Bloomington results 2005-06-17

BRISCOE BACK IN VICTORY LANE SHELBY MILES & JEREMY HINES WIN TOO BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 18, 2005) -- It had been six weeks since the red clay saw meaningful competition. Our fans and competitors were more than ready to resume our season. And, at ...

Bloomington results 2005-06-17


BLOOMINGTON, IN (June 18, 2005) -- It had been six weeks since the red clay saw meaningful competition. Our fans and competitors were more than ready to resume our season. And, at long last, the weatherman got out of the way. Everyone showed up in force; and the fans were treated to the kind of show that they have grown to expect from Bloomington Speedway.


Friday nights are generally filled with excitement for sprint car fans at Bloomington Speedway; however, last night was literally overflowing. First, four time Bloomington Speedway sprint car champion Derek Scheffel was back in the cockpit for the first time this season. It seems that Brad and Steve Fox found themselves with a little extra time on their hands while they weren't preparing USAC Silver Crown cars for Dave Darland and Jon Stanbrough. They decided that the Sheldon Kinser Memorial should not be run without a four time track champion who was willing and plenty able to compete; and, to rectify the situation, they built a sprint car for Derek to drive. Derek will apparently race the car when it fits into everyone's schedule. Derek got the venture off to a good start when he set quick time with the new car.

Jon Sciscoe, Kent Christian, Brady Short, Bobby Stines, and Ty Deckard made up the balance of the fastest six qualifiers for the invert. However, when Ty Deckard failed to transfer to the feature, Josh Cunningham who was the seventh fastest qualifier became the sixth fastest and inherited the coveted pole position for the feature. When the green flag dropped to start the feature, Josh charged into the lead; and it looked very much like he might score his first Bloomington Speedway feature win. Kevin Briscoe who had started ninth had been working his way toward the front; but it was starting to look like he would come up just a little short of catching Cunningham. However, as they came down to take the checkered flag, Briscoe nosed ahead of Josh by inches. Cunningham was forced to settle for second and wait until another day to score his first win.

Kent Christian ran second for the first twenty laps of the race before Briscoe got past him. Kenny Carmichael moved up from his eighth starting position to finish fourth. Brady Short finished a strong fifth. Mitch Cunningham, Steve Rone, Derek Scheffel, Tom Busch, and Dave Peperak made up the balance ot the top ten.

In preliminary action Bill Rose, Jason Knoke, Kent Christian, and Brady Short won the heat races while Bobby Stines took the "B" Feature.

Nineteen year old Broc Burton of Columbus is in his first season in a sprint car. He did about a season and a half in modifieds and super stocks before moving up to sprint cars. He turned in some pretty good performances at Lawrenceburg to get some seat time. Last night he turned in a good performance on the red clay as well. Broc's father, Gary Burton, is a modified veteran and has been able to help Broc get up to speed. However, both Gary and Broc are quick to give modified ace Kerry Norris for help in shortening their learning curve. Kerry's many years in a sprint car help him to understand the feedback that they get from Broc. He can then translate it to Gary. That way both Gary and Broc learn.

Broc's grandfather was in the stands watching; and he couldn't have been more proud. He advised that he had tried to purchase a midget from P.J. Jones for Gary to race; however, his wife and Gary's wife got wind of it and threw such a fit that he abandoned the plan.


Jesse Cramer got his 2005 season off to a great start by winning the first two O'Neal Wood Products/Monroe County Pizza Dept. modified features. This was great the first two shows; however, there was a down side to that too. Track rules mandate that a driver who has won to features in a row cannot start better than tenth. Although Jesse started fifth in his heat and won it, started second in the dash and won it, he would still start the feature in tenth spot.

When the modified feature got under way, Adam Sasser took the lead trailed by Ray Humphrey.and J.D. Roberts. On the 13th lap Roberts passed Humphrey to take the lead. However, three laps later, Humphrey got into the back of Roberts and spun him out. Roberts' car was unable to continue; and Humphrey was sent to the pit for rough driving.

