Auto Tire and Parts Racepark results 2001-08-25

Montgomery makes it three in-a-row; Fowler wins wild Pure Street Feature It was another rainout for St. Francis County Raceway in Farmington and another win for Joey Montgomery at Auto Tire and Parts Racepark. The last three races that SCFR did ...

Auto Tire and Parts Racepark results 2001-08-25

Montgomery makes it three in-a-row; Fowler wins wild Pure Street Feature

It was another rainout for St. Francis County Raceway in Farmington and another win for Joey Montgomery at Auto Tire and Parts Racepark. The last three races that SCFR did not run, Montgomery has made the trip down to Benton to steal the win from the AT&P regulars. The win for Montgomery was his third in only four races at the racepark.

After a couple month absence from the racepark, Larry Hull made the return to the 3/8-mile track in fine fashion earning his fourth win on the year. The Pure Street action was overly exciting as Gene Fowler scored the regular feature win while Jared Wagster picked up the makeup feature that was rained out on August 18. The Jackson duo of Tim Borgfield and Al Besher passed 15 cars to the finish line for the Cruiser feature win.

In the Winged Sprint car feature points leader Robbie Standridge started on the pole for the 25-lap feature alongside heat two winner Jay Landolt. Standridge quickly jumped out to the lead on the initial started with Landolt and Lee Dunn following.

Dunn took over the lead at the end of the first lap but couldn’t hold off Standridge at the end of lap two for the lead.

On the sixth lap tragedy struck Standridge as he attempted to pass a lapped car in turn three and was pushed up into the marbles spinning and almost going over on the wing. Dunn inherited the lead with Tim Montgomery moving into second, Landolt handling third, J. Montgomery and Todd Rowland holding down the top-five.

Dunn could only maintain the lead for one lap when T. Montgomery slid around him for the lead and started to put distance on the second place car. The younger Montgomery, Joey, moved around Dunn after the 12th circuit for second.

The two brothers battled for the top position maintaining first and second for the next nine laps when Joey slid around Tim for the lead at the line. Just as the lap was scored, Tim made the repeat pass but a caution flag waved. Joey got the lead back after the lineup was reverted back to the last completed lap.

It was Joey who held onto the top-spot for the final circuits to earn his third win on the year at Auto Tire and Parts Racepark. Dunn made the pass for Montgomery on the 23rd lap for second, Montgomery held onto third at the checkered. Shawn King battled from his 16th starting position to finish fourth after winning the b-main. Springfield, Ill. Driver Terry Babb finished fifth.

The 20-lap Open-Wheel Modified saw John Barnett starting from the pole at the start of the race. Robert Powers made the pass for the lead at the completion of the first circuit. Barnett headed down into turn one and spun the car while running in second. Turns one and two created a problem for many drivers as the turn slicked off as the rest of the track stayed tacky.

When the green flag waved once again Powers was in command with Terry Johnson, Greg Gross, Larry Hull and Jeremy Conner rounding out the top-five.

Powers maintained controlled for five laps when Hull moved around Johnson and slid around Powers for the lead. Just as Hull made the pass a caution flag waved giving the lead back to Powers.

Holding on to the top position for the next six laps, Powers was unable to hold off Hull for the lead on the 11th lap. Hull kept the lead for the final nine laps to earn his fourth feature win on the year.

Powers held onto second with Gross moving into third, Danny Sissom finished fourth and Johnson fell back three spots to fifth on the final countdown.

The Pure Street feature found a familiar face in victory lane as Gene Fowler made the pass around Jared Wagster on the final turn to score his second feature win on the year.

Johnny Houart jumped out in front on the start and led for two laps. Wagster got around Houart on third lap after starting 11th. Billy Hopkins also moved around Houart for second.

On the eighth circuit Fowler passed Billy Hopkins for third and moved onto the back bumper of Wagster. Staying in second position for the final seven laps Fowler made the bold move around Wagster on the white flag lap coming out of turn four to pick up the win.

