SBRS: National series Millville event summary

New Jersey Wrap Up Serralles and Freiberg Clinch First National Wins Millville, NJ. (May 31). The BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National drivers braved the heat and humidity this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park for Rounds 9 and 10 of the ...

SBRS: National series Millville event summary

New Jersey Wrap Up Serralles and Freiberg Clinch First National Wins

Millville, NJ. (May 31). The BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National drivers braved the heat and humidity this past weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park for Rounds 9 and 10 of the 2010 championship. MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development driver Spencer Pigot got the weekend off to a strong start, sweeping both California Scents Pole Positions. Fellow MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development driver Felix Serralles, after qualifying in fifth for Race One, earned his first career Skip Barber National victory and Ashley Freiberg, after qualifying in sixth for Race Two, also took home her first National win. Dennis Trebing set a new track record on Sunday with a 1:31.272. Drafting played a huge role this weekend, stepping up the strategy and bringing the competition to a higher level.

Serralles and Freiberg also earned $500 for their winning drives through the field from the California Scents Most Progressive Award. Spencer Pigot won accumulated the most points over the weekend and picked up a $500 bonus from, with Freiberg and Serralles tying for second, each winning $250.

Round 9

Spencer Pigot started in the California Scents pole position with Ashley Freiberg and Dennis Trebing close behind. Turn one proved to be a constant passing zone for the weekend. In the first lap, Pigot, Freiberg and Trebing went three-wide in turn one, resulting in Trebing gaining a position over Freiberg. Pigot quickly gained a two car lead, but the rest of the drivers used each other to catch up to the leader. He dropped to fifth and Trebing took the lead with Isaac Lyons and Freiberg close behind. Lyons got a draft, made the pop and took the lead back for laps two and three. Flu-stricken Trent Hindman got around Nick Andries and worked his way up two positions to sixth by lap four.

Lyons quickly gained a gap on the rest of the field, but shortly lost it to the draft. Trebing and Felix Serralles caught up with the leader in turn one, and once again, those in the stands saw a three-wide battle. Serralles fought hard and grabbed the lead with Freiberg and Trebing in tow. The leaders, along with Pigot, Lyons, Hindman and Andries separated themselves from Brandon Newey, Mukul Sud and Scott Anderson. Pigot took his time, patiently trying to hang back from the leaders to get a good draft. Serralles tried hard to break away and extend his lead, but Freiberg refused to give up.

In lap six, the pack had caught up with the leader and went four-wide into turn one. Trebing came out of the corner on top, but Pigot and Ashley passed him later on in the lap. It was only a matter of a turn or two until Pigot had a two-car lead, but as always, turn one turned the tables yet again and Freiberg led heading into turn two with Pigot and Lyons close behind. Less than thirty seconds later, Isaac and Pigot passed Freiberg, and Trebing was close behind in fourth.

With seven minutes to go, Ashley maintained control, leaving small gaps and getting runs. She, Lyons, Spencer and Felix continued expand the gap from the rest of the pack, and by lap thirteen,

Pigot regained the lead while the field shuffled for position behind him. Serralles used the shuffling to his advantage and climbed his way up from forth.

Lyons led into the final lap with Freiberg and Spencer vigorously battling for the top position as well. The checker flew over an almost photo finish. The top two positions belonged to MAZDASPEED Motorsports Developments drivers Felix Serralles and Spencer Pigot. This was the first National win for Serralles, won by only 0.004 seconds.

"It was amazing," said a beaming Serralles on the podium, "the draft was great and I finally got Spencer at the line."

Ashley Freiberg came in third, stating in a post race interview that the clean race was "such a blast." She praised her fellow drivers, stating "all were winners" with the high level of competition and the clean nature of the race.

Spencer Pigot not only complemented his fellow drivers for their skills on the track but the National series as well for providing such great competition.

Lyons finished in fourth with Trebing finishing out the top five, followed by Nick Andries, Trent Hindman, Brandon Newey, Scott Anderson and Mukul Sud.

Round 10

For the second time of the weekend, point leader Pigot started in front, with second in points Isaac Lyons starting second and the previous day's race winner Felix Serralles in third. Pigot led the pack into turn one, almost immediately gaining a two car lengths over Lyons. In the first lap, Nick Andries attempted to make a move on the outside of Dennis Trebing, but in the end held back. Lyons made a pass for the lead, pushing Pigot to third and Felix climbed up into second.

In lap two, Trent Hindman made a pass on Freiberg and she politely conceded. Serralles, Lyons and Andries attempted to separate themselves from the pack, while Trebing and Pigot battled both for fourth position and to stay with the leaders. In lap five, Nick Andries assumed the lead and gained a four-car lead with Lyons and Pigot in tow. Lyons mistakenly gave too much room in one of the final corners of the track, but quickly made up for it in turn one. The lead pack became seven strong, with each position being threatened.

Halfway into the race, Brandon Newey set down some of the fastest laps so far in the session back in ninth position. In lap seven, Ashley gained two spots in turn one, making her way up to fourth. Ahead of her, Lyons led the pack, followed by Pigot and Andries. The young men went three-wide into turn one while Ashley bided her time, letting them battle it out, waiting to make her move.

Andries assumed the lead, followed by Pigot, Freiberg and Lyons. Lyons made a move up the inside of Freiberg and the pass was successful as the top seven competitors were nose-to-tail. By the time they came around to the front straight in lap ten, Pigot grabbed the lead. Andries made a pop, but ultimately Lyons would grab the lead. Meanwhile, Trebing and Hindman fought for sixth position.

With three laps to go, Lyons led with a good exit out of turn one with Freiberg fighting with Serralles for second. Pigot made a pass on Andries and Freiberg, putting him in second. The following battle between Pigot and Andries for second and Andries and Freiberg for third allowed Lyons to gain a small lead. On the final lap, Lyons and Andries had controversial contact in turn one and both were physically able to continue, but Lyons was later penalized for blocking. Trebing took advantage of the situation and assumed the lead, but before the checker flew, he and Pigot had contact as well in the final lap, and both continued.

Lyons was the first to cross the line, followed by Freiberg, Pigot and Serralles. Following a post- race video review, Lyons was assessed a 25-second penalty for blocking, dropping him in the official results to ninth. The penalty promoted Ashley Freiberg to the top step of the podium as she claimed her first Skip Barber National win. Spencer Pigot solidified his point lead with a second place finish while Felix Serralles finished third; his second podium of the weekend.

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