Skagit Speedway results 2004-06-26

(Alger, WA) The threat of a rainy evening was wiped out by a strong northwest summer sun. A great crowd turned out to enjoy a balmy summer evening at Skagit Speedway. Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Ready Mix welcomed about 60 racers tonight. The ...

Skagit Speedway results 2004-06-26

(Alger, WA) The threat of a rainy evening was wiped out by a strong northwest summer sun. A great crowd turned out to enjoy a balmy summer evening at Skagit Speedway. Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Ready Mix welcomed about 60 racers tonight. The action was fast on a track that was sticky in early evening but smoothed out to three good racing grooves. The dice was thrown after opening ceremonies resulting in a sixth place invert. 410 Fast Time was claimed by Travis Rutz with 11.347. Brandon Harkness earned 360 Fast Time with 12.006.

The first feature of the evening was the 360 with Travis Jacobson taking the checkered after overtaking leader Rod Perkins and lapped car Tony Menard in lap 20. Andy Jacobson and Jay Smith were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 360 feature.

Sportsman Sprinters showed their stuff in a terrific race. Andrea Smith led the race through lap 18 when a red was thrown for Kelsey Carpenter. Her loose nose wing was removed during the red which changed the aerodynamics enough to let Steve Parker get around her for the win. Jimmy Dietz took third.

In a strong 410 race, Travis Rutz took the win from his third row start, overtaking Chad Hillier and John Tharp who started in row one. Finishing in the top three were Travis Rutz, Aaron Fell and Chad Hillier.

Budweiser 360 A Main: Andy Jacobson pulled a wheelie and was taken over by Rod Perkins by turn one. Travis Jacobson started to pull up on his brother to challenge for second. At a restart after a lap 1 yellow, the field stretched out some with Perkins keeping the lead. This was a brothers race with both Kirkpatricks participating as well as the Jacobsons. After a second restart, there was a multiple crash between turns 1 and 2 involving Pierson and Menard up near the fence, Huggins on his wing with a fire, Kentch, Munn and Brian Kirkpatrick, to bring out an open red. The restart following the melee had Perkins in the lead with Travis challenging Andy for second. Travis slowed in the fluffy stuff but continued his challenge. In lap 9, Perkins overtook Menard to pull into lapped traffic. Harkeness and Smith were challenging for each other for 4th when Brandon Harkness went into the front stretch fence for a yellow. Ashe had pulled to the apron to go to the pits. The field tightened up for the restart as Perkins cannoned ahead for the lead. Travis was going high to get around Andy as Smith and Sandquist continued their battle. Smith pulled up to join the Jacobsons in a three car fracas. Perkins was again reeling in Menard. Travis Jacobson got around Perkins, Andy and Menard in lap 20 as they went 3 abreast into turn 3. Travis Jacobson finished with a strong lead over Andy Jacobson and Jay Smith. Rod Perkins finished 4th with a bent nose wing with Greg Sandquist filling out the top five. Brian Ash moved up 10 spots in the event to claim the hard charger award.

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprint A Main: Andrea Smith was early leader ahead of Brad Sweeney. Danny Bullock was moving his way up through traffic he spun out of turn two collecting Chuck Ashe and Otto Jorgenson, in a log yellow because they were "tangled up like pretzels" (according to one of the officials). Andrea Smith kept her lead with Brad Sweeney and Steve James dueling for second. Yellow was thrown for Lyle Woods who was black flagged then stopped on the apron. Sweeney took advantage of the yellow to go to the pits for a little work on the rear end. Andrea Smith kept her lead with a loose front nose wing. The field was flying single file behind the leader by lap eight. Bullock pulled past Barnett to start a move towards the front. Smith moved into lapped traffic with James moving behind her as she slowed. Parker got around James to pull into second also in lapped traffic. The red flag flew when Kelsey Carpenter tumbled down the front straight in lap 13. Smith restarted minus a nose wing. Parker whipped past her with Dietz in a strong third. Steve Parker took the win with Andrea Smith in a strong second, Jimmy Dietz, Steve James and Jay Barnes for the top five.

