Saturday's Chili Bowl Feature lineups

With 206 drivers from throughout the country vying for the coveted 24 starting positions in Saturday's 18th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Nationals at Tulsa Expo Raceway, a dazzling dozen drivers have already locked themselves into Saturday's grand ...

Saturday's Chili Bowl Feature lineups

With 206 drivers from throughout the country vying for the coveted 24 starting positions in Saturday's 18th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Nationals at Tulsa Expo Raceway, a dazzling dozen drivers have already locked themselves into Saturday's grand finale.

Following Friday night's qualifying feature, each night's winner drew for Saturday night's starting position. The winners' draw determined the balance of the feature lineups from the "I" Feature and the Twin H's through Twin B's. The second, third and fourth place runners from each night drew for their respective starting positions in Saturday's main event as well (second place finishers in positions 4-6, third place finishers in positions 7-9 and fourth place finishers in positions 10-12).

Thursday night's victor, Jason Leffler drew the lucky number one pill and will start Saturday's O'Reilly Chili Bowl Nationals Championship feature from the pole position, with Wednesday night winner Danny Lasoski alongside after drawing number two. Friday winner Jerry Coons, Jr., drew the three slot, with Friday runner-up Cory Kruseman alongside in row two.

Row three consists of 1988 Chili Bowl champion Scott Hatton and 2003 BMARA champion Davey Ray. Tracy Hines sits inside the fourth row, with two-time and defending Chili Bowl champ Dan Boorse on his right shoulder. 2003 Belleville Midget Nationals winner Josh Wise and Steve Buckwalter make up the fifth row, with 2002 Chili Bowl kingpin Tony Stewart and Danny Ebberts making up the sixth row.

The top six finishers from each of Saturday's twin B Mains will make up the balance of Saturday night's 50-lap, 24-car starting grid in the 18th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Nationals Championship.

Saturday's action is slated to fire off with hot laps at 1:00 p.m. The first feature is scheduled to take the green flag at 1:45. Saturday's finale will take to the quarter-mile track at approximately 10:00 p.m.

18th Annual O'Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Feature Lineups:

I Main (10 Laps)
78c David Camfield, Sr., Maroa, IL
27k Ryan Kaplan, Chico, CA
56 Doug White, Houston, TX
22 Scott Pierovich, Alamo, CA
0 Johnny Murdock, Kaufman, TX
90 Mark Lightfoot, Springfield, MO
8x Murray Erickson, Odessa, TX
v6 Big Al Murie, St. Louis, MO
1w Paul White, Temple, TX
19x Terry Holliman, Hamburg, IA
79 Jim Doyle, Ft. Lupton, CO
6 Eddie Leavitt, Jr., Knoxville, IA
5b Scott Bertkin, Tracy, CA
80 Travis Johnson, Tacoma, WA
Fin 1, 3, 5, 7 to back of First H Main; Fin 2, 4, 6, 8 to back of Second H Main

Notes: California's Ryan Kaplan dominated the opening eight laps of his heat race on Thursday night before spinning to a halt while holding a straightaway advantage. Kaplan is slated to start the first-ever "I" Main in Chili Bowl history from the front row outside. 2001 USAC Weld Racing Silver Crown champion Paul White, who snap-rolled violently down the backstretch in his Wednesday night heat race, is also scheduled for Saturday's opening action.

First H Main (10 Laps)
0J Todd Jackson, Independence, MO
58 Cameron Beard, Turlock, CA
99s Shon Deskins, Scottsdale, AZ
2J Josh Ford, Ventura, CA
5ma Mallory Armfield, St. Joseph, MO
25 Jon Stanbrough, Jamestown, IN
15m Chris Morway, Glastonbury, CT
91 Cole Houser, Cave Creek, AZ
88m Matt Hardin, Galveston, IN
61g Damion Gardner, Concord, CA
20R Ron Capps, Carlsbad, CA
87x Raymond Merrill, Sallisaw, OK
Top 4 to First G Main

Notes: Mechanical problems scratched Jon Stanbrough from Thursday to Friday. Stanbrough was unable to fire for his Friday heat race as well, then charged from the tail of his C Feature, only to stall his mount in the cushion while making a third-to-first bid on the white flag lap. Damion Gardner led the opening four rounds of his Friday heat before mechanical gremlins brought his machine to a halt. Gardner's C Main charge on Friday ended when he looped his machine on the final round, relegating him to an "H" Main. NHRA Funny Car stud Ron Capps looked strong in his Thursday C Main before a tangle sent him pitside.

