Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook, 97-01-07

Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook - January 07, 1997 Happy New Year!!! ------------------------------------------- News and tidbits ------------------------------------------- Reports from Daytona indicate that Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett ...

Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook, 97-01-07

Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook - January 07, 1997

Happy New Year!!!

------------------------------------------- News and tidbits ------------------------------------------- Reports from Daytona indicate that Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett and John Andretti continue to show the fastest times during Ford testing at DIS.

North Wilkesboro has closed its doors for good, as co-owners Bruton Smith and Bob Bahre could not come to agreeable terms at a December 19th Share Holders meeting. All but one employee have been laid off, and the future of the track isn't looking too bright.

Bruton Smith also owns Bristol, which is now undergoing extensive renovations for the spring and fall races. Several thousand new seats will be added as well as more sky boxes. Bruton is still pursuing the opportunity to put a roof over the stands with a German company.

------------------------------------------- NASCAR Silly Season Central ------------------------------------------- Most of the following updates are in regards to the crew chief. Note that there is a potential for upwards of 65-66 teams listed below. With only 38-42 potential starting positions for each race, you can bet there will 10-12 cars going home DNQ from just about every race this year.

Key for the acronyms: OWN = Owner, DRV = Driver, CC = Crew Chief

#0 - Master's Inn Ford OWN: HL Waters DRV: Delma Cowart CC: Phil Branch

#00 Aquafresh/Keebler pontiac DRV: Buck Shot Jones Notes: Rumored to be a BGN team to attempt a few cup races this year.

#1 ? Pontiac - Precision Products OWN: Richard Jackson DRV: Morgan Shepard ? CC: (still looking) Notes: Some folks are saying this team is one step away from folding up shop, and others say they are on the verge of signing a sponsorship deal with a long distance company. If this team does not attempt Daytona, look for Morgan Shepard in the #15 car for Daytona.

#2 Miller Lite Ford - color change to blue & white OWN: Roger Penske DRV: Rusty Wallace CC: Robin Pemberton

#02 - Chevrolet - Miles Motorsports DRV: Robby Faggart / Randy Baker?

#3 GM Goodwrench Chevy OWN: Richard Childress DRV: Dale Earnhardt's CC: Larry McReynolds (from the #28)

#4 Kodak Chevy OWN: Morgan-McClure DRV: Sterling Marlin CC: Tim Brewer (ending speculation with #94)

#5 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevy OWN: Rick Hendrick DRV: Terry Labonte CC: Gary Dehart

#6 Valvoline Ford OWN: Jack Roush DRV: Mark Martin CC: Jim Fenning

#7 QVC Ford OWN: Geoff Bodine DRV: Geoff Bodine CC: Pat Tryson (from #10) Notes: Lee Morse, former Ford Motor Co. rep for SVO, now named as team manager.

#8 Circuit City Ford OWN: Stavola Bros. DRV: Hut Stricklin CC: Philippe Lopez

#9 University of Nebraska Ford - (I hear this deal is shaky) OWN: Melling DRV: Lake Speed CC: Jeff Buice Notes: Steve Crow will be team manager.

#10 Tide Ford OWN: Ricky Rudd DRV: Ricky Rudd CC: Jim Long

#11 Frontier/Catalyst Communications Ford - w/Roush engines OWN: Brett Bodine DRV: Brett Bodine CC: Donnie Richeson

#12 ??? Ford - Allison Motorsports OWN: Frank Plessinger, Bobby Allison and Nathan Sims. DRV: ??? CC: ??? Notes: This team is still questionable for Daytona. Only time will tell...

#14 General Mills Chevy OWN: Theresa Earnhardt DRV: Ron Hornaday Jr. CC: ?? Notes: I hear they are still working on which cereal as the official sponsor, but its supposed to be a firm deal.

#15 Hayes Modems Ford OWN: Bud Moore DRV: ??? CC: Jimmy Means Notes: Still nothing new with this team, except that Morgan Shepard's name has been mentioned as driver if the #1 deal doesn't fly. Hayes is still looking for help with sponsorship dollars.

#16 Family Channel/PrimeStar Ford (new paint scheme) OWN: Roush DRV: Ted Musgrave CC: James Ince

#17 Western Auto's Parts America Chevy OWN: Darrell Waltrip DRV: Darrell Waltrip CC: Pete Peterson

#18 Interstate Batteries "Pontiac" OWN: Joe Gibbs DRV: Bobby Labonte CC: Jimmy Makar

#19 Child Support Recovery International Ford - TriStar Motorsports OWN: Mark Smith DRV: Loy Allen Jr. CC: Peter Sospenzo Notes: New sponsor brought on board.

#20 - sponsorless Ford? OWN: Ranier/Walsh DRV: Greg Sacks/Tony Stewart CC: Notes: Seems like Tony Stewart wants to drop back to parttime in WC for 97, and then run the full schedule in 1998. The team has asked Greg Sacks to help with testing at Daytona, and may run him the whole year. If Tony wants to run a few races, the team may run a second car.

#21 Citgo Ford - OWN: Wood Bros. DRV: Michael Waltrip CC: Len Wood

#22 MNBA Pontiac - OWN: Bill Davis DRV: Ward Burton CC: Chris Hussey

#23 Smokin' Joes Ford OWN: Travis Carter DRV: Jimmy Spencer CC: Donnie Wingo

#24 Dupont Chevy - Hendrick Motorsports OWN: Rick Hendrick DRV: Jeff Gordon CC: Ray Evernham Notes: Pepsi is new associate sponsor for all of Hendricks.

