ALLSTAR: Lawrenceburg results 2005-09-17

LAWRENCEBURG, IN -- Kelly Kinser utilized his patented low groove Saturday night at Lawrenceburg Speedway to win his fourth Haulmark All Star sprint car Hoosier Fall Classic. Kinser earned $10,000 for his first All Star win of the year in the 23rd ...

ALLSTAR: Lawrenceburg results 2005-09-17

LAWRENCEBURG, IN -- Kelly Kinser utilized his patented low groove Saturday night at Lawrenceburg Speedway to win his fourth Haulmark All Star sprint car Hoosier Fall Classic. Kinser earned $10,000 for his first All Star win of the year in the 23rd annual 50 lap event. With his tenth place finish, Chad Kemenah collected his fourth straight All Star title.

Kinser battled with fellow Bloomington, Indiana resident Kevin Huntley through the latter stages of the race, with Randy Hannagan getting by Huntley at the end for second.

"I love this track, I've had a lot of success here," Kinser said in victory lane beside his Kinser Timber Eagle chassis. "Me and Kevin had a good race. I thought he had it (the win). He took off, but the bottom of the track got better at the end for us. We'll take it."

Chad Blonde and Kinser made up the front row for the main, followed by Paul May and Kevin Huntley in row two with Rob Chaney and Kemenah in row three. Blonde rocketed out into the initial lead, followed by Huntley and Kinser. Blonde pushed out to a big lead until he reached lapped traffic on lap six, allowing Huntley to close. Huntley drove low coming off turn four to dive under Blonde and lead lap eight. Lap 10 saw Blonde jump the cushion, allowing Kinser to grab second and apply pressure to leader Huntley. Kinser drove low going down the backstretch to pass Huntley and lead laps 13 and 14 before Huntley got by again. May was on the move now, challenging Kinser for second in the low groove. May took second on lap 16 and moved in on Huntley.

On lap 20, just as May was challenging Huntley for the lead, something on his front end broke, sending him sliding into the tractor tire protecting the infield flagstand. An upset May was towed to the pits, but he made repairs and returned to the tail of the field for the restart. When the green flew again, Butch Schroeder did a wheel stand and an easy tip over, bringing out a red flag.

Huntley took off again when the green reappeared, running the high groove as Kinser began really moving well on the inside groove. Kinser kept the pressure on when Huntley entered lapped traffic and Kinser moved right in on him. Kinser stalked the leader through traffic, and Kinser dove low on lap 34 under the leader to officially take the lead on lap 35. Then eighth place Dale Blaney hit the frontstretch wall, ending his race on lap 37, bringing out the final caution of the night.

Kinser led for the restart in the low groove, with Huntley getting a good run on the high side to lead lap 39. Once ahead, Huntley jumped the cushion, allowing Kinser to close and retake the lead on lap 40. As Huntley banged off the cushion again a lap later, Kinser was able to stretch out his lead. In heavy traffic, Hannagan began pressuring Huntley for second and traffic allowed Huntley and Hannagan to catch back up to Kinser. With Kinser still on top, Hannagan took second from Huntley on lap 48, but he ran out of time to catch the leader. Kinser took the checkered flag, with Hannagan second and Huntley ending up third.

"We started eighth and were coming up through there pretty good, and the yellows hurt us," Hannagan said after finishing second. "Our car was working really good. I have to thank my crew Chris and John, my girlfriend Angie and my Mom. This one goes out to my mom. Plus my brother Terry gives us good equipment and I especially want to thank Gaerte Engines."

Blonde ended up fourth with 11th starting Byron Reed fifth. Next was May in an amazing drive from the back of the pack, followed by Danny Smith, Levi Jones, Greg Wilson and Kemenah, coming back from a 360 degree spin on lap four.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Brock Mayes, the B&B Products heat went to Jeremy Campbell, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Ryan Coniam and the TP Wings heat fell to David Harrison. Dickie Gaines won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main and Kevin Huntley captured the Haulmark Dash. Once again Kemenah was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

