ProRally: Prescott Continues in Memory of Carl Merrill

Prescott Forest PRO Rally Round ...

ProRally: Prescott Continues in Memory of Carl Merrill

Prescott Forest PRO Rally Round #8 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship Prescott, Arizona Notes - Saturday, October 3, 1998 - 2:30 PM PDT

31. At the organizer/competitor meeting this morning, organizer Rob Cherry let the entrants know that the Merrill family urged them to run the event today. As they did in a similar meeting last night, the organizer emphasized that the competitors, workers and officials all followed the correct emergency procedures. The competitors agreed that they would run the event, and the rally schedule is being pushed back one hour. All four stages yesterday were scrubbed, but the rally did officially start yesterday, so today's first stage is #5.

32. The Merrill family said that the attending doctor described what happened to Carl as sudden cardiac arrest, and that the subsequent off-road crash was probably not a factor in his death.

33. For those who want to send cards or letters, you can address them to Barbara Merrill, Box. 896, Beach Street, Ogunquit, Maine 03907. Merrill was 62 years old.

34. The Steve Gingras/Eric Carlson Eagle Talon has been fixed overnight, and should be a full strength today.

35. There have been several co-driver changes for today. In the divisional event, Claire Marie Chizma, from Newhall, CA, will ride Neal Gaborno in a Mitsubishi Pickup, while Donna Mitchell, feeling better after being ill yesterday, will take Bill Gutzmann's place in Bobbi Whitman's 510.

36. The Garen Shrader/Doc Shrader Ford Sierra Cosworth, issued a reprieve with the four stages cancelled, were able to fix their half-shaft problems overnight (adding spacers), enabling them to start the event.

37. The Carl Merrill/Lance Smith Ford Escort Cosworth was given a ceremonial "first on the road" start this afternoon. A five-minute period silence followed for those who wanted to remember Carl and his contributions to the sport. The cars left with "Carl Merrill #3" stickers on their windshields. 36 cars started the event this afternoon.

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