ES: Freeman joins Dave Davis Motorsports

John Freeman Back In Old Number With New Team For 2007 20-Year-Old Busch East Driver Revives ...

ES: Freeman joins Dave Davis Motorsports

John Freeman Back In Old Number With New Team For 2007
20-Year-Old Busch East Driver Revives #57 With Dave Davis Motorsports

MOORESVILLE, NC (April 3, 2007) -- During the racing off-season, John Freeman traded his racing gear for an autograph marker as he made multiple appearances to promote racing for various causes. But now, Freeman has put down the pen, dusted off the helmet and grabbed the wheel for the start of the 2007 NASCAR Busch East Series, where he will drive for a new team.

"On the Busch East side of things, we have switched things up a bit," said Freeman. "We are going to run a Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS fielded by Dave Davis of Denver (NC). Dave is one of the lead chassis and body builders in the Busch East series. He will be fielding two cars this year, one for myself and the other for Rogelio Lopez. I really feel like it is a great situation to be in. Dave and I click really well, and I think it will make for an interesting year and some outstanding results."

Having another racecar driver on the team will also be a big help to Freeman.

"The teammate situation is huge. I got to experience it a little bit last year with Ruben Pardo. The communication between Ruben and I and the crew chiefs enabled for us to have some really fast equipment. We both were able to try different things and compare notes. So I am excited to get to work with Rogelio this year. The two of us teamed up can make for some competitive race cars."

In 2006, Freeman split his time between Barney McRae's #5 team and then joined with Fitz Motorsports to close out the year, netting multiple top-15 finishes in first BES season. But it was a chance encounter while spending some recreation time that hooked him up with Davis.

"I went on a snowmobile ride up in Maine," explained Freeman. "I met him up there and got to talk to him a bit. When we came back, we were evaluating our situation with Fitz Motorsports. It didn't quite meet our needs for 2007. Armando (Fitz) is a great guy and he gave me a great opportunity last year, but they just didn't have quite what we were looking for this year. Dave Davis was just the right fit for us. I really feel like this year we will have a strong situation with him. He builds strong cars and is very meticulous. He combs over everything. I feel we will have real solid equipment under us as well as competitive equipment. I am really excited to see what we can do this season."

While the car and team will be new to Freeman, the number on the side of the car will not.

"I will be driving the number 57 once again. I am going back to my roots. I was car 57 when I was growing up. All of my championships were under the banner of the 57. 1957 was the year my parents were born, my dad's favorite number is five and my mom's is seven, so it all works out. I have had a lot of luck with it. Hopefully we will be able to rekindle the number with some wins this year."

With the team, car and number locked into place, Freeman is looking forward to a solid season in the NASCAR Busch East Series and the challenges it will bring as the competition increases this season with many development drivers entering into the series, funded by top NASCAR owners.

"With all these new teams coming in, the big Cup and Busch development teams, it will make for an interesting year. I am excited and glad they are coming in. It will bring more eyes to our series. If you run well against those guys and win, you have beaten the best. I wouldn't want to do it unless I could say I beat the best.

"We are also currently working on a partial season in the NASCAR Busch Series. We are close on it, but nothing is in stone. Our focus, though, is on the Busch East series. We are currently still seeking marketing opportunities for the 2007 season. We are hoping to run the full season, pending sponsorship."

John Freeman and the Dave Davis #57 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS will make their debut together at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in Greenville (SC) on April 28th for the NASCAR Busch East Series season opening event.

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