) 73F Foster Landon (Collinsville, OK) 94 Alex Coonan (Ransom, IL) 27c Sparky Howard (Santa Rosa, CA) 11h Garrett Hood (Concordia, KS) 3a Bill Allen (Independence, MO) 87 Harley Slotten (Menasha, WI) 14az Danny Sheridan (Santa Maria, CA) 05x Ashley Swanson (Wildomar, CA) 3z Joe Zierolf (Houma, LA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd I Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 18 Donnie Trent (Honey Brook, PA) 45s Stevie Sussex III (Tempe, AZ) 24e Bill Eslick (Burleson, TX) 17c Chris Windom (Canton, IL) 51n Mike Nigh (Brownsburg, IN) 51 Mike Hess (Petersburg, IL) 21J Jeep Van Wormer (Pinconning, MI) 27a LeRoy VanConett (Galt, CA) 7x Brian Mater (Pueblo, CO) 10b Brandon Knupp (Sidney, OH) 45x Shain Matthews (Marysville, CA) 2m Mark Bush (Cumming, GA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st J Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 8m Murray Erickson (Odessa, TX) 49JR Ron Bach (Ventura, CA) 32K Kirk Kubik (Long Beach, CA) F1 French Grimes (Madison, VA) 79 Frank Pedregon (Fontana, CA) 12J Jay Mounce (Downs, IL) 5w Tiffany Wyzard (Williamsville, IL) 51L Harold Leep, Jr. (Oklahoma City, OK) 34J Jon LeJeune (Decorah, IA) 52R Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (Olive Branch, MS) 0x Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE) 34 Tyler Brown (Norco, CA) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

2nd J Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 2s Dave Shirk (Mohnton, PA) 10T Terry Tarditi (Lodi, CA) 48 Mike Welker (Peoria, AZ) 4L Doug Lippincott (Minden, NV) 72 Kathy Kurtz (Robesonia, PA) 11d Doug DeWitt (Sunnyvale, CA) 02R Brian Ramstack (West Bend, WI) 9h Russ Harper (Watkins, CO) 69m Mike Marfia (Rio Rancho, NM) 17w Mike Woodruff (Satanta, KS) 5b Bob Brewer (Salt Lake City, UT) 6m Robert Marfia (Rio Rancho, NM) _______________________ _____________________ _______________________ _____________________

1st K Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 23d Mike Dibart (Springfield, IL) 9m Matt Michaels (Choctaw, OK) 5L Leighton Crouch (Lubbock, TX) 33m Marc Arnold (Peru, IN) 0 Johnny Murdock (Kaufman, TX) 50x Tom Everhart (El Cajon, CA) 17z Ryan Ratliff (Tulsa, OK) 31x Joe Walker (Harrisonville, MO) 38TX Matt DeWitt (Houston, TX) 5k Kevin Burgess (Stott's City, MO)

2nd K Feature (10 Laps - 4 Transfer) 7J Brad Graham (Springfield, MO) 67az Lonnie Oliver (Surprise, AZ) 11x Steve Newman (Lakewood, CO) 57 Bryan Gard (Kelseyville, CA) 2a Charles Davis, Jr. (Buckeye, AZ) 29L Leroy Holler (Independence, MO) 12h Rick Hendrix (Canoga Park, CA) 4az Chris Edwards (Buckeye, AZ) 10w Chris D'Arcy (San Jose, CA) 6J Jesse Hockett (Warsaw, MO)


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