Second H Main (10 Laps)
55 Tony Everhart, El Cajon, CA
31c Derrick Crasi, Indianapolis, IN
5h Dean Franklin, Brownsburg, IN
56k Ken Dull, Machesney Park, IL
33 Wally McDuffey, St. Louis, MO
14AJ Jeff Harder, Glenbeulah, WI
5m Mike Neher, Monticello, IN
11s Tom Hessert, Cherry Hill, NJ
21m Michele Miller, Temple, PA
D6 Jesse Giannetto, Palo, IA
3a Bill Allen, Independence, MO
4e Nick O'Neal, Wagoner, OK
Top 4 to Second G Main

Notes: Tom Hessert struggled in his Wilke-PAK mount on Friday night. One of three ladies in the field, "Lady Luck" frowned on Michele Miller on Thursday night, while Jesse Giannetto flipped in the first corner in his Chili Bowl debut.

First G Main (10 Laps)
1az David Rosales, Glendale, AZ
71L Chad Branson, Sherman, IL
20w Cody Weisensel, Sun Prairie, WI
31J Jason Howe, Jacksonville, IL
51n Mike Nigh, Brownsburg, IN
57b Brian Gard, Kelseyville, CA
1p Conner Pullen, Amarillo, TX
7s Chris Shoulders, Dallas, TX
3 Butch Middleton, Lafayette, CO
77 Matt DeWitt, Houston, TX
15h Donnie Kratzberg, Ft. Smith, AR
31b Brandon Hartsell, Joliet, IL
Top 4 to First F Main

Notes: BMARA shoe Cody Weisensel led the opening four rounds of his Friday heat before spinning out of contention and ultimately into a "G" Main. AMRA points runner-up David Rosales, MARA shoe Chad Branson and 14-year-old Conner Pullen are also among this event's starters.

Second G Main (10 Laps)
81h Jerry Hammock, Ennis, TX
50 Roland Ayo, Houston, TX
24s Cliff Servetti, San Francisco, CA
31h Bart Hartman, Zanesville, OH
33a Stephen Arnold , Seymour, IN
61 Bugs Norbury, Dewey, AZ
10h Ryan Howard, New Carlisle, OH
45h Don Hammer, Clinton, IL
21s Bob Shreffler, Plainfield, IL
14 Randy Hannagan, San Jose, CA
40 Nick Lundgreen, Indianapolis, IN
2h Todd Houser, Decatur, IL
Top 4 to Second F Main

Notes: SSMA Midget foes Jerry Hammock (SSMA champion) and Roland Ayo make up the front row. Late Model ace Bart Hartman wheels one of five Lehmann Racing entries. After an 11th-place run in last year's Chili Bowl main event, Nick Lundgreen tries to shake off the effects of two Wednesday night flips. WoO shoe Randy Hannagan fields the "In Memory of Keith Hutton" entry.

First F Main (10 Laps)
9 Steve Cheek, Buffalo, TX
2d Mark Bush, Cumming, GA
87 Rich Camfield, Decatur, IL
10c Shain Mathews, Marysville, CA
69 A.J. Fike, Galesburg, IL
41 Matt Sherrell, Tulsa, OK
17x Greg Nelson, Newcastle, CA
00 John Giffin, San Jose, CA
27a Amy Maris, Gilbert, AZ
51 Ryan Durst, Lincoln, NE
30 Craig Carey, Springfield, IL
1m Travis Miniea, Indianapolis, IN
Top 4 to First E Main

Notes: A good candidate for some Alphabet Soup advancement, A.J. Fike's Wednesday effort went downhill after being spun out in heat action soon after taking command of second. Others to watch include California Sprint shoe Shain Mathews, USAC Midget Rookie of the Year Ryan Durst and Knoxville's King Doodlebug Invitational winner Craig Carey.

Second F Main (10 Laps)
62 Rick Ellis, Lakewood, CO
51s Chris Sheil, Lakewood, CO
27 Jan Howard, Byhalia, MS
47x J.J. Yeley, Phoenix, AZ
3T Tracy Miller, Reading, PA
3p Robby Parish, Knightstown, IN
85b Bryan Clauson, Noblesville, IN
61a Toby Brown, Carthage, MO
51d Chris DeShon, Littleton, CO
20m Mario Marietta, Clinton, IN
39 Mike Kertscher, Fredonia, WI
97 Aaron Berryhill, Broken Arrow, OK
Top 4 to Second E Main

Notes: A Thursday night heat race tangle, followed by a C Main win and a B Feature flip finds J.J. Yeley buried in "F" Main action aboard Andy Bondio's latest creation, perhaps setting up the second consecutive Alphabet Run by Yeley. Tracy Miller led Wednesday night's opening heat until the final corner, then made an early exit from her "B" Main. NCRA/ASCS/All-Star shoe Jan Howard won a "C" Main on Friday, with others to watch including ASCS gun Toby Brown, IRA Rookie of the Year Mike Kertscher, RMMRA shoe Chris DeShon, young Bryan Clauson and Aaron Berryhill, who was a DNS in one of Friday's "B" Mains.

