NST: Selinsgrove race report 2006-06-11

Mike Erdley Wins a Big One at Selinsgrove Speedway Pennsylvania Posse driver, Mike Erdley (Lisi) made the second win of his 410 racing career a big one tonight. Matched against the best of the National Sprint Tour and the PA Posse Erdley took ...

NST: Selinsgrove race report 2006-06-11

Mike Erdley Wins a Big One at Selinsgrove Speedway

Pennsylvania Posse driver, Mike Erdley (Lisi) made the second win of his 410 racing career a big one tonight. Matched against the best of the National Sprint Tour and the PA Posse Erdley took charge from the inside pole and despite a number of yellow flag restarts that gave his competition a chance to challenge him he was able to keep and stretch the lead throughout the A main feature Sunday night at Selinsgrove Speedway half-mile. "It is definitely the biggest night of my career. It is only our second win but we have been really good this year. We've had half dozen seconds and we've been close", commented Erdley after the biggest 410 win of his career.

The red flag came out on lap 17 when Shane Stewart (Rudeen) flipped in turn 2. With 13 laps left his crew didn't need to tell him who was behind him, "I could tell by the look on their faces that he (Kinser) was coming. The crew motioned to me on the back stretch that the lead was growing. But anytime you get Steve Kinser behind you; you just run as hard as you can right to the end. You start to back it off and that is when he gets ya."

The win proved to be very popular with the fans and other drivers as a huge crowd gathered around victory circle to hear the victory interview. Mike commented "I was happy with any victory let alone a race with all these guys." As fast dash winner gave him lane choice for the 30 lap feature. Mike chose the "inside because I got a pretty good jump in the dash."

Steve Kinser (Quaker State) starting from the 6th spot quickly moved up to the challenge outside pole sitter Danny Lasoski (Roth) who was holding down second. A yellow brought out by a hard Fred Rahmer crash in turn two of the sixth lap gave Kinser his chance and on the restart he blew by Lasoski on the outside in turns 1 and 2 to take over the second spot.

The Kinser pits were happy with their run. Kinser said about his second place finish, "Our car was great today compared to what it's been the last 3 or 4 nights. We've been changing everything and finally we just pulled down another car and it seemed to be a little bit better. I worked on that one for three nights and everything I changed on it made it feel like the same race car every time I hit the race track. We finally jerked down another car and started making changes and it started acting like it is supposed to. At least we have something to work with now."

Lance Dewease (HAMM) moved up from fourth to overcome Lasoski in turns 1 and 2 of the 18th lap to take over the third spot. A position he would hold for the remainder of the race. Dewease was happy with his run stating, "It was a pretty good race for us. We struggled all night long. We hurt a motor and had to change it. We got it changed for the dash but it was cold so it didn't run the first two laps. That might have cost me a row or two and the start in the feature which may have taken me out of the chance to win. The race car was still pretty good and we came up here and got a good solid third out of it. All in all I was pretty happy all night."

The fans could not help but see Tim Kaeding (Slick 50) moving through the field from his 17th starting position. From a disappointing qualifying run and a poor heat showing to a B feature win, the A transfer and finally a charge through the field of very fast competitors to finish a strong fourth.

Kaeding stated, "As bad as our week has been, that was a great ending to this week. We struggled all week long. We put a new car together today just to try something different. Went out there and had a little bit of motor problems qualifying and overcame that and got going again. Didn't make it out of the heats so we had to run the B, won the B and I found something in the B where the car was real comfortable rolling around there. I just did the same thing in the main event and prayed I didn't hit anybody because it is so hard to see out there because it was so dusty."

"We've been behind the 8 ball all week and hopefully this will be our turning point. Hopefully we'll go to Davenport and get another top 5 and just start finishing top 5's from here on out and not worrying about wins. They'll come when they come."

Lasoski would fade in coming laps to a fifth place finish. ."

Kaeding was followed in the B main by Mark Smith (Zemco), Ryan Bohlke (L. C. Service), T. J. Stutts (Trone Outdoor), Brian Paulus (Arnold) and Justin Collett (Collett & Sons Welding.

Dash 1 saw Erdley begin to make his mark on the evenings event by capturing the win and lane choice for the A. He was followed by Jason Sides (Wetherington), Keith Kauffman (Middlswarth Potato Chips), Dewease, and Jason Solwold (City Wide).

Dash 2 had Lasoski leading at the flag with Todd Hestor (Lyons Auto & Truck), Kinser, Fred Rahmer (J&S Fabrication), Todd Schaffer (Allebach), and Lucas Wolfe (Selma Shell).

The first heat ended with a strong showing by Wolfe taking the win followed by Shane Stewart (Rudeen), Jason Sides (Wetherington), Schaffer, and Solwold.

The second heat was won by Tim Shaffer (Casey's) followed by Blane Heimbach (Creasy Sons), Kinser, Hestor, and Erdley.

Heat three saw Jason Meyers (Elite Landscaping) take the win with Rahmer, Paul McMahan (Bass Pro Shops), Chad Layton (Apple Chevrolet) and Dewease in tow.

Fast time this evening was set by NST regular Jason Solwold with a 16.631. He was not overwhelmed by the accomplishment commenting "sometimes it happens."


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