ALLSTAR: Tuscarora 50 Port Royal Results 1999-09-13

All Star Sprint Race Results - Port Royal Speedway - Sat. 9/11/99 By Scott Hall PORT ROYAL, PA - Donnie Kreitz dominated and made it look easy in the $52,725 All Star sprint 32nd annual Tuscarora 50 Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway. The ...

ALLSTAR: Tuscarora 50 Port Royal Results 1999-09-13
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All Star Sprint Race Results - Port Royal Speedway - Sat. 9/11/99 By Scott Hall

PORT ROYAL, PA - Donnie Kreitz dominated and made it look easy in the $52,725 All Star sprint 32nd annual Tuscarora 50 Saturday night at Port Royal Speedway. The wire-to-wire win was worth $10,000 plus $1,250 in lap money for Kreitz’s sixth career All Star win and came in front of the Port’s largest crowd of the season. Kreitz, in his own No. 69 Eagle Chassis with a Davey Brown-Chevrolet engine won over Fred Rahmer and Lance Dewease by a quarter lap. "I’d like to thank Davey Brown and the crew, they just had this car set up perfect. The thing was so easy to drive, I don’t know how it could have been any better," Kreitz revealed afterward. Kreitz tipped that his success in the past few weeks came after asking Brown to help him out on race nights. Kreitz’s motor also began breaking up with five laps to go, but it held together long enough to win on American Racer tires. Kenny Jacobs started on the ButlerBuilt Motorsports Equipment Hot Seat pole position with Kreitz, Jr. outside him and Dewease and Paul McMahan made up row two. Kreitz took the initial lead with sixth starter Joey Saldana sneaking past Jacobs and into second. Action was halted on lap three with a red for a flip by tenth starter Todd Gracey entering turn three. He was okay. Kreitz led again following the restart, with Saldana still second and Jacobs third with Dewease fourth and McMahan fifth. By lap seven, Kreitz had amassed a quarter lap lead. The best battle for position now was between McMahan and Rahmer, Rahmer tried for five laps to get past McMahan, and the pair even touched wheels once on the backstretch, with McMahan able to keep fifth spot. By lap 17, Kreitz was still increasing his lead and Jacobs was right on Saldana. Jacobs could not get by for second, and at the half-way mandatory fuel stop Kreitz had a half-lap advantage over Saldana, Jacobs, Dewease, McMahan, Rahmer, Keith Kauffman, Jimmy Carr and Dave Ely. When the cars pushed off to line up for the restart, All Star points leader Jacobs went pitside with a broken injector fitting and fell by the wayside. Kreitz held a nine lapped car advantage over Saldana when the green flew again, as Rahmer made a big move on the restart to pass McMahan and Dewease to take third. By lap 26, Rahmer was making a move on Saldana for second. Rahmer took second going into turn one, but Saldana moved back by going down the backstretch. Then Rahmer motored by again to take second for good on lap 27. Kreitz still had a half lap margin over Rahmer with Saldana now third and Dewease fourth. With Kreitz now ahead by three quarters of a lap, the red flew on lap 38 when Saldana developed a fuel leak when the inboard brake rotor cut his fuel cell after repeated bottoming out on the speedway and he caught fire. Saldana pulled to the inside guardrail and stopped, bailing out of his machine. After a quick checkup in the ambulance, he was okay. Kreitz now had a six lapped car margin on the restart, as Rahmer was second and Dewease third. After the green came back out a yellow appeared again as Keith Kauffman, running fifth, had problems accelerating on the restart and was tagged by Jimmy Carr, and Greg Hodnett, running seventh, tried to miss the pair and tagged the backstretch guardrail. Kauffman was out but Hodnett restarted on the tail. From then on, it was a futile attempt for Rahmer to chase Kreitz and try to make up ground, and even though he slowed slightly with a missing engine, he still won easily in the Kreitzer Excavating, F. X. Smith and Sons sponsored machine. "We started back a little bit (12th)," runner-up Rahmer said. "And we’re lucky to get up to second tonight." Dewease, who choose too hard of a tire compound, was happy with third ahead of Paul McMahan, Dave Ely and Carr. Rodney Duncan finished seventh, earning the "Team Simpson Racing Lucky Seven" award. Sean Keen was eighth and Hodnett, the last car on the lead lap, was ninth. Len Thompson started 14th and finished tenth. The United Expressline heat fell to Keen, the Southwest Expressline heat went to Johnny Mackison Jr., the Southwest Glass heat was won by Hodnett and the United Specialties heat went to Jeff Shepard. McMahan won the United Expressline B Main for the second night in a row and Saldana was the fast qualifier over 43 cars. In the track’s make-up Labor Day Classic 25 regular sprint car program run after the Tuscarora 50, Jeff Shepard ran down leader Fred Rahmer in lapped traffic to win an exciting three car duel over Donnie Kreitz and Rahmer. Lap one leader Mike Wagner was fourth, followed by Todd Shaffer, Jimmy Carr, Lance Dewease, Todd Gracey, Keith Kauffman and Curt Michael.