Shelby Miles inherited the lead; and he drove his remaining ten laps to his first feature win of the season. Clint DeMoss came home second trailed by Cramer, Lee Hobbs, Gary Barrow, Adam Sasser, John DeMoss, J.P. Hume, Brian Lake, and Josh Eads.

In preliminary modified action, J.D. Roberts, Jesse Cramer, John DeMoss, and Clint DeMoss won the heat races while Cramer took the dash. Matt Bex and Adam Sasser prevailed in the dashes.


On his previous appearances on the red clay this season, Jeremy Hines of Seymour experienced mechanical failure one and finished third once. He unloaded last night ready for bigger things. He started second in his heat and won it. He finished third in the dash which would put him inside of the second row to start the feature. On the sixth lap, Jeremy took the lead; and he held it until the checkered flags waved.

Chris Hillman turned in a great performance charging from his 11th place starting position to finish second. However, the hard charger honors had to go to Gary Trammel who drove to a third place starting position after starting nineteenth. Chris Deweese, Ben DuBois, Danny Harris, Terry Arthur, Anthony Walker, Jason Sims, and Kent Robinson.

Greg Amick, Steve Sutliff, Ben DuBoins, and Jeremy Hines won the Tire & Wheel Center Super Stock heat races while Sutliff took the dash. Randy Howe took the "B" Feature.



Qualifications: 1. Derek Scheffel, 53 (11.615), 2. Jon Sciscoe, 7 (11.641), 3. Kent Christian, 5 (11.752), 4. Brady Short, 36 (11.771), 5. Bobby Stines 88 (11.808), 6. Ty Deckard 11x (11.808), 7. Josh Cunningham 6s (11.828), 8. Jonathan Vennard 4M (12.829), 9. Mitch Cunningham 91 (11.974), 10. Kenny Carmichael 92 (11.995), 11. Kevin Briscoe 5 (12.004), 12. Tom Busch 4B (12.008), 13. Steve Rone 9R (12.069), 14. Kenny Carmichael, Jr. 92c (12.073), 15. Dave Peperak 77x (12.122), 16. Kevin Chambers 18 (12.135) 17. Bill Rose 6 (12.148), 18. Brent Beauchamp 11 (12.262), 19. Chris Gentry 26 (12.329), 20. Broc Burton 0 (12.354), 21. Hud Cone 51 (12.399), 22. Jason Knoke 77 (12.481), 23. Travis Thompson 7M (12.522) 24. Chris Babcock 35 (12.532), 25. Derek Franks 3x (12.622), 26. Jim Mills 45 (12.760), 27. Jared Fox 56 (12.808), 28. Rob Bobbs 33 (12.854), 29. Devin Priddy 2x (13.085), 30. Mark Hall 2HL (13.186), 31. Eric Smith 14 (13.503), 32. Jack Farmer (14.249)

Auto Heaven Auto Parts Heat 1: 1.(2) Bill Rose, 2.(1) Hud Cone, 3.(6) Derek Scheffel, 4.(3) Steve Rone, 5.(7) Derek Franks, 6.(5) Bobby Stines, 7.(4) Mitch Cunningham, 8.(8) Devin Priddy

Paul D. Baugh -- Attorney Heat 2: 1.(1) Jason Knoke, 2.(6) Jon Sciscoe, 3.(3) Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 4.{2) Brent Beauchamp, 5.(5) Ty Deckard, 6.(4) Kenny Carmichael, 7.(7) Jim Mills, 8.(DNS) Mark Hall

Walnut Street Auto Sales/Campus Rentals Heat 3: 1.(6) Kent Christian, 2.(4) Kevin Briscoe, 3.(3) Dave Peperak, 4.(7) Jared Fox, 5.(5) Josh Cunningham, 6.(1) Travis Thompson, 7.(2) Chris Gentry, 8.(8) Eric Smith

