Porsche Cup Brasil: Rodrigo Mello comes out unscathed - full crash

Porsche Cup was in Curitiba this Sunday and started with a big scare. Right at the start of race 2 of the Carrera Cup category, Rodrigo Mello was involved in a scary accident, flipping several times before stopping with the car on the guard rail, fortunately leaving unharmed soon after. The medical rescue immediately arrived at the scene, while the direction stopped the race with less than 30 seconds elapsed. The broadcast showed Mello getting out of the car walking. “At the start, I was kind of sandwiched by two cars, which started to squeeze me. And then I took my foot off a little to avoid the accident, but then a car came from behind, much faster, which hit my rear”, Mello told to Motorsport.com Brazil exclusively. “Then I became a passenger. But I was lucid the whole time. I followed the crash, noticed that I was overturning and immediately wanted to signal that I was fine, because my daughter is here today, my mother was watching, today is my father's birthday. I wanted to show that it was just a scare”. Mello highlighted how this accident proves the evolution in the safety of Porsche Cup cars. “It is a very safe car. You can see, I'm here walking, talking, I'm super fine. Thanks so much to the Porsche team, who keep this car in this shape. This makes us very safe, very calm to race”.

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Duration 02:57
Posted Sep 13, 2021
Series Porsche