NWS: Young's Racing Team to compete for rookie title

INDEPENDENCE, Ore. (March 28, 2002) Young& ...

NWS: Young's Racing Team to compete for rookie title

INDEPENDENCE, Ore. (March 28, 2002) Young’s Racing Team announced today that they would challenge for the Totem Travel Rookie of the Year award this season on the Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series, NASCAR Touring.

Aaron Young, will be behind the wheel of a 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo sponsored by Robert Todd Construction as the team attempts to claim top rookie honors on the Northwest series.

“ We’re very excited about this coming season,” Young said.

The rookie team has spent the last two years learning and preparing cars for the impending 15-race schedule.“ The hardest part of this whole deal is securing sponsorship,” Young said.

Young’s Racing Team made it’s one and only series appearance at the Frank’s Chevrolet 125, held September 22 at Yakima Speedway.

Robert Todd Construction Inc., which backed Young’s series debut last year, will be back for the 2002 campaign. Robert Todd Construction is a commercial contracting company out of the Portland Vancouver area.

“We were very pleased with our run in Yakima (13th place),” Young said.“ I have an infatuation with the dynamics of what makes a race car work, and have spent the last three years learning about race car geometry and general vehicle dynamics.”

The 34-year old driver realizes the high level of competition he will be stepping into he said.“ I’ve watched the series run for years and have always admired the fierce level of competition.”

Young got his start in late model race cars at Portland Speedway. He said that he first must earn the other driver’s trust before he can earn their respect.

“ I have always prided myself on the fact that I am a courteous driver, and respect the concerns the series regulars have when a new driver comes into the division” Young said.

Young’s Racing Team is located in Independence, Ore. on a beautiful 86-acre facility. A new shop was built to maintain the race cars as well as provide fabrication work for racers from the local area according to Young.

“ It’s always been a dream of mine to drive and work on race cars, and now it is finally coming true,” he said.“ To have a shop located across the road from the very farm that I grew on is a dream come true.”

Young’s Racing Team is looking forward to meeting the drivers, families, and fans of the Raybestos Brakes Northwest Series and hopes to see everyone at Evergreen Speedway on March 30 for the Big‘ O’ Tires 125.


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