Langley Speedway results 2005-06-25

HAMPTON, Va. (June 25) -- Greg Edwards wired the field to post his third victory of the 2005 campaign in the USG 75 for the Chick-fil-A Late Models, the headlining event of Saturday evening's NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series program at Langley ...

Langley Speedway results 2005-06-25

HAMPTON, Va. (June 25) -- Greg Edwards wired the field to post his third victory of the 2005 campaign in the USG 75 for the Chick-fil-A Late Models, the headlining event of Saturday evening's NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series program at Langley Speedway.

Edwards was fastest in afternoon time trials, turning the .395-mile oval at 85.313 mph. And, his hot streak continued when it came time to spin the inversion wheel. He dialed up a "0," meaning that he would keep the pole position for the start of the race. Doug Warren shared the front row with Edwards, while Danny Edwards and Anthony Warren made up Row 2.

As the event got under way, Greg Edwards motored ahead of Doug Warren, taking the lead at the entrance to Turn 1. Following his brother, Danny Edwards drew alongside Doug Warren and grabbed the runner-up spot on lap 2.

The first yellow flag appeared on lap 5. Gathering for the restart, the Edwardses -- Greg and Danny -- held first and second, followed by the Warrens -- Doug and nephew Anthony. Casey Wyatt was fifth.

Back under green, Greg Edwards fashioned a two-length advantage. Meanwhile, Jimmy Adkins moved up to challenge Wyatt for the fifth position.

On lap 14, Adkins bypassed Wyatt, bringing Mark Wertz and Tommy Cherry along with him and dropping Wyatt to eighth in the running order.

Cherry, the series points leader, went after Wertz for sixth place on lap 21, ducking low in Turn 2. Exiting Turn 4, though, Wertz not only held off Cherry, but also completed a high side pass of Adkins to take over fifth. Cherry tagged along and advanced to sixth.

Taking another run at Wertz, Cherry drove low into Turn 3 on lap 24. He nosed ahead on lap 25 and gained the clear-cut advantage on lap 26.

The second caution flag waved on lap 27. The Edwardses and Warrens maintained the top four positions, separated from Cherry by a lapped machine.

As the race resumed, Greg Edwards fashioned a one-car-length lead over Danny Edwards. Doug Warren was two lengths back, in third. Cherry, in the meantime, dispensed with the slower car and zeroed in on Anthony Warren.

On lap 35, Cherry pulled alongside Anthony Warren off Turn 2 and moved into fourth place at the end of the back straightaway.

For Greg Edwards, his most hair-raising adventure of the night came on lap 46. Working to the high side around a slower car, he skated sideways off Turn 4, opening the door for Danny Edwards, who darted to the inside. By the time they made it to Turn 1, though, Greg had gathered himself and retained the top spot.

The third, and final, caution flag flew on lap 52. Greg and Danny Edwards held first and second, in that order, followed by Doug Warren, Cherry and Anthony Warren.

Under green for the last time, Greg and Danny Edwards broke from the pack in nose-to-tail formation. Within a lap, however, Greg had pulled away by two car-lengths and Danny had a mirror-full of Doug Warren.

After sneaking a quick glance to the inside on lap 57, Doug Warren poked a fender alongside Danny Edwards on lap 60. Danny Edwards cleared Doug Warren on lap 62, but continued to run a higher line, presenting a tantilizing target.

By lap 64, Danny Edwards and Doug Warren were door-to-door once again. The duel raged on until lap 70 when Warren was forced back in line by a lapped car.

With his chief pursuers battling each other in his mirror, Greg Edwards rolled on to Victory Lane, winning by three car-lengths. Danny Edwards, who saw his two-race win streak come to a halt, was second, followed by Doug Warren, Cherry and Anthony Warren.

In the winner's circle after the race, Greg Edwards offered a tip of the cap to his brother, saying, "I owe a lot of this one to Danny. We really work on an open-book policy in the shop. At the beginning of the year, they were struggling and we were sharing notes with them. Really, they've gone on the last couple of weeks and they've opened up the notebook to me. We had two real equal race cars. I think he was just a little bit freer than I was."

Noting his struggles with slower cars, Edwards continued, "As long as I could get by myself, I was OK, but the lapped traffic -- some of 'em made it challenging, but that made for a funner race. If I ever think I could get a lead, we'd run into some lapped traffic, two-wide, and he'd be right back on my bumper again. But, I've gotta thank him for a great race."

In the evening's other feature events:

Ryan Nester moved out front on lap 8, then held on for his second victory of the year in a 40-lapper for the Super 8 Motels Grand Stocks.

Nester set the fast time in qualifying, at 76.952 mph, and started on the outside of the front row, next to David Gray.

Gray took the lead on the opening circuit and paced the first seven laps before Nester edged ahead. Nester completed his pass of Gray on lap 10, bringing Dean Shiflett with him and dropping Gray to third.

On lap 24, Gray fell off the pace on the backstretch, slowing to a halt in Turn 3. Right behind him, fourth-place Brandon Hinson exited Turn 2 and spun, prompting the first yellow flag.