#25 Budweiser Chevy - Hendrick Motorsports OWN: "Papa" Joe Hendrick DRV: Ricky Craven CC: Phil Hammer

#26 ??? Chevy - Needs sponsor OWN: Terry Byers? DRV: Terry Byers

#27 ? Ford - David Blair Motorsports OWN: David Blair DRV: ??? CC: ???

#28 Havoline Ford OWN: Robert Yates DRV: Ernie Irvan CC: Marc Reno

#29 Cartoon Network Chevy - Diamond Ridge Motorsports OWN: Gary Bechtel DRV: Robert Pressley CC: Bill Ingle

#30 Pennzoil Pontiac - Bahari Racing OWN: Chuck Rider DRV: Johnny Benson '96 WC ROTY CC: Doug Hewitt

#31 Lowe's Chevy OWN: Richard Childress DRV: Mike Skinner CC: Kevin Hamlin

#33 Skoal Bandit Pontiac OWN: Andy Petree DRV: Kenny Schrader CC: Andy Petree

#36 Skittles Pontiac - MB Motorsports OWN: Nelson Bowers,Tom Beard, Read Morton DRV: Derrike Cope CC: Ryan Pemberton

#37 Kmart/RC Cola Ford (new associate sponsor) OWN: Kranefuss & Haas DRV: Jeremy Mayfield CC: Paul Andrews (from the #7) Notes: New associate RC Cola replaces Little Ceaser's (I'll miss that little guy) and gets a new color scheme. Also, Energizer batteries appears on the trunk - wonder if they'll be an Energizer Bunny spotted at the races???

#40 Coors Light Chevrolet - Sabco Racing OWN: Felix Sabates DRV: Robby Gordon CC: Tony Glover

#41 Kodiak Chevy - new Team mgr Mike Hill OWN: Larry Hedrick DRV: Steve Grissom CC: Charlie Pressley

#42 Bell South Chevrolet - SABCO Racing OWN: Felix Sabates DRV: Joe Nemechek CC: Mike Hillman

#43 STP Pontiac - Petty Enterprises OWN: Richard Petty DRV: Bobby Hamilton

#44 Hot Wheels Pontiac - Petty Enterprises 2 OWN: Kyle Petty, Richard Petty, David Evans DRV: Kyle Petty CC: Bobby Kennedy

#46 First Union Chevy - SABCO Racing OWN: Felix Sabates? DRV: Wally Dallenbach CC: Brad Noffsinger

#52 Pedigree Pontiac - OWN: Kenny Schrader/Rick Hendrick? DRV: Jack Sprague

#60 - DRV: Ed Berrier.

#71 Prodigy Chevy OWN: Helen Marcis DRV: Dave Marcis CC: Terry Shirley

#75 Remington Arms Ford - OWN: Butch Mock DRV: Rick Mast CC: Gere Kennon

#77 Jasper/Federal-Mogul Ford OWN: Doug Bawel DRV: Bobby Hillin Jr.

#78 Diamond Rio & Hanes Activewear Ford - Wilson Racing OWN: Jim Wilson DRV: Billy Standridge

#79 - DRV: Norm Benning.

#81 Square D Ford - FilMar Racing OWN: Filbert Martocci DRV: Kenny Wallace CC: Gil Martin

#85 - HS Die Ford OWN: Tim Steele DRV: Tim Steele CC: Notes: He will apparently run attempt a partial schedule in 97 and hopes to run the full schedule in 98.

#86 HYPE Chevy - Ridling Motorsports OWN: Ridling DRV: Kevin LePage

#87 ? Chevy OWN: SABCO/NEMCO Notes: This team has been consumed by the other SABCO teams. No word on whether the number has been relinquished.

#88 Quality Care Ford - OWN: Robert Yates. DRV: Dale Jarrett CC: Todd Parrott

#90 Heilig-Meyers Ford OWN: Junie Donlavey DRV: Dick Trickle CC: Bob Johnson

#91 Spam Chevrolet - Pro-Tech Motorsports OWN: Ron Neal and Tom Hanley DRV: Mike Wallace CC: Vic Kangus

#94 McDonald's Ford (w/ Super 8 Motel) OWN: Bill Elliott DRV: Bill Elliott CC: Mike Beam

#95 Shoney's Inn Ford - Sadler Motorsports OWN: Earl Sadler DRV: Gary Bradberry CC: Lee Leslie

#96 Caterpillar Chevrolet OWN: Buz McCall DRV: David Green CC: Butch Enders Notes: Shelmerdine is a consultant-strategist.

#97 John Deere Pontiac - Rypien Motorsports OWN: Mark Rypien and Greg Pollex DRV: Chad Little CC: Harold Holly

#98 RCA Ford OWN: Cale Yarborough DRV: John Andretti CC: Tony Furr

#99 Exide Batteries Ford - Roush Racing OWN: Jack Roush? DRV: Jeff Burton CC: Buddy Parrott

#? - DW Motorsports OWN: Darrell Waltrip DRV: Rich Bickle

#? Ford - Ron Barfield to run a limited WC schedule (one confirmed race was named) in an Elliott-prepared cup car. Barfield drives for Elliott in BGN, Truck and ARCA.

#? - According to Winston Cup Scene, 1981 WC ROTY Ron Bouchard is reportedly trying to lease a WC car from Rick Hendrick to try to run the Daytona and Talledega races. Bouchard has not driven in a WC race since 1987.

#? - Odyssey Motorsports OWN: Don Hume, Thomas Ungurean, Dick Bahre (brother of the NHIS owner)

------------------------------------------- Happy Motoring :-) =Ken=

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