The All Star season concludes next Saturday night at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, PA.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 10.210; 2. Rob Chaney, SC Racing 9x, 10.270; 3. Kevin Huntley, Grove 70, 10.350; 4. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 10.400; 5. Paul May, May 71m, 10.450; 6. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 10.480; 7. Chad Blonde, Blonde 5b, 10.480; 8. Randy Hannagan, THR 1x, 10.500; 9. Jimmy Stinson, Wood 8, 10.500; 10. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10c, 10.500; 11. Greg Wilson, Elden 22, 10.540; 12. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 10.580; 13. Brock Mayes, Brock Mtspts. 11B, 10.620; 14. Dickie Gaines, Roberts 21x, 10.640; 15. Ryan Coniam, Bancon 46, 10.650; 16. Dale Blaney, Fisher 2x, 10.670; 17. Levi Jones, Benic 2B, 10.750; 18. John Ivy, Carousel 5i, 10.760; 19. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 10.770; 20. David Harrison, Ludwig 10, 10.800; 21. Brad Sweet, Sweet 1, 10.830; 22. Cody Geldart, Geldart 6g, 10.850; 23. Jason Dukes, Dukes 3, 10.870; 24. Butch Schroeder, Jessup 7K, 10.920; 25. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63, 10.950; 26. Brandon Martin, Martin 11m, 10.960; 27. Chuck Wilson, Wilson 31, 11.000; 28. Keith Baxter, Baxter 1B, 11.000; 29. Kevin Briscoe, Fox 56, 11.020; 30. Curt Trainer, Trainer 36, 11.110; 31. Ty Deckard, Deckard 11, 11.140; 32. Luke Hall, Hall 34, 11.230; 33. Scott Williams, Williams 17w, 11.290; 34. Tyler Pearce, Pearce 26, 11.360; 35. Critter Malone, Malone 7, 11.380; 36. Brandon Whited, Whited 2, 11.500; 37. Brad Stevens, G&N 6n, no time; 38. Tom Busch, Longworth 410, no time.

Crown Battery Heat (10 laps): 1. Mayes 2. Sweet 3. Jones 4. Kemenah 5. May 6. Stinson 7. Williams 8. Briscoe 9. Ruble.

B&B Products Heat (10 laps): 1. Campbell 2. Geldart 3. Ivy 4. Kinser 5. Chaney 6. Gaines 7. Martin 8. Trainer 9. Pearce.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (10 laps): 1. Coniam 2. Jacobs 3. Blonde 4. G. Wilson 5. Huntley 6. Deckard 7. C. Wilson 8. Malone 9. Dukes.

TP Wings Heat (10 laps): 1. Harrison 2. Schroeder 3. Hannagan 4. Reed 5. Baxter 6. Blaney 7. Hall 8. Blaney 9. Smith.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Huntley 2. Chaney 3. May 4. Kinser 5. Kemenah 6. Hannagan.

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (15 laps): 1. Gaines 2. Blaney 3. Smith 4. Martin 5. Trainer 6. Stinson 7. Whited 8. C. Wilson 9. Ruble 10. Williams 11. Malone 12. Deckard 13. Pearce 14. Hall.

A Main (50 laps): 1. Kelly Kinser 2. Randy Hannagan 3. Kevin Huntley 4. Chad Blonde 5. Byron Reed 6. Paul May 7. Danny Smith 8. Levi Jones 9. Greg Wilson 10. Chad Kemenah 11. David Harrison 12. John Ivy 13. Jeremy Campbell 14. Rob Chaney 15. Brock Mayes 16. Dickie Gaines 17. Brad Sweet 18. Ryan Coniam 19. Cody Geldart 20. Brandon Martin 21. Dale Blaney 22. Butch Schroeder 23. Dean Jacobs 24. Keith Baxter.

Lap Leaders: Chad Blonde 1-7, Kevin Huntley 8-12, Kelly Kinser 13-14, Huntley 15-34, Kelly Kinser 35-38, Huntley 39, Kinser 40-50. <pre> All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 2552 2 Danny Smith 2410 3 Dale Blaney 2399 4 Randy Hannagan 2314 5 Greg Wilson 2156 6 Jeremy Campbell 2155 7 Brock Mayes 2111 8 Paul May 1971 9 Cody Geldart 1953 10 Bob Bennett 1619

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