Heat 4: 1.(4) Tom Busch, 2.(6) Brady Short, 3.(3) Kevin Chambers, 4.(2) Broc Burton, 5.(1) Chris Babcock, 6.(7) Rob Botts, 7.(8) Jack Farmer, 8.(5) Jonathan Vennard

JB's Salvage "B" Feature: 1.(2) Bobby Stines, 2.(6) Kenny Carmichael, 3.(3) Josh Cunningham, 4.(5) Mitch Cunningham, 5.(8) Travis Thompson, 6.(7) Chris Gentry, 7.(9) ChrisBabcock, 8.(4) Jonathan Vennard, 9.(1) Ty Deckard, 10.(12) Rob Botts, 11.(13) Devin Priddy, 12.(16) Jack Farmer, 13.(10) Derek Franks

Root's R.V. Feature: 1.(9) 5 Kevin Briscoe, 2.(1) 6s Josh Cunningham, 3.(4) 1c Kent Christian, 4.(8) 92 Kenny Carmichael, 5.(3) 36 Brady Short, 6.(7) 91 Mitch Cunningham, 7.(11) 9R Steve Rone, 8.(6) 53 Derek Scheffel, 9.(10) 4B Tom Busch, 10.(13) 77x Dave Peperak, 11.(16) Brent Beauchamp, 12.(15) 6 Bill Rose, 13.(19) 77 Jason Knoke, 14.(12) 92c Kenny Carmichael, Jr., 15.(17) 0 Broc Burton, 16.(5) 7 Jon Sciscoe, 17.(20) 56 Jared Fox, 18.(18) 51 Hud Cone, 19.(14) 18 Kevin Chambers, 20.(2) 88 Bobby Stines


Sons of the American Legion Heat 1: 1.(2) J.D. Roberts, 2.(1) Matt Boknecht, 3.(10) Shelby Miles, 4.(5) Gary Barrow, 5.(3) Matt Bex, 6.(9) Ralph Groomer, 7.(8) Lee Hobbs, 8.(4) Ryan Lawrence, 9.(7) Glenn Thompson, 10.(6) Ron Fedor

Southside Storage Heat 2: 1.(5) Jesse Cramer, 2.(4) Ray Humphrey, 3.(1) Rodney Harris, Jr., 4.(7) Josh Eads, 5.(6) Rob Brickert, 6.(9) Chad Combs, 7.(2) Al Flick, 8.(8) Jerry Crane, 9.(DNS) Wendell Wisley

Buck -- n -- Dollar Store Heat 3: 1.(2) John DeMoss, 2.(1) Robert Woods, 3.(3) Jeff Bland, Jr., 4.(9) J.P. Hume, 5.(7) Adam Sasser,. 6.(4) Chris Streeval, 7.(5) Jerry Davis, 8.(6) Jason Sims, 9.(8) Matt Hamilton

Heat 4: 1.(6) Clint DeMoss, 2.(1) Greg Deckard, 3.(2) Brian Lake, 4.(5) Brad Brown, 5.(8) Josh Boller, 6.(4) Joe Gilbert, 7.(7) Kyle Woolard, 8.(3) Jack Taylor, 9.(9) Michael Sterrett

Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Jesse Cramer, 2.(1) J.D. Roberts, 3.(3) John DeMoss, 4.(4) Clint DeMoss

Bell's Exhaust "B" Feature #1: 1.(1) Matt Bex, 2.(5) Lee Hobbs, 3.(3) Ralph Groomer, 4.(2) Rob Brickert, 5.(6) Al Flick, 6.(7) Ryan Lawrence, 7.(4) Chad Combs, 8.(8) Jerry Crane, 9.(9) Glenn Thompson, 10.(10) Ron Fedor

