Dallas: Dixon Dispatch

Dallas: Dixon Dispatch

The Dixon Dispatch Weekly News Release of Larry Dixon &the Miller Lite Dragster Off Week Gave Larry Dixon & Miller Lite Team Opportunity To Regroup As They Resume Top Fuel Points Chase This Week At Texas Motorplex ENNIS, TX (Oct. 15) - The ...

The Dixon Dispatch
Weekly News Release of Larry Dixon &the Miller Lite Dragster

Off Week Gave Larry Dixon & Miller Lite Team Opportunity To Regroup As They Resume Top Fuel Points Chase This Week At Texas Motorplex

ENNIS, TX (Oct. 15) - The current contest for the 2001 NHRA Winston Top Fuel Championship has been a heated one and is certain to see even more drama unfold at this weekend's 16th Annual O'Reilly Fall Nationals (Oct. 19-21).

Larry Dixon and Don Prudhomme's Miller Lite Top Fuel Team have been trading blows-and the points lead-with chief rival Kenny Bernstein for the past few months. With only 12 elimination rounds remaining for the season, Dixon and crew tried to enjoy an off weekend as the Top Fuel title is certain to be decided with three races in the next four weeks.

While the back-and-forth display has been thrilling for drag racing fans, the constant intensity and focus can take its toll on the drivers and their crews. Dixon, who is currently just 58 points out of the lead, welcomes the down time to allow him a chance to review his prior actions and make adjustments for his next plan of attack.

"I'm no different than, say a guy who is playing pro ball," said Dixon. "I go back and re-think things for a day or two after the last race. I review films as well as my performance. I see what we did and what other players did. I make mental notes and I think about the thoughts I had inside my head during race day and try to decide whether they helped or hurt. Then, after all that, I start to work on our game plan for the following week."

The eight-man Miller Lite Team also used their time off to regroup at Prudhomme's newest Snake Racing facility in Indianapolis before hitting the road for the next month.

"I know the crew certainly appreciates the one week off," said Dixon. "There is a tremendous amount of preparation needed before they go out on the road for two or three races in a row. They can get the car ready in only 75 minutes between rounds, but it takes much more time in-between races to get the car ready."

"I can see advantages to both sides of (having time off versus completing the season as soon as possible)," said Dixon. "It's nice to have a week off to refocus and to gear up for the next race, whether you did well at the last race or not. If you are coming off a race where you did well, it gives you the opportunity to dot all your Is and cross your Ts. If not, you get the opportunity to test and rethink your game plan."

Dixon's Career Results in Dallas
Year Event Qual. Finish & Winning Driver
1995 Chief AutoNtls. No.7 Second Round-S. Kalitta
1996 Chief AutoNtls. No.9 Second Round-K. Bernstein
1997 Lone Star Ntls. No.2 Runner-up-J. Amato
1997 Revell Ntls. No. 9 2ndRound-C. McClenathan
1998 Lone Star Ntls. No.12 First round-M. Dunn
1998 Revell Ntls. No. 3 Semifinals-M.Dunn
1999 Castrol Ntls. No. 1 Firstround-A. Hartley
1999 O'Reilly FallNtls. No.8 Second Round-S. Kalitta
2000 Castrol Ntls. No. 6 Runner-up-G.Scelzi
2000 O'Reilly FallNtls. No.2 Semifinals-C. McClenathan

2001 NHRA Winston Top Fuel Point Standings
1. Kenny Bernstein 1812 n/a
2. LARRY DIXON 1754 58out
3. Gary Scelzi 1430 382 out
4. Doug Kalitta 1394 418 out
5. Mike Dunn 1387 425 out
6. Darrell Russell 1325 487 out
7. Doug Herbert 1088 724 out
8. Tony Schumacher 1034 778 out
9. David Grubnic 843 969 out
10. Rhonda Hartman 727 1085 out

Snake Racing Overall Wins at Texas
Don Prudhomme- 3 wins (1989, 91, 94)
Ed McCulloch- 3 wins (1987, 88, 92)
Ron Capps- 1 win (1998)
Larry Dixon- 2 runner-ups (1997, 2000)
Tommy Johnson Jr.- 1 runner-up (1999)
Dick LaHaie-tuned Scott Kalitta to 1995 TF win & 96 r-up.
TOTALS- 8 wins & 4 runner-ups in 12 finals at Texas

Larry Dixon Appearance & Racing Schedule
Below is the tentative schedule for Larry Dixon for this weekend's 16th Annual O'Reilly Fall Nationals.

 Date & Time Location 
Thur, 10/18 630-900p Sky Bar, AA Center, 2500 Victory
Fri, 10/19 315-630p Qualifying session #1 & #2
Sat, 10/20 100-415p Qualifying sessions #3 & #4
Sun, 10/21 1030a Final eliminations

NHRA on Television This Weekend
Date & Time (ET) Network Coverage
Oct. 21, Noon-100p ESPN 2 Qualifying
Oct. 21, 400-600p ESPN Eliminations
Oct. 21, 900-1000p ESPN 2 Larry Eliminations


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