Back under green, Nester and Shiflett dashed away by half a straightaway as new third-place runner Jonathan White worked past a lapped car. The green-flag stint was a short one, though, as the second, and final, caution flag flew on lap 26.

Over the remaining circuits, Nester and Shiflett staged a furious, physical battle for the win with Shiflett trying to draw to the leader's inside .

Shiflett finally pulled alongside Nester out of Turn 2 on lap 37. With a lapped car looming ahead, however, he had to give up the bid and get back in line.

On the final circuit, Shiflett gave a sharp rap to Nester's rear bumper in Turns 3 and 4, causing Nester to wobble precariously. Rather than deliver the knockout, though, Shiflett allowed Nester to straighten up.

At the finish, Nester was the winner by a single car-length over Shiflett. White was third to the line, while Bernie Fairchild was fourth. Hinson rebounded from two mid-race mishaps to salvage fifth place.

Edged out for the win a week earlier, Jason Moore turned in a dominating performance to capture his second victory of the season in the 50-lap nTelos Super Street feature.

Moore set the pace in time trials, clocking in at 73.235 mph, and started on the outside of Row 1 after a spin of the inversion wheel. Jessica Wood occupied the pole position.

As the race got under way, Wood stayed even with Moore and eked out a narrow lead at the start/finish line. Moore came back to lead lap 2, then cleared Wood in Turn 2 on lap 3. Within 10 circuits, Moore had driven off by nearly a straightaway.

Looking for his fourth straight Super Street win, Steve Dill moved past Wood on lap 16, bringing Jessica's brother, Jeramie Wood, along with him.

Jeramie Wood grabbed the runner-up spot from Dill on lap 19, only to see Dill return the favor on the following circuit.

The first caution flag waved on lap 23. Lining up for the restart, Moore, Dill and Jeramie Wood were up front, separated from Jessica Wood by a pair of lapped cars.

When the green flag waved, Dill slid sideways out of Turn 4, allowing Moore to open a comfortable advantage. Moore's lead stood at about half a straightaway when the race's only other caution flag appeared on lap 36.

Using a lapped car as a buffer, Moore bolted to a four-length lead over Dill on the restart. As the laps wound down, Moore continued to increase his lead.

Further back, Jessica Wood moved up to challenge Jeramie Wood for third. Keeping a watchful eye was their father, fifth-place Kenny Wood. Hugging the bottom lane through Turns 1 and 2, Jessica nabbed the position on lap 45.

At the checkers, Moore was the winner by a straightaway over Dill. Jessica Wood was third, followed by Jeramie and Kenny Wood.

John Hollis notched his second win of the season in the Hillco Building Maintenance Mini Truck feature. He took the lead on lap 6 and showed the way to the finish.

Hollis was the fast qualifier, at 72.223 mph, and started second after the inversion. Charlie Barclay, a three-time winner in '05, started on the pole and led laps 1-5, which were punctuated by three yellow flags.

On lap 6, Hollis pulled alongside Barclay on the backstretch and motored ahead through Turns 3 and 4. Hugo Belfiore came along with Hollis, picking up the second spot.

A lap later, the field slowed as the fourth caution flag flew for a three-truck tangle in Turn 3. Bill Wallace took the brunt of that incident, backing hard into the outside wall.

As per the track's Mini Truck rules, scorers began counting caution laps when the fourth yellow flag appeared. The race was restarted at lap 20 and Hollis forged a two-length lead over Belfiore.

The last of the race's five caution flags waved on lap 23. To provide a green-flag finish, the race was extended two laps beyond its scheduled 25-lap distance.

On the final restart, Hollis pulled away from Belfiore on the backstretch and won by three lengths. Barclay tailed Hollis and Belfiore to the line, in third. Thomas Fontaine and Bill Mullis completed the top five.

Richard Ellis led from flag-to-flag for his first win of the year in a 25-lapper for the E-Z Auto Rental U-Cars.

Craig Firman led all qualifiers with a lap of 69.390 mph. After the inversion, he started third as Randy Prillaman and Ellis occupied Row 1.

As the race got going, Ellis won the drag race into Turn 1 to take the lead. Prillaman settled into second, followed by Firman.

Nearing the halfway mark, Ellis held a two-length edge over Prillaman with Firman about six car-lengths in arrears. On lap 11, though, Prillaman scrubbed the wall off Turn 2, allowing Ellis to pad his lead as Firman closed in.

Things went from bad to worse for Prillaman on the following circuit as he tangled with a lapped car and spun in Turn 1, collecting Firman in the process and bringing out the third, and final, caution flag. Both Prillaman and Firman were relegated to the rear of the field for the ensuing restart.

Back under green, Ellis opened a five-length margin as second-place Michael Farmer worked past a lapped car.

Jamie Sample slipped by Farmer for the runner-up spot on lap 13. That shuffle of positions let Ellis widen his advantage to half a straightaway and he held that margin to the checkered flag. Sample was second, while Farmer, Robbie Davis and Kevin Alves rounded out the top five.

NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Race Results
Saturday, June 25, 2005

LATE MODELS - 75 laps
Fin. Pos., (Car #), Driver, Laps Completed
1. (27) Greg Edwards, 75
2. (26) Danny Edwards, 75
3. (45) Doug Warren, 75
4. (21) Tommy Cherry, 75
5. (47) Anthony Warren, 75
6. (40) Mark Wertz, 75
7. (29) Casey Wyatt, 75
8. (48) Shawn Balluzzo, 75
9. (2) Jimmy Adkins, 75
10. (13) Nick Smith, 75
11. (92) Todd VanGuilder, 75
12. (81) Brian Carter, 75
13. (99) Dalford Briley, 75
14. (82) Kevin Harrison, 75
15. (01) Jeff Shiflett, 73
16. (34) Paul DeBolt, 73
17. (4) Kelly Carson, 72
18. (12) Bobby Spivey, 47
19. (1) Greg Burgess, 37
20. (95) Danny Harrell, 14
21. (16) Jeff Sampson, 9
Fast Qualifier: G. Edwards - 85.313 mph.
Pole: G. Edwards - No cars inverted.

GRAND STOCKS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos., (Car #), Driver, Laps Completed
1. (87) Ryan Nester, 40
2. (06) Dean Shiflett, 40
3. (3) Jonathan White, 40
4. (27) Bernie Fairchild, 40
5. (81) Brandon Hinson, 40
6. (7) David Seed, 40
7. (5) Robert Ellis, 40
8. (62) Eric Wilson, 40
9. (75) Jeff Driskill, 39
10. (29) Jack Robinson, 39
11. (43) David Gray, 23
12. (88) Brandon Ray, 22
13. (38) Linwood Owens Jr., 15
14. (48) Randy Akers, 3
Fast Qualifier: Nester - 76.952 mph.
Pole: Gray - Top 2 inverted.

Fin. Pos., (Car #), Driver, Laps Completed
1. (5) Jason Moore, 50
2. (3) Steve Dill, 50
3. (86) Jessica Wood, 50
4. (02) Jeramie Wood, 50
5. (85) Kenny Wood, 50
6. (46) Tony Spivey, 50
7. (10) Ritchie German, 50
8. (53) Scott Finch, 50
9. (14) Larry Venable, 50
10. (11) Tommy Sweeney, 50
11. (38) Jeff LaBeau, 50
12. (15) Dale Parro, 50
13. (58) Doug Woodyard, 49
14. (20) Trip Anderson, 48
15. (90) Jill Brinson, 48
16. (29) J.T. Brown, 48
17. (97) Mike Ganoe, 48
18. (18) Dennis Nowak, 48
19. (2) Rod Busitzky, 47
20. (54) Jason Langley, 33
21. (69) John Boord, 14
Fast Qualifier: Moore - 73.235 mph.
Pole: Jessica Wood - Top 2 inverted.

MINI TRUCKS - 25 laps*
Fin. Pos., (Truck #), Driver, Laps Completed
1. (96) John Hollis, 27
2. (15) Hugo Belfiore, 27
3. (17) Charlie Barclay, 27
4. (16) Thomas Fontaine, 27
5. (29) Bill Mullis, 27
6. (8) Tommy Nixon, 27
7. (7) Dale Bridwell, 27
8. (00) Scott Roser, 27
9. (25) W.T. Snyder, 27
10. (55) Justin Ballo, 27
11. (71) Brad Morningstar, 27
12. (51) Irene Bechtel, 27
13. (14) Larry Walker, 27
14. (89) Carl Livingston, 26
15. (1) Ross Clements, 24
16. (19) Bill Wallace, 6
Fast Qualifier: Hollis - 72.223 mph.
Pole: Barclay - Top 2 inverted.
* Race was extended 2 laps beyond the scheduled distance to provide a green-flag finish.

U-CARS - 25 laps
Fin. Pos., (Truck #), Driver, Laps Completed
1. (41) Richard Ellis, 25
2. (28) Jamie Sample, 25
3. (9) Michael Farmer, 25
4. (10) Robbie Davis, 25
5. (84) Kevin Alves, 25
6. (4) Glenn Healy Jr., 25
7. (43) Robert Rusinyak, 25
8. (23) Jonathan Mullett, 25
9. (02) John Murray, 25
10. (5) Craig Firman, 25
11. (26) Randy Prillaman, 25
12. (11) Kevin Morgan, 25
13. (36) Steve Hardison, 25
14. (6) Wayne Lyon, 25
15. (71) David Butler, 25
16. (46) Patrick Walker, 25
17. (81) Tim Brown, 25
18. (96) Connie Stanley, 24
19. (88) Steve Cobb, 24
20. (21) Matt Bond, 24
21. (27) Joe Reynolds, 24
22. (22) Donald Reynolds, 24
23. (18) Matt Pauley, 24
24. (20) Michael Walters, 23
25. (25) Robert Salas, 9
26. (3) Aaron Dekerlegand, 5
Fast Qualifier: Firman - 69.390 mph.
Pole: Prillaman - Top 3 inverted


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