Bell's Exhaust "B" Feature #2: 1.(1) Adam Sasser, 2.(8) Jack Taylor, 3.(6) Kyle Woolard, 4.(9) Matt Hamiltor, 5.(4) Joe Gilbert, 6.(5) Jerry Davis, 7.(3) Chris Streeval, 8.(2) Josh Boller, 9.(7) Jason Sims

Black Lumber/AMVETS Post 2000 Feature: 1.(9) 76 Shelby Miles, 2.(3) 78c Clint DeMoss, 3.(10) 12T Jesse Cramer, 4.(19) H0 Lee Hobbs, 5.(13) 14 Gary Barrow, 6.(18) 79 Adam Sasser 7.(2) John DeMoss, 8.(15) 5H J.P. Hume, 9.(10) 77 Brian Lake, 10.(14) 46 Josh Eads, 11.(6) 5 Greg Deckard, 12.(8) 9H Rodney Harris, Jr., 13.(20) 30T Jack Taylor, 14.(17) 31 Matt Bex, 15.(16) 73 Brad Brown, 16.(5) 22 Matt Boknecht, 17.(11) 0x Jeff Bland, Jr., 18.(1) 90 J.D. Roberts, 19.(4) 1H Ray Humphrey, 20.(7) 00 Robert Woods


Tree Expert Tree Service Heat 1: 1.(7) Greg Amick, 2.(4) Derek Groomer, 3.(6) Roy Bruce, Jr., 4.(2) Travis Todd, 5.(5) Anthony Walker, 6.(1) Bill Brown, 7.(3) Steve Bowlen, 8.(DNS) Buddy Frye

Traildust Heat 2: 1.(3) Steve Sutliff, 2.(2) Chris Deweese, 3.(5) Dan McCullough, 4.(7) Terry Arthur, 5.(6) Randy Howe, 6.(4) Mike Jones, 7.(8) Gary Trammell, 8.(1) David Lawson

Aver's Pizza Heat 3: 1.(3) Ben DuBois, 2.(4) Kevin Arthur, 3.(5) Chris Hillman, 4.(6) Tom Ault, 5.(2) Travis Howe, 6.(7) Josh Burton, 7.(8) Gerald Todd, 8.(1) Winston Howe

Heat 4: 1.(2) Jeremy Hines, 2.(4) Kent Robinson, 3.(3) Danny Harris, 4.(7) Troy Clark, 5.(1) Dan Anderson, 6.(5) Steve Hollars, 7.(6) Tony Arthur

Dash for Cash: 1.(2) Steve Sutliff, 2.(3) Ben DuBois, 3.(4) Jeremy Hines, 4.(1) Greg Amick

Raintree 500 Muffler B Feature: 1.(2) Randy Howe, 2.(1) Anthony Walker, 3.(10) Gary Trammell, 4.(11) Gerald Todd, 5.(4) Steve Hollars, 6.(9) Steve Bowlen, 7.(6) Mike Jones, 8.(8) Tony Arthur, 9.(12) Dan Anderson, 10.(3) Travis Howe, 11.(13) Buddy Frye

K & S Rolloff Super Stock Feature: 1.(3) 5H Jeremy Hines, 2.(11) 11 Chris Hillman, 3.(19) 34 Gary Trammell, 4.(6) 21 Chris Deweese, 5.(2) 55 Ben DuBois, 6.(12) 19 Danny Harris, 7.(14) 5 Terru Arthur, 8.(18) 56 Anthony Walker, 9.(15) 1 Jason Sims, 10.(8) 7R Kent Robinson, 11.(4) 27A Greg Amick, 12.(5) 48 Derek Groomer, 13.(13) T15 Travis Todd, 14.(17) 43 Randy Howe, 15.(7) 74 Kevin Arthure, 16.(10) 18M Dan McCullough, 17.(1) 14s Steve Sutliff, 18.(9) 63 Roy Bruce, Jr., 19.(20) 51T Gerald Todd, 20.(16) 13c Troy Clark


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