FOLEY RV 410 A-Main: Chad Hillier and John Tharp led the pack across the starting line with Hillier charging ahead for the early lead. Tharp got into the loose stuff above turns 1 and 2, seemed to regain control but took a hard ride and collected Rick Fauver into a catastrophic crash. With one lap down Points Leader Chad Hillier took off on the point of the single file restart. Rutz was giving him a run for his money with Whitney and Fell close behind. The challenge continued until Rutz got around him in lap seven. Rutz got around Fellers to move into lapped traffic, Hillier on his tail. Fell, in third, reeling in Hillier, overtaking him in lap 12. As Rutz was slowed by lapped car Lemely, Fell continued to gain momentum until the field was slowed for a yellow when Dunham and Lutar got together at the flag stand, Rutz and Fell barely avoiding collision. Rutz and Fell restarted like a pair of snarling bulldogs. The last five laps were flag to flag with Travis Rutz taking the checkered with a strong lead followed by Aaron Fell, Chad Hillier, Jesse Whitney and Alan Munn to finish in the top five.

410: 8 Travis Rutz - 11.347
360: 29H Brandon Harkness - 12.006


A MAIN: 8 Travis Rutz, 15 Aaron Fell, 3 Chad Hillier, 88 Jesse Whitney, 42 Alan Munn, 0 Steve Kilcup, 75 Roy Blumenhagen, 10 Brock Lemley, 41b Brad Pritchard, 76 Josh Edson, 73 Brady Dart, 77 Kirk Fellers, 4x Toni Lutar, 11d Mike Dunham, 69 John Tharp, 5sp Rick Fauver, 44 Shane Smith

HEAT 1: 75 Roy Blumenhagen, 69 John Tharp, 4x Toni Lutar, 0 Steve Kilcup, 88 Jesse Whitney, 76 Josh Edson, 8 Travis Rutz, 10 Brock Lemley HEAT 2: 11d Mike Dunham, 3 Chad Hillier, 5sp Rick Fauver, 41b Brad Pritchard, 15 Aaron Fell, 73 Brady Dart, 42 Alan Munn, 44 Shane Smith


A MAIN: 22 Travis Jacobson, 59 Andy Jacobson, 3 Jay Smith, 69p Rod Perkins, 19 Greg Sandquist, 2k Kevin Kirkpatrick, 8 Brian Ash, 42 Alan Munn, 5 Josh Dewitt, 24 Nick Evans, 3p Dan Pierson, 12 Tony Menard 29h Brandon Harkness, 5x Bud Ash, 5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 40 Greg Kentch, 17h John Huggins, 56 John Youngquist

B MAIN: 5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 19 Greg Sandquist, 5x Bud Ash, 69e Nick Engberg, 7k Dan Kirkpatrick, 99e Tim Levin

HEAT 1: 5 Josh Dewit, 3p Dan Pierson, 69p Rod Perkins, 17h John Huggins, 29h Brandon Harkness, 5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 7k Dan Kirkpatrick, 27 Alex Covert

HEAT 2: 42 Alan Munn, 59 Andy Jacobson, 2k Kevin Kirkpatrick, 8 Brian Ash, 3 Jay Smith, 19 Greg Sandquist, 99e Alex Hantell, 69e Nick Engberg

HEAT 3: 24 Nick Evans, 22 Travis Jacobson, 12 Tony Mennard, 56 John Youngquist, 40 Greg Kentch, 5x Bud Ash


A MAIN: 44 Steve Parker, 15s Andrea Smith, 1 Jim Dietz, 29 Steve James, 17b Kelly Barnett, 31 Danny Bullock, 65 Brad Sweeney, 4k Karl Fransson, 14 Kelleigh Johnson, 13 Glen Reinstra, 33j Dan Alseth, 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 3v Dave Mead, 5x Chuck Ashe, 15 Lyle Woods, 8x Otto Jorgenson

HEAT 1: 44 Steve Parker, 31 Danny Bullock, 29 Steve James, 1 Jim Deitz, 4k Karl Fransson, 17b Kelly Barnett, 65 Brad Sweeney, 45 Chuck Hornbeck, 3v Dave Mead,

HEAT 2: 5x Chuck Ashe, 15 Lyle Woods, 8x Otto Jorgenson, 79k Kelsey Carpenter, 21 Chris Pattenaude, 13 Glen Reinstra, 33j Dan Alseth, 14 Kelleigh Johnson, 47r Greg Kentch, 15s Andrea Smith


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