Time Trials: 1. Joey Saldana, Mox 17, 16.353; 2. Dave Ely, Ely 77e, 16.551; 3. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 16.607; 4. Lance Dewease, Harz 88, 16.649; 5. Donnie Kreitz, Jr., Kreitz 69, 16.727; 6. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 16.760; 7. Jimmy Carr, Dyer 461, 16.840; 8. Keith Kauffman, Middleswarth 7, 16.866; 9. Dean Jacobs, Holbrook 8, 16.900; 10. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 16.945; 11. Cliff Brian, Dyer 61, 16.986; 12. Fred Rahmer, Hamilton 77, 17.009; 13. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 17.027; 14. Len Thompson, Thompson 10t, 17.140; 15. Greg Hodnett, Apple 12, 17.143; 16. Judi Bates, Mourar 121, 17.145; 17. Sean Keen, Purple Reign 53, 17.163; 18. Danny Jones, Creasy 8, 17.270; 19. Jerrod Hull, Webb 51, 17.334; 20. Jeff Shepard, Zemco 1, 17.370; 21. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 17.417; 22. Johnny Mackison, Jr., Swope 65, 17.457; 23. Dave Haight, Neiderer 10n, 17.504; 24. Jimmy Hawley, Crawford C3, 17.575; 25. Brian Paulus, P&P 28, 17.713; 26. Todd Hestor, Middleswarth 7m, 17.779; 27. Will Cramer, Cramer 2c, 17.843; 28. Von McGee, Weikert 29, 17.867; 29. Pierron Reasner, Reasner 15p, 17.889; 30. Darrin Eash, Eash 7e, 17.959; 31. Curt Michael, Tanger 07, 18.025; 32. Alan Cole, Cole 17, 18.027; 33. Joe Diehl, Diehl 3d, 18.354; 34. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 18.384; 35. George Kulp, Kulp 57, 18.590; 36. Dave Hahn, Hahn 2H, 18.628; 37. Troy Camp, B&C 14, 18.686; 38. Pat Cooper, Cooper 26, 18.761; 39. Rod Stroup, Stroup 9, 18.846; 40. Christine Karns, Karns 65 ½, 18.968; 41. Jess Thomas, Thomas 77t, 19.097; 42. Troy Fraker, Fraker 12w, 19.729; 43. Vince Snyder, Snyder 15, NT. United Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Keen 2. D. Jacobs 3. Shaffer 4. Saldana 5. Kreitz 6. Duncan 7. Camp 8. Thomas 9. Reasner 10. Paulus (DNS) 11. Diehl (DNS). Southwest Expressline Heat (8 laps): 1. Mackison 2. Thompson 3. Jones 4. K. Jacobs 5. Ely 6. Gracey 7. Wagner 8. Hestor 9. Eash 10. Fraker 11. Cooper (DNS). Southwest Glass Heat (8 laps): 1. Hodnett 2. Haight 3. Carr 4. Hull 5. Michael 6. McMahan 7. Cramer 8. Brian 9. Kulp 10. Snyder 11. Stroup. United Specialties Heat (8 laps): 1. Shepard 2. Rahmer 3. Hawley 4. Kauffman 5. Dewease 6. Bates 7. Cole 8. McGee 9. Hahn 10. Karns. United Expressline B Main (12 laps): 1. McMahan 2. Gracey 3. Duncan 4. Brian 5. Hestor 6. Bates 7. Cole 8. Cramer 9. Wagner 10. McGee 11. Eash 12. Camp 13. Reasner 14. Thomas 15. Snyder 16. Fraker 17. Karns 18. Hahn. A Main (50 laps): 1. Donnie Kreitz Jr. 2. Fred Rahmer 3. Lance Dewease 4. Paul McMahan 5. Dave Ely 6. Jimmy Carr 7. Rodney Duncan 8. Sean Keen 9. Greg Hodnett 10. Len Thompson 11. Jeff Shepard 12. Todd Shaffer 13. Dean Jacobs 14. Jerrod Hull 15. Johnny Mackison Jr. 16. Dave Haight 17. Jimmy Hawley 18. Sean Michael 19. Keith Kauffman 20. Cliff Brian 21. Joey Saldana 22. Dan Jones 23. Kenny Jacobs 24. Todd Gracey. All Star Points: 1. Kenny Jacobs 4026, 2. Dean Jacobs 3741, 3. Rodney Duncan 3386; 4. Jerrod Hull 3285; 5. Joey Saldana 3006; 6. Greg Wilson 2966; 7. Paul McMahan 2851; 8. Danny Smith 2276; 9. Brian Ellenberger 2711; 10. Brian Carlson 2610.

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