PTG BMW M3 Sebring Pre-race notes

QUOTES: 1999 SUPERFLO 12 HOURS AT SEBRING final practice, March 19 BORIS SAID, ...

PTG BMW M3 Sebring Pre-race notes
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QUOTES: 1999 SUPERFLO 12 HOURS AT SEBRING final practice, March 19

BORIS SAID, #10 PTG BMW M3 starting driver:

"It's a long race, so I normally start out slow and easy, let traffic work itself out and just stay out of trouble. Hopefully, we'll get through the first nine hours and then think about whether we need to really drive the car to catch up or not. I think the name of the game here is staying out of the pits and off the walls, not coming in with a flat tire or broken fender from contact with other cars."

HANS STUCK, #10 PTG BMW M3 driver:

"My target will be mainly to stay out of trouble because the time we lose in the pits, we'll never get back again. So it's better to lose maybe five seconds on one lap and let somebody by than losing a wheel or a fender or a spoiler or something. 12 hours is a pretty long race, especially in Sebring."


"There are more prototypes than ever before out there. That means we have to be that much more careful to work with those guys and maybe look early going into a corner. If they're coming on the inside of us, let them go and try not to argue with them."

MARK SIMO, #7 PTG BMW M3 starting driver:

"Probably slower is faster for us. Our job is to make sure that we have cooler heads than everybody else. We're our own worst enemy right now. I don't think it's the track or the car or the competition. I think it's really the three of us driving together. We just have to use our heads and know when to give and when to take. It will boil down to us thinking better than the competition rather than driving better than the competition."


"Mark [Simo] calls all the shots. He's the team leader. Johannes [van Overbeek] and I are inexperienced here. Obviously, you have to finish the race to finish first. We'll let the experience make the calls and we'll just do what we're told."


"The important thing is to keep the Level One / Flextronics BMW safe, not making any dumb mistakes but at the same time maintaining a pace that is at least as fast as the nearest competitor. I worked at it all week, so it's very easy to drive at speed now. That's beneficial in the race because we can adjust accordingly."

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