What is the future of the NASCAR Mexico Series?

The series goes into 2015 with no title sponsor and a new rival.

What is the future of the NASCAR Mexico Series?
NASCAR Mexico group photo
Hugo Oliveras, Monster Toyota 3M and Luis Felipe Montaño, Integra Toyota
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Pepe Montaño, AVM Defender
Oscar Torres Jr., G3C Racing and Rafael Martínez, HDI
Rubén Rovelo, G3C Racing Team lider

After three races of the season 2015 NASCAR Mexico season, we've seen some thrilling battles on the track, giving few reasons for anyone to doubt the future of the series. However, rumors have been going around since last year that its days days are numbered.

The series is healthy. Like everywhere there are ups and downs and we are now in a difficult time, but eager to move forward

NASCAR Mexico COO Carlos Ortiz 

But the whispers of demise continue in the paddock. NASCAR Mexico has no title sponsor at the moment. Toyota supported the series until 2014 and has carried out budget readjustments to take on the first part of the schedule with fewer staff operating and a smaller group of officials.

The COO of NASCAR Mexico, Juan Carlos Ortiz, admitted in an interview with Motorsport.com that the situation is not ideal, but neither are they close to dying out.

"The series is healthy. Like everywhere there are ups and downs and we are now in a difficult time, but eager to move forward. We are united and convinced that this will be a successful championship again," said Ortiz.

The union is noticeable, especially on the issue of security. Despite the reduction in official work, all incidents have been resolved as if it there were a larger number of officials working.

A new competitor

These rumors were fueled by a new category in Mexico: The so-called V8 that will become the prime responsibility of the Super Copa Telcel. Some teams, like the one from Carlos Slim Domit have redirected their efforts and yes he still has two cars in NASCAR México, but doesn't compare with the double of cars that he will have in the new Series, where Telcel, a company that its own by América Móvil, is the main sponsor.

Despite the new competition, Juan Carlos Ortiz has nothing bad to say about it. "Any competition is welcome, it helps improve everyone. We must pay attention to maintaining and improving our quality. It is fine to have some competition. "

In fact, the concepts are different, while NASCAR Mexico races on oval tracks for the most park, the new series will race on circuits, this was the base of the sport in the United States during the 90's before Enrique Contreras imported the model from the USA.

NASCAR has long-term plan for Mexico

Joe Balash, responsible for NASCAR's international series, has no doubt that its subsidiary in Latin America will still remain for several years and as he said to Motorsport.com "are ups and downs" and recognizes the commitment of the France family to keep this series for the long term, "just last year we renewed with Mexico. There is no reason to think otherwise. "

However, ICD group, who leads the series, now had a greater concern than the regional category and that is the return Formula One to Mexico. The Inter Corporate Entertainment has a five-year contract with Bernie Ecclestone that starts this 2015.

The company's efforts have focused on making it as profitable as possible with this race after the annual investment of $ 72 million.

For that reason, perhaps it has made it more difficult to find a new sponsor or because companies want to invest their money in the highest category of motorsport. Without a title sponsor, the future does not look encouraging for NASCAR Mexico and is an issue that needs rectifying sooner rather than later.

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NASCAR Mexico Series set to return with new title sponsor
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