Path Valley results 2005-06-17

Path Valley Wins to Brookens, Gordon and Myers Spring Run PA__ Local racers won everything Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park, led by defending champion Jimmy Brookens in 600 Sprints and Chad Myers in 270 Sprints, both from ...

Path Valley results 2005-06-17

Path Valley Wins to Brookens, Gordon and Myers

Spring Run PA__ Local racers won everything Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park, led by defending champion Jimmy Brookens in 600 Sprints and Chad Myers in 270 Sprints, both from Fayetteville.

Tony Daniels won his second feature in the big V-8 Hobby Stocks while Frankie Gordon of Ft. Loudon won in Mini Stocks and Lyle Barnes of Chambersburg got his first season win over a big field of Thunder Cars.

The Hobby Stocks will yield to the full size 305 Sprints and the Central PA Legends Cars in their normal two-week rotation next Friday night, June 24, for a six-feature event.

The 270 Sprints opened the night with close action as Mike Connors passed leader Cody Darrah on lap three and then Chad Myers took the lead on lap four. The race went green to checkers without a caution and Myers started lapping the rear of the field and protecting his lead on lap 12. Chad Myers, Sean McAndrew, Mike Connors, Tom Tice, and Ryan McAndrew were the front five finishers and Ryan McAndrew and Darrah won the heats.

For only the third time in the six years that Two Wheel Promotions has operated Path Valley, a race was stopped for time expired before all the laps were completed in the Thunder Car feature. Caution after caution slowed the race as cars banged and crashed and spun and flattened tires, keeping the tow truck constantly in motion. Finally, the race was checkered after lap ten with Lyle Barnes and his #64 out in front of the mini demo derby. Barnes for his first win of the season had started on the pole thanks to a six-car inversion pill. Heat winners were Ken Lawrence Jr. and Melvin Bigler. Barnes, Joe Hawbaker, Terry Smith, Wes Scofield and Jeremy Ott were the front five finishers.

Cody Darrah, who won heats in both 270 and 600 Sprints, raced away for the first five laps in 600 Sprints, and then after a caution and restart, lost a bit of power on lap six as Nick Schlauch and Mark Strickler took over first and second places. Jimmy Brookens took over second place in lap eight and got the chance for his trademark inside passing for the lead on lap 11 after the #14 of Scott Glover produced the night's only bent wing with a flop over in turn one. A caution the first time produced two restarts of lap 11 and Brookens took the lead from Nick Schlauch both times.

The second half of the race, once started, went non-stop and Brookens was leading by a turn after 15 laps and began lapping the rear of the full field on lap 17. Asked in victory lane about his absence most weeks, the repeat champion and popular paraplegic said, "The competition gets faster and faster every year. My crew and Dad told me not to worry about the new Stallard and just get out there and race." Brookens, Schlauch, Mark Strickler, Jake Murphy and Ben Murphy were the front five. Richie Fitz won the consi, and Lyle Stroman, Mark Strickler and Cody Darrah won the heats.

The V-8 Hobby Stock feature looked like a run away for newcomer Josh Berrier until his hood flew off. Craig Imes led until lap seven and then Daniels took over working from fifth to the lead on the outside groove and went to the checkered flag for his second win. Daniels, Imes, Joe DeArmitt, Dave Dunkle and Jeff Bennett were the front five and Dunkle won the single heat race.

"I couldn't even be here and race without my family and sponsors," Frankie Gordon said after a tour-de-force win leading Kevin Thomas start to finish in the mini stocks. By lap five he was a turn ahead of the field and lapping the rearmost cars by lap eight, before some mid-race cautions regrouped them. Gordon, Thomas, Gary Dehart, Ronnie Garlock and Steve McCartney, all winners this season, finished first through fifth. Tim Burkholder who won the week before and had to start 12, and Kevin Thomas won the heats.


600 Sprints -- Jimmy Brookens (started 3), Nick Schlauch, Mark Strickler, Jake Murphy, Ben Murphy, Lyle Stroman, Jim Young, Cody Darrah, Jordon Frontz, J.C. Walling, Jamie Umlauf, Rod Schell, Zach Daum, Richie Fitz, Cody Parker, Chris Crull, Dan Kanagy, Tim Brown, Scott Spahr, Nick Saner, Justin Frontz, Rodney Glass, Scott Glover, Matt Horst. Heats to Stroman, Strickler, Darrah. Consi to Richie Fitz.

270 Sprints -- Chad Myers (started 3), Sean McAndrew, Mike Connors, Tom Tice, Ryan McAndrew, Matt Horst, Danny Holtgraver, Cody Darrah, Craig Myers, Aaron Spahr, Bryan Hart, Lindsay Enscoe, Dave Thrush, Eric Spahr. Heats to Ryan McAndrew, Darrah.

Mini Stocks -- Frankie Gordon (2), Kevin Thomas, Gary Dehart, Ronnie Garlock, Steve McCartney, Kyle Wiser, Ed Kirby, Randy Wible, Tim Burkholder, Tim Bumbaugh, Scott Gordan, Troy Eckenrode, Mike Hawbaker, Ralph Morgan, DQ Dave Bivens, DNS Ed Halter. Heats to Burkholder, Thomas.

V-8 Hobby Stocks -- Tony Daniels (5), Craig Imes, Joe DeArmitt, Dave Dunkle, Jeff Bennett, Dustin Sponsler, Josh Berrier, DNS Bobby Johnson. Heat to Dunkle.

Thunder Cars -- Lyle Barnes (1), Joe Hawbaker, Terry Smith, Wes Scofield, Jeremy Ott, John Rasp, Tony Weller, Melvin Bigler, Jeff Christy, Rocky Payne, Joe Walker, Greg Fuller Jr., Anthony Varner, Bob Starr, Charles Stallman, Eddie Machel, Jason Jumper DQ Ken Lawrence Jr. Heats to Lawrence, Bigler.


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