Wagster finished second but was later disqualified after a incident at the conclusion of the race. Fowler was standing idle in the middle of the track at the conclusion of the race when Wagster made an extra lap and slammed Fowler’s car head on. Chris Wilson finished third but was also disqualified after a technical inspection at the end of the race found his car to be illegal.

After falling back to fourth Hopkins was given the second position when the second and third place cars were disqualified. Greg Casey finished third, Houart was fourth and Leo Kiefer finished fifth.

In the makeup pure street feature from August 18, Wagster led all 15 laps to earn his fourth feature win on the year. Fowler finished second in the event and Hopkins finished third. Houart and Casey rounded out the top-five for the makeup feature.

The cruiser feature witnessed a valiant charge by Tim Borgfield and Al Besher. After starting dead last in the feature the duo passed 15 cars to earn the win. Melanie VanPool and Dan Rowland finished second after starting second. Hurst and Bowen crossed the line in third with the team of Jack Redden and Kenny Redden finished fourth.

Next week regular racing action continues with Winged Sprints, Open-Wheel Modifieds, Pure Streets and Limited Late Models. <pre> Winged Sprints

1. Joey Montgomery (21c) Fredericktown, Mo. 2. Lee Dunn (66) East Prairie, Mo. 3. Tim Montgomery (32) Fredericktown, Mo. 4. Shawn King (9) Cape Girardeau, Mo. 5. Terry Babb (88) Springfield, Ill. 6. Jeff Davis (33) Pittsburgh, Ill. 7. Daron Clayton (92) Sikeston, Mo. 8. Robbie Standridge (12x) Springfield, Ill. 9. Bruce Matthews (98) Park Hills, Mo. 10. Steve Zelch Jr. (z34) St. Louis, Mo.

Open-Wheel Modifieds

1. Larry Hull (78) Old Appleton, Mo. 2. Robert Powers (02) Campbell, Mo. 3. Greg Gross (3) Scott City, Mo. 4. Danny Sissom (95) Cape Girardeau, Mo. 5. Terry Johnson (1j) Benton, Mo. 6. John Barnett (5b) Sikeston, Mo. 7. Chris Hall (66) Sikeston, Mo. 8. Jeremey Conner (45) Essex, Mo. 9. Jeff Parmer (5p) Fenton, Mo. 10. Perry Beier (1ab) Perryville, Mo.

Pure Street

1. Gene Fowler (84) Hayti, Mo. 2. Billy Hopkins (c23) Caruthersville, Mo. 3. Greg Casey (42) Sikeston, Mo. 4. Johnny Houart (34) Gideon, Mo. 5. Leo Kiefer (62) Perryville, Mo. 6. Deakon Bragg (22b) Cape Girardeau, Mo. 7. Patrick Naeger (155) Perryville, Mo. 8. Dennis Shelby (d3) Chaffee, Mo. 9. Doug Neuhalfen (r38) Sikeston, Mo. 10. Cheryl McClure (31) Essex, Mo.

Pure Street (makeup feature from Aug. 18)

1. Jared Wagster (007) Portagville, Mo. 2. Gene Fowler (84) Hayti, Mo. 3. Billy Hopkins (c23) Caruthersville, Mo. 4. Johnny Houart (34) Gideon, Mo. 5. Greg Casey (42) Sikeston, Mo. 6. Patrick Naeger (155) Perryville, Mo. 7. Cline Myers Jr. (01) Scott City, Mo. 8. Leo Keifer (62) Perryville, Mo. 9. Dennis Shelby (d3) Chaffee, Mo. 10. Darrick Bruce (6) Morley, Mo.


1. Borgfield/Besher (100) Jackson, Mo. 2. Vanpool/Rowland (110) Jackson, Mo. 3. Hurst/Bowen (77) 4. Redden/Redden (88) Clarkton, Mo. 5. Trankler/Bartles (30) Cape Girardeau, Mo. 6. Clifton/Markham (777) Jackson, Mo. 7. Beeson/Burns (591) Benton, Mo. 8. Davis/Robinson (141) Benton, Mo. 9. Carroll/Sprouse (22) Marshton, Mo. 10. Moll/Short (18L) Scott City, Mo.


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