Williams Grove Super Sportsman 94-04-14

April 14, 1995, Mechanicsburg, PA Williams Grove Speedway Report Once again this is Roaming Russ's Racing Report with the results from Williams Grove, PA for the sixth consecutive week. This report deals with the NAPA Super Sportsman Tour. It ...

Williams Grove Super Sportsman 94-04-14

April 14, 1995, Mechanicsburg, PA Williams Grove Speedway Report

Once again this is Roaming Russ's Racing Report with the results from Williams Grove, PA for the sixth consecutive week. This report deals with the NAPA Super Sportsman Tour. It was their third race of the season and their first visit to the Grove this year. On Saturday they raced at Silver Springs and on Sunday they raced at Susquehana Speedway with the 410 Sprint cars in a special show. Taking to the track for the Super Sportsman I counted forty one (41) cars. It was in the mid forties with a brisk wind as the racing began on the track.

I apologize for not having as much information as I normally do but this was the first time I have seen this series this year and although the information in the program was good it was not complete. Also I took a little break here and there and thus do not have commentary for some of the races.

NAPA Super Sportsman Tour Points Standing for Positions 1 - 10 prior to the race were as follows: 1.) 93 Danny Hager 600 2.) 7T Jeremy Trout 480 3.) 3 Dave Calaman 360 4.) 1H Bob Fannasy 340 5.) 10 Don Beaver Jr. 300 6.) 4 John Stoner 295 7.) 50B Jim Shuttlesworth 220 8.) 55 Mark Zimmerman 210 9.) 82 Bill Heckert 180 10.) 77 Russ Mitten Jr. 175

Heat races were 8 laps with four to qualify. Drivers were handicapped for the heats according to the point standings and were then also handicapped into the main by point standing.

Heat One Line Up 1.) 101 Harold Wike 2.) 99 Scott Grace 3.) 8 Rich Eichelberger 4.) 5T Mike Irwin 5.) 66 Leroy Martin 6.) 77 Russ Mittens Jr. 7.) 4 John Stoner 8.) 7T Jeremy Trout 9.) 25C Pat Canon 10.) 80R Brett Romano 11.) 53K Speck From the green flag the 7T of Jeremy Strout was on the move. Caution waved on lap 6 as the 25C of Pat Canon and the 80R of Bertt Romano get together in turn one. As lap seven is completed the 53K of Speck smokes badly and comes to a halt in turn one. As the checkered was ready to be displayed and the cars exited turn four and came down the front stretch the leader 7T of Jeremy Trout lost power and coasted across the line but he lost three positions.

Heat One Qualifiers 1.) 8 Rich Eichelberger 2.) 99 Scott Grace 3.) 66 Leroy Martin 4.) 7T Jeremy Trout

Heat Two Line Up 1.) 42 JR Frye 2.) 23 John Stehman 3.) 55X Tom Haxall 4.) 5B Dave Berkheimer 5.) 1A Terry Leininger 6.) 73 Frankie Herr 7.) 82 Bill Heckert 8.) 10 Don Beaver Jr. 9.) 93 Danny Hager 10.) 1ST Steve Surniak The 1ST of Steve Surniak did not take the green flag. He was experiencing mechanical problems and was pushed off the track to the pits. On the start there is a crash as they enter turn four involving the 1A of Terry Leininger, the 82 of Bill Heckert and the 55X of Tom Haxall. The officials did not like the way the front row started. On the restart the yellow again flew due to a bag start from the front row. To solve the problem rows 1 and 2 were inverted. On the green there finally was a clean start. On lap four the leader the 73 of Frankie Herr comes to a stop on the front stretch.

Heat Two Qualifiers 1.) 10 Don Beaver Jr. 2.) 5B Dave Berkheimer 3.) 1A Terry Leininger 4.) 93 Danny Hager

Heat Three Line Up 1.) 6 Daryl Sheaffer 2.) 9K Glenn Keller 3.) 16 Paul Troutman 4.) 1C Bill Crawford 5.) 25 Strausser 6.) 32 George Riden 7.) 59 Jake Raudabaugh 8.) 12 Ken Carberry 9.) 55 Mark Zimmerman 10.) 1H Bob Fannasy The yellow waved on lap six for debris in turn four. As the cars exited turn four to take the checkered flag the leader was the 6 of Daryl Sheaffer but he began to smoke and slowed dramatically and failed to cross the line in a qualifying position. He laid down a good amount of fluid on the track. The shovel crew came out and then heat four worked it into the surface prior to taking the green flag for their heat.