First E Main (10 Laps)
27b Dale Howard, Byhalia, MS
63 Rex Norris III, Knightstown, IN
35 Marc Dailey, Brownsburg, IN
95F Justin Fisher, Phoenix, AZ
D20 Derek Mungor, Walnut, IL
25m Johnny Heydenreich, Indianapolis, IN
7m Todd McVay, Lee's Summit, MO
14c Tony Rossi, Arvada, CO
37 Matt Mitchell, Yorba Linda, CA
00x Pete Davis, Pleasanton, CA
94c Kevin Crowder, Decatur, IL
55k Steve Knepper, Belleville, IL
Top 4 to First D Main

Notes: 1990 Chili Bowl champion Johnny Heydenreich grids in the sixth position. Luck wasn't with MARA champion Steve Knepper on Friday night, with other starters including Memphis front runner Dale Howard, AMRA gun Justin Fisher, 14-year-old Todd McVay and Pete Davis, who showed flashes in Thursday action.

Second E Main (10 Laps)
20K Ken Schrader, Concord, NC
21k Kurt Mayhew, Demotte, IN
03 Kirk Kubik, Long Beach, CA
5s J.C. Bland, Springfield, IL
67n Butch Zuniga, Brighton, CO
44c Al Cole, McFarland, WI
30J Johnny Rodriguez, Elk Grove, CA
42c Chris Pearce, Broken Arrow, OK
96 Cody Brewer, Choctaw, OK
7 Critter Malone, Speedway, IN
87s Harley Slotten, Menasha, WI
17n Mat Neely, Robinson, IL
Top 4 to Second D Main

Notes: After a ten-year Chili Bowl hiatus, NASCAR's Ken Schrader starts from the pole in Saturday's first "E" Main. 2002 Wayne Servais Chili Bowl Wild Car winner Critter Malone is also in the field, as is 2003 USAC Sprint Car Rookie of the Year Mat Neely and BMARA Rookie of the Year Harley Slotten.

First D Main (15 Laps )
33h Robert Hanley, Foxfield, CO
2i Luke Icke, Littleton, CO
95J Jay Jordan, Lincoln, NE
57 Johnny Cofer,Macdoel, CA
50x Danny Stratton, Fontana, CA
18 Floyd Alvis, San Carlos, CA
8p Wally Pankratz, Orange, CA
5k Kenny Lewis, Wheatridge, CO
81x Alex Coonan, Ransom, IL
43b Buddy Luebke, Stoughton, WI
71h Keith Rauch, Edgewater, CO
22a Steve Aplin, St. Louis, MO
Top 3 to First C Main

Notes: After qualifying for last year's main event and earning the Wild Card award, Luke Icke starts front row outside. 69-year-old BCRA champion Floyd Alvis is in the grid, as is RMMRA kingpin Kenny Lewis. California Midget shoes Johnny Cofer and Wally Pankratz join the fray, with fellow Cali-shoe Danny Stratton, who bonzaie'd his way through Wednesday night's qualifying.

Second D Main (15 Laps)
27c Sparky Howard, Santa Rosa, CA
29 Scott Sawyer Broken Arrow, OK
17 Kenny Brown, Millstadt, IL
51h Mike Hess Petersburg, IL
71L Mike Leslie, Peoria, AZ
24L Roy Larkin Tulsa, OK
25F Mike Farmer, Colorado Springs, CO
4 Brian Terry Cottage Grove, WI
45a Adam Young, Phoenix, AZ
99 Kyle Rayburn Pueblo West, CO
99w Korey Weyant, Springfield, IL
75 Roger Miller Milan, IL
Top 3 to Second C Main

Notes: Midget ace Mike Hess uncharacteristically struggled in qualifying action. Unrelated to Jan & Dale, Sparky Howard wheels the third Clifton Blackwell entry, while AMRA winner Mike Leslie, ASCS Sooner Region rep Roy Larkin and MARA shoe Korey Weyant also join in.

First C Main (15 Laps)
3m Brandon Petty, Alexandria, IN
21 Andrew Andruskevitch, Riverton, IL
5c Joey Montgomery, Fredericktown, MO
10w Bobby Boone, Bakersfield, CA
12c Rick England, Wichita, KS
26 Glenn Carson, Newark, CA
4w Edwin Wilson, Tuttle, OK
10k Ron Kuhn, Lee's Summit, MO
125 Teddy Beach, Donnelsville, OH
99d Brad Kuhn, Avon, IN
2az Rickie Gaunt, Torrance, CA
16 Chad Farmer, Colorado Springs, CO
57k Randy Koch, Oregon, WI
94 Brian Gerster, Noblesville, IN
51L Brad Loyet, Sunset Hills, MO
Top 5 to First B Main

Notes: Progressively tougher through each set of Features, it gets really tough from this point on. Joey Montgomery seemingly had a runner-up finish locked up in Wednesday's main event until mechanical gremlins reared their ugly heads during a caution. Ron Kuhn nearly snared a transfer to the Grand Finale as well on Friday night before a last lap incident. Gaunt ran up front early in Friday's main before being a part of a couple of cautions.

