Las Vegas: Post-race quotes

SCORE Las Vegas Terrible's Cup III Round 4 of six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series Saturday, July 21, 2007 Las Vegas, Nevada Post-Race Quotes SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK MAIN EVENT 3 Rob MacCachren/Mark Post (1st Place) On the decision of his victory ...

Las Vegas: Post-race quotes

SCORE Las Vegas Terrible's Cup III
Round 4 of six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series
Saturday, July 21, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada

Post-Race Quotes



3 Rob MacCachren/Mark Post (1st Place)

On the decision of his victory by yellow flag: "Honestly, it's terrible. I hate for anything like that to happen.

In my defense, my spotter made me aware of there being a yellow (flag). In B.J.'s defense, he was behind me, he knew he had only a few corners to get inside me. He (dived) to the inside, but there was a yellow flag there. I wouldn't want to do that to anyone else. I don't want it done to me either. If we could, we'd go out there and run another and just put me and him out there on the track and settle it again."

1 BJ Baldwin (2nd Place)

"I can't see over hills. I put all that work in. Rob's the best in the desert. He's the best driver out there. And I think I beat him today. But, apparently, I'm mistaken."

12 Larry Ragland (3rd Place)

"I'm no longer the teacher. I think I'm the student now. I'm just happy to be here. I'm a few months from being 65 years old and this is the last time I'm doing it. This is definitely the last time I'm going to do this race -- it takes about an hour to get warmed up and this race takes about 12 minutes. I'm extremely happy with third place -- this is more than I thought I could do."


19 Tim Herbst (1st Place)

"The guys worked all night, Mike Smith and all the guys all night. We got out in front. We had some good breaks out there and the four-wheel drive held her own.

"We need it to rain right now or (for them) to put a lot of water on the track."

(QUESTION: Was them putting water on the track a factor in you winning?) "I don't know. I don't want to say if it was a factor. But, we'll take it slippery."


38 Garron Cadiente (1st Place)

"I just ran smooth the rest of the race and didn't make any mistakes. Some of these turns are a little muddy. But, we made a lot of adjustments last night. This morning at practice, everything went good. I think we've got the right setup right now. I'd like to thank my crew and Brian Wobble for setting the truck up and B. F. Goodrich for the tires. The tires were awesome out there. We're approaching the main event and we're coming hard."




107 Robert Ross (1st Place)

From Cabo San Lucas -- "thank you very much. I quit racing awhile back but you got me back in it. The whole race was very exciting. This track is very challenging. The people that we're racing against are awesome. They are the best. It's an incredible feeling standing up here now."

109 (K.C. Curry Dan Myers (2nd place)

"It was a great run for us. We're very happy. We'll have to hang on because we might have won this."

102 Luis Ramirez, Jr. (3rd Place)"I had to get a little bit of help but I made it to the podium."


107 Robert Ross

"I was definitely feeling the heat, but I had a little more left and I was just conserving a little bit. . (Any sponsors you want to mention?) "Yes, Dupont Racing; they are my only sponsor. Sounds good, I'm ready for it."


CLASS 1-2/1600


1601 Steven Eugenio (1st place)

"He was going faster than me. I have to give it to him. He ran a great race. He passed me. He had a mistake and I got it. I knew I'd get the win. I just kept a good pace. I had to take advantageof him making a mistake. At the last lap, I just put a little bit of heat on L(Kennedy) and had a chance to come in and take the inside and sort of push him out.

" I was really surprised. He came back really hard at the corner. We were rubbing bars and tires all the way to the finish line.

"That was awesome. We had to put on a great show for everybody."

1606 LJ Kennedy (2nd place)

"I gave it up to the fast guy. I was just trying to hold my line and he got into me and I was just holding what I could. He just got me. Actually, I got pretty lucky with the start. We got the lead for most of the way. It was our first time doing a short course so I'm not really sure how to hit the lines. But (Steven) Eugenio is by far the fastest one in the club right now. I feel good about being able to run with him. I missed it by that much."

1607 Adam Ashcraft (3rd place)

"We were catching the pack all day. We had some brake issues earlier and I had the plugs lock up on me. I had two guys get in front of me, I got hit from behind and I couldn't grab a gear fast enough."


1601 Steven Eugenio (1st place)

(Did you know (Luis) Ramirez was right behind you?) "No, I didn't. I felt pretty good. I feel perfect, it's awesome right now. I couldn't ask for anything better right now. I want to thank my dad especially and all my family for getting me here. I'd like to thank TBS and Bill Woods Motors for getting me in. They build a beautiful car and I couldn't ask for anything better.




704 Barry Karakas, Sr. (1st Place)

"I feel that I won because I had the legal truck. Deep down I think I got second. I think Broc (Ross) deserved it. But, rules are rules. I'm thankful that I built the truck within the rules. This is the third year I've run this race. I've finished every single lap all three years. I didn't know if I was going to finish this one because I spun out and a few other things. The track this year was better than any other year. They finally made it so that we could run it."

706 Shannon Dierkop (2nd Place)

"This was my first time on the short course. I don't know what to look for. I'm used to the baja courses. We're way under power. I figured as long as some of the other guys make their mistakes we'd be OK."

707 Robert Anderson (3rd Place)

"It was an awesome race."


709 Jason McNeil (1st place)

"I was still worried about (Broc) Ross back there. He's got a fast truck and he's a great competitor. I didn't want to leave him any chance to get me at the end there. I really knew he had no more power than me and he had to make a start. With the Toyo hookup, they were there all weekend long and they set me up with the right circumstances to win this and they did everything they could and we're here.

"I know my truck handles better than (Ross'), but he's just got the power and that's what the difference was tonight.

"The tires we used were the same once you can use in the country and buy at the store. We didn't change a thing tonight."




1005 Adam Wik (1st Place)

"That was four in a row for us this weekend. It was just a great run. We got out in front and stayed out in front all day. Darren got, I think, within eight seconds of us, but we let it all hang out. We were lucky to get out with the win.

1000 Darren Hardesty (2nd Place)

"We were pretty even the whole way. I spun out in the corner back there and we kind of got tied up with some cars. Second place was good, considering that.

1003 William Higman (3rd Place)

"It's very comparable to the mental strains of a desert race. You've got to change with the conditions; adjust your car, do some thinking. You can't make mistakes Be patient. That's all desert racing is. You can't just come out here and drive wide open as Sal (Fish) would say."


1005 Adam Wik (1st Place)

"We've got one more tough race tonight so this is just a warm up for you guys in the stands. I'm sure it's going to be some awesome action. We changed the lead a couple of times and we ended up on top."




1201 Cameron Steele (1st Place)

"I want to give props to my boy Jimmy Hook. He built the car this year for the championship.

1207 Jason Batulis (2nd Place)

"I didn't race all year, but I felt like, what the heck. This was a cheap one to come to."

1209 Chad Cummings (3rd Place)

"I was stuck in second gear from the second lap on. All I could do was try and pin it. I thought I had something forhimin the final, but once I couldn't get past first gear there was no getting off these corners."


1201 Cameron Steele (1st Place)

"I never ran into somebody so many times and I never had so many run into me, but keep it clean. That's probably the best racing I've had in my racing career. Maybe some of the fans saw me punt the 1001 truck. Last night he blocked Chad (Cummings) and me for a while and I went up to him and asked him nicely, 'Hey man, if we're going to pass and you're not in it, how about if you let us go by you.' And he said, 'you're going to have to hit me to get by me.' So, I granted his wish for him. The militia's in town, baby. We're bringing it home."

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