ALLSTAR: Port Royal Tuscarora 50 Results

All Star Sprint Race Results Port Royal Speedway (Pa) Sat. 9/12/98 by Tommy Brolsma PORT ROYAL, PA -Greg Hodnett won the Tuscarora 50 All Star sprint race Saturday at Port Royal Speedway over Kenny Jacobs, Jeff Shepard, Todd Shaffer and Dean ...

ALLSTAR: Port Royal Tuscarora 50 Results

All Star Sprint Race Results Port Royal Speedway (Pa) Sat. 9/12/98 by Tommy Brolsma

PORT ROYAL, PA -Greg Hodnett won the Tuscarora 50 All Star sprint race Saturday at Port Royal Speedway over Kenny Jacobs, Jeff Shepard, Todd Shaffer and Dean Jacobs. He passed Lance Dewease for the lead on the inside of turn two on the lap 39 of 50 to capture the $10,000 top prize.

Once he got the lead, he pulled away in the Apple Chevrolet, Cars By Dealers Stauffer/Garrett-Chevrolet powered Maxim. "I found a nice line where rubber was laid down in turns three and four," he said.

ButlerBuilt Hot Seat polesitter Lance Dewease took the lead at the start with Kenny Jacobs moving from the fourth starting spot to second. Fred Rahmer was third, Jamie Chessen was fourth and the night's fast timer Jeff Shepard was fifth. On the second lap Shepard passed Chessen for fourth, then Kevin Gobrecht moved to the fifth position, shuffling Chessen back. Jacobs was all over the leader Dewease, but couldn't get by.

On lap 8 Gobrecht slowed with a flat left rear tire, bringing out the yellow. He got the tire changed and came back out. His brother Brian also dropped out under this caution. When the race resumed, Todd Shaffer passed Brooke Weibley and Chessen to move into eighth. The order was Dewease, Jacobs, Shepard, Rahmer, Hodnett, Joey Saldana and Shaffer. Hodnett moved by Rahmer on lap 14, then he got by Shepard for third on lap 16. The inside of turns one and two is where Hodnett was making his moves.

Cris Eash brought out the caution on lap 18 when he blew a right rear tire in turn one. He did not return. Coming down for the restart Rahmer's car lost power on the front stretch to bring the caution right back out, and ending his bid to defend his Tuscarora 50 win from a year ago. This moved Shaffer to fifth and Chessen to sixth. After the restart the order stayed the same until the half way break on lap 25 for fuel.

Kenny Jacobs looked on the inside of Dewease in turn two on the restart after the break, but again couldn't get by. The top three stayed very close to each other, and on lap 37 Hodnett passed Jacobs for second. Then on lap 39, Hodnett made the pass for the win when he got by Dewease in turn two. Hodnett started pulling away until Dewease blew a left rear tire on lap 41, bringing out the yellow. This made the order Hodnett, Jacobs, Shepard, Shaffer, Chessen and Dean Jacobs. A lap after the restart Dean passed Chessen for fifth, then Chessen's left rear tire blew on the front stretch with three laps to go. This ended an impressive run by the teenager from New Jersey. On the restart the line up stayed the same and Hodnett went on to win. Second was Kenny Jacobs, Jeff Shepard was third, Todd Shaffer was fourth, and Dean Jacobs was fifth.

"I can't say how much this team means to me right now," said Hodnett, who said his season was going bad until he arrived here in Pennsylvania.

Kenny Jacobs said "I felt that if I got to the lead before Greg, I feel we could have won."

Jeff Shepard said "We'll take it (a third) after last night." Time Trials: 1. Jeff Shepard 16.554, 2. Kevin Gobrecht 16.672, 3. Kenny Jacobs 16.692, 4. James Chessen 16.825, 5. Fred Rahmer 16.843, 6. Lance Dewease, 7. Brook Weibley 16.908, 8. Greg Hodnett 16.937, 9. Joey Saldana 16.974, 10. Todd Shaffer 16.987, 11. Sean Michael 17.012, 12. Frankie Kerr, 13. Barry Camp, 14. Todd Hestor, 15. PJ Chessen, 16. Keith Kauffman, 17. Cris Eash, 18. Dean Jacobs, 19. Len Thompson, 20. Don Kretiz, Jr. 21. Rod George, 22. Brian Paulus, 23. Johnny Mackison, Jr. 24. Brian Gobrecht, 25. Mike Wagner, 26. Jeff Rohrbaugh, 27. Dave Haight, 28. Sean Keen, 29. Joey Borish, 30. Scott Jones, 31. Dave Hahn, 32. Alan Cole, 33. Darren Eash, 34. Bobby Allen, 35. Bill Brian, 36. Mike Romano, 37. Steve Kennewell, 38. Mike Caldren, 39. Brian Smith, 40. Mike Wasitowski, 41. Troy Fraker, 42. Jeff Thompson.

United Expressline Heat 1- 17e C. Eash, 17 Saldana, 4j Shepard, 77 Rahmer, 5g George, 7 Camp, 55 Wagner, 77t D. Eash, 88b Borish, 66z Kennewell, 12 Fraker.

Southwest Expressline Heat 2- 8 D. Jacobs, 28 Paulus, 1 K. Gobrecht, 88 Shaffer, 461 Dewease, 7m Hestor, 07 Rohrbaugh, 8j Jones, I07 Caldren, 33 Thompson, 1a Allen.

United Specialties Heat 3- 65 Mackison, 10 L. Thompson, 88m Michael, 94 K. Jacobs, 76 PJ Chessen, 8c Hahn, 10n Haight, 32 Weibley, 2+ Smith, 16 Brian.

Southwest Glass Heat 4- 12 Hodnett, 69 Kreitz, 23s Kerr, U2 Kauffman, 92 B. Gobrecht, 53 Keen, 22 J. Chessen, 17x Cole, 80r Romano, 3x Wasitowski.

United Expressline B Main- 22 J. Chessen, 7m Hestor, 32 Weibley, 55 Wagner, 17x Cole, 7 Camp, 10n Haight, 07 Rohrbaugh, 77t D. Eash, 1a Allen, 88b Borish, 8j Jones, 33 J. Thompson, I07 Caldren, 80r Romano, 66z Kennewell, 12w Fraker, 3x Wasitowski, 8c Hahn, 2+ Smith.

Tuscarora 50- 12 Hodnett, 94 K. Jacobs, 4j Shepard, 88 Shaffer, 8 D. Jacobs, 17 Saldana, 1 K. Gobrecht, 88m Michael, 28 Paulus, U2 Kauffman, 23s Kerr, 55 Wagner, 69 Kreitz, 461 Dewease, 76 PJ Chessen, 5g George, 65 Mackison, 10 L. Thompson, 22 J. Chessen, 7m Hestor, 77 Rahmer, 32 Weibley, 17e C. Eash, 92 B. Gobrecht.

All Star Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 4892; 2. Joey Saldana 4733; 3. Frankie Kerr 4694; 4. Dean Jacobs 4508; 5. Keith Kauffman 4459; 6. Brian Smith 3372; 7. Scott Jones 3334; 8. Judi Bates 2073; 9. Kevin Huntley 1830; 10. Sarah Fisher 1729.

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