Second C Main (15 Laps)
4x Don Droud, Jr., Lincoln, NE 9
5x Rik Forbes, Omaha, NE
49 Billy Alley, Lincoln, NE
4p Josh Lakatos, Pasadena, CA
11z Travis Berryhill, American Canyon, CA
78 Todd Plemons, Denver, CO
25x Boston Reid, Kokomo, IN
43 Cameron Dodson, Greenfield, IN
24 Rick Eckert, York, PA
13 Thomas Meseraul, San Jose, CA
3w Brandon Waelti, Sun Prairie, WI
12h Rick Hendrix, Canoga Park, CA
19 Chris Wagner, Colorado Springs, CO
12 Billy Wease ,Noblesville, IN
15 Todd Beach, Donnelsville, OH
Top 5 to Second B Main

Notes: Don Droud, Jr., started close to the front on Wednesday but was unable to avoid an early tangle. USAC Ford Focus ace Josh Lakatos tagged the wall Wednesday, with Thomas Meseraul starting Wednesday night's feature from the pole before second lap contact with the turn three barriers. Some past experience in open-wheelers proved beneficial for Late Model ace Rick Eckert. Knoxville Raceway 360 champ Billy Alley made the feature field in his qualifying night in his Chili Bowl debut on Friday. Wingless sprint wonder Boston Reid was a DNF in his prelim feature.

First B Feature (20 Laps)
10 Donnie Beechler, Springfield, IL
67k Kasey Kahne, Huntersville, NC
7b Joe Boyles, Greenwood, MO
35w Gary Wright, Hooks, TX
19s Robby Flock, Murrieta, CA
70 Garrett Hansen, Manhattan Beach, CA
85a Justin Allgaier, Riverton, IL
11w Dave Darland, Lincoln, IN
15s Tim Siner, Waterloo, IL
8 Jimmy Sills, Elverta, CA
73 Matt Westfall, Ludlow Falls, OH
31 Donnie Lehmann, Springfield, IL
86c David Camfield, Jr., Decatur, IL
2 Robert Harr, Arvada, CO
34 Tyler Brown, Norco, CA
Top 6 to Inside Row A Main

Notes: "B" Features at the Chili Bowl make 99.9% of all other Main Events pale in comparison. 1995 Chili Bowl champ and past IRL competitor Donnie Beechler leads this one with NASCAR Nextel Cup shoe Kasey Kahne alongside. Matt Westfshoots for his sixth consecutive Chili Bowl main event start, the top active streak for Chili Bowl championship starts. Not a weak car in the bunch.

Second B Main (20 Laps)
22b Ray Bull, Bloomsburg, PA
95 Aaron Fike, Galesburg, IL
85 Shane Hollingsworth, Indianapolis, IN
51J R.J. Johnson, Phoenix, AZ
7R Troy Rutherford, Ojai, CA
4b Bobby East, Brownsburg, IN
72 Jeff Flesher, Lexington, IL
81 Chad DeSelle, Sun Prairie, WI
4L Doug Lippincottt, Minden, NV
19w Bud Kaeding, Campbell, CA
45 Jeremy Sherman, Phoenix, AZ
5d Gary Taylor, Snohomish, WA
67 Jay Drake, Val Verde,CA
12az Eric Wilkins, El Mirage, AZ
86 Shane Cottle, Kokomo, IN
Top 6 to Outside Row of A Main

Notes: After two consecutive National Midget Driver of the Year awards, Aaron Fike sits on the front row outside of another talent-laden "B" Main. Championships, feature wins, etc., abound in this field. Pick your favorite and go with it.

A Feature (50 Laps)
29J Jason Leffler, Stanley, NC
20 Danny Lasoski, Dover, MO
23 Jerry Coons, Jr., Tucson, AZ
47 Cory Kruseman, Ventura, CA
15x Scott Hatton, Roscoe, IL
5 Davey Ray, Davenport, IA
11 Tracy Hines, Greenfield, IN
88 Dan Boorse, Milwaukee, WI
59 Josh Wise, Riverside, CA
2m Steve Buckwalter, Royersford, PA
71 Tony Stewart, Rushville, IN
14e Danny Ebberts, Canyon Lake, CA

Notes: Reference opening paragraphs and enjoy the races!


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