Heat Three Qualifiers 1.) 1C Bill Crawford 2.) 59 Jake Raudabaugh 3.) 1H Bob Fannasy 4.) 12 Ken Carberry

Heat Four Line Up 1.) 36 John Murphy 2.) 14 Chris Reed 3.) 11B Bill Brenner 4.) 1 Tim Wike 5.) 19 Joe Reneker 6.) 22 Dwight Leib 7.) 53 Shawn Keen 8.) 50B Jim Shuttlesworth 9.) 3 Dave Calman 10.) 42W Wenerch The 1 of Tim Wike flipped over the guardrail in turn one and landed outside of the track. Reports from the scene indicated he was not seriously injured. The race was red flagged for awhile.

Heat Four Qualifiers 1.) 22 Dwight Leib 2.) 3 Dave Calman 3.) 36 John Murphy 4.) 53 Shawn Keen

Consi One Line Up 1.) 5T Mike Irwin 2.) 42 JR Frye 3.) 77 Russ Mittens Jr. 4.) 23 John Stehman 5.) 4 John Stoner 6.) 55X Tom Haxall 7.) 101 Harold Wike 8.) 73 Frankie Herr 9.) 80R Brett Romano 10.) 82 Bill Heckett 11.) 53K Speck 12.) 1ST Steve Surniak 13.) 25C Pat Canon The 1ST took to the track after being pushed off for mechanical problems prior to its heat race. Unfortunately it came to a stop on the front stretch and was once again pushed of the track to their pit. Prior to the completion of lap one three cars got together between turns three and four. It appeared that the 4 of John Stoner got sideways and collected the 23 of John Stehman with the 101 of Harold Wike finally getting involved. After the yellow only eight cars were on the track for the restart. With four to go the race leader #42 of JR Frye starts to smoke and it gets worse each lap. Somehow he hangs in there and wins the first consi.

Consi One Qualifiers 1.) 42 JR Frye 2.) 73 Frankie Herr 3.) 5T Mike Irwin 4.) 55X Tom Haxall

Consi Two Line Up 1.) 32 George Riden 2.) 19 Joe Reneker 3.) 55Z Mark Zimmerman 4.) 50B Jim Shuttlesworth 5.) 9K Glenn Keller 6.) 11B Bill Brenner 7.) 25 Strausser 8.) 14 Chris Reed 9.) 16 Paul Troutman 10.) 1 Tim Wike 11.) 6 Daryl Sheaffer 12.) 42 Wenerch

Consi Two Qualifiers 1.) 19 Joe Reneker 2.) 32 George Riden 3.) 55Z Mark Zimmerman 4.) 50B Jim Shuttlesworth

20 Lap Super Sportsman Feature 1.) 36 John Murphy 2.) 1C Bill Crawford 3.) 99 Scott Grace 4.) 8 Rich Eichelberger 5.) 5B Dave Berkheimer 6.) 1A Terry Leininger 7.) 59 Jake Raudabaugh 8.) 22 Dwight Leib 9.) 66 Leroy Martin 10.) 12 Ken Carberry 11.) 53 Shawn Keen 12.) 10 Don Beaver Jr. 13.) 1H Bob Fannasy 14.) 3 Dave Calman 15.) 7T Jeremy Trout 16.) 93 Danny Hager 17.) 42 JR Frye 18.) 19 Joe Reneker 19.) 73 Frankie Herr 20.) 32 George Riden 21.) 5T Mike Irwin 22.) 55Z Mark Zimmerman 23.) 55X Tom Haxall 24.) 50B Jim Shuttlesworth The 1C of Bill Crawford scratched from the event and the 77 of Russ Mittens Jr. now starts shot gun on the field. On lap two the 7T of Jeremy Trout spun in turn three and came to rest sideways on the track. He restarts the car and goes to the pits to have a tire changed. On lap sixteen the 1H of Bob Fannasy spins exiting turn four and ends up on the front stretch across the track. It appeared that Fannasy felt that the 93 of Danny Hager had some help in his spin by the hand gestures he made as the 93 went by his disabled 1H. With three to go the 3 of Dave Calman is on the move as he passed the 59 of then second place Jake Raudabaugh and then with two to go takes the lead.

Top Six Feature Finishers 1.) 3 Dave Calman 2.) 36 John Murphy 3.) 10 Don Beaver Jr. 4.) 59 Jake Raudabaugh 5.) 22 Dwight Leib 6.) 93 Danny Hager

Until next week this is Roaming Russ's Racing Reports wishing you a safe and enjoyable week.

-- -Russ Gould-


-- -Russ Gould-


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