Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Gomes and Fraga share ‘in-house’ victories for Voxx Racing in Campo Grande

Push-to-pass saving was key in the strategy of the frontrunners at round nine

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Gomes and Fraga share ‘in-house’ victories for Voxx Racing in Campo Grande
Rubens Barrichello
Valdeno Brito and Ricardo Zonta
Rubens Barrichello with the fastest lap of the weekend
Ricardo Zonta
Rubens Barrichello, Full Time Chevrolet
Rubens Barrichello
Ricardo Zonta
Max Wilson, #65 Eurofarma RC Chevrolet
Max Wilson, Eurofarma RC Chevrolet
Polesitter Max Wilson
Ricardo Maurício
Júlio Campos
Daniel Serra
Start: Daniel Serra leads
Daniel Serra
Allam Khodair
#18 Full Time Sports Chevrolet: Allam Khodair, Antonio Felix da Costa
Cacá Bueno
Marcos Gomes
Marcos Gomes celebrates pole next to his father, Paulo Gomes
Polesitter Marcos Gomes
Felipe Fraga
Max Wilson
Felipe Fraga
#90 Eurofarma RC Chevrolet: Ricardo Maurício, Nestor Girolami
Caca Bueno

Voxx Racing Team dominated the top of the podium at Campo Grande in round nine of Brazilian V8 Stock Car Championship. Both races were held at the 3.433-km racetrack this Sunday - and with dry track and blue skies. Championship leader Marcos Gomes won the first one and his teammate Felipe Fraga took his third career win in the second heat.

Starting from pole in Race One, Gomes was followed by Allam Khodair and the last spot of the podium was decided only on the final lap. Daniel Serra made a mistake and lost the position to Thiago Camilo - who drove the whole race without the power steering system and had to be helped by his mechanics to get out of the car. Even exhausted, he jumped in the car to start race two.

Cacá Bueno finished tenth and got to start from pole on Race Two. He managed to keep himself in front of the field until the middle of the race, when Felipe Fraga, who started fifth, got in the way and overtook the five-time Stock Car champion.

Basically the strategy was to save the use of the push-to-pass button. As Bueno had to use more than he had planned on Race One, he was left with none at the final lap, when Fraga made a mistake and Bueno retook the lead. But his joy ended right at the opposite straight, where Fraga used his last shot to regain first position. Ricardo Maurício finished third.

Curitiba hosts round ten of Brazilian V8 Stock Car Championship on October 18th. Marcos Gomes leads the standings with 209 points, 34 ahead of Cacá Bueno. Daniel Serra continues third with 156 and reigning champion Rubens Barrichello went up to fourth with 142.

What the winners said

Marcos Gomes #80, Race One winner: "We managed to score some more good points for the championship. We have a great car and it was a nice victory. I am really happy with our performance this weekend, but I cannot relax because the other guys are strong".

Felipe Fraga #88, Race Two winner: "The team gave me a perfect car. I made a mistake in the final lap that almost cost me the win. Fortunately I had my last push-to-pass and managed to regain the lead. This has been a tough year for me. Our results weren’t what we expected, then we had that accident in Curitiba… Even my debut season was better than this until now. But I am driving for Brazilian V8 Stock Car best team and all I have to do is to thank the whole team for not giving up on me".

Race One results

Position Driver
1 Marcos Gomes
2 Allam Khodair
3 Thiago Camilo
4 Ricardo Mauricio
5 Rubens Barrichello
6 Felipe Fraga
7 Daniel Serra
8 Max Wilson
9 Julio Campos
10 Cacá Bueno
11 Ricardo Zonta
12 Valdeno Brito
13 Sergio Jimenez
14 Átila Abreu
15 Felipe Lapenna
16 Antonio Pizzonia
17 Rafael Suzuki
18 Gabriel Casagrande
19 Diego Nunes
20 Luciano Burti
21 Vitor Genz
22 Raphael Abbate
23 Gustavo Lima
24 Popó Bueno
25 Fabio Fogaça
26 Galid Osman
27 Cesar Ramos
28 Lucas Foresti
29 Raphael Matos
30 Denis Navarro
31 Tuka Rocha
32 Bia Figueiredo

Race Two

Position Driver
1 Felipe Fraga
2 Cacá Bueno
3 Ricardo Mauricio
4 Rubens Barrichello
5 Max Wilson
6 Daniel Serra
7 Allam Khodair
8 Sergio Jimenez
9 Valdeno Brito
10 Luciano Burti
11 Ricardo Zonta
12 Marcos Gomes
13 Átila Abreu
14 Gabriel Casagrande
15 Raphael Abbate
16 Vitor Genz
17 Thiago Camilo
18 Rafael Suzuki
19 Gustavo Lima
20 Julio Campos
21 Galid Osman
22 Popó Bueno
23 Felipe Lapenna
24 Cesar Ramos
25 Tuka Rocha
26 Antonio Pizzonia
27 Diego Nunes
28 Fabio Fogaça
29 Lucas Foresti
30 Raphael Matos
31 Denis Navarro
32 Bia Figueiredo


Position Driver Points
1 Marcos Gomes 209
2 Cacá Bueno 175
3 Daniel Serra 156
4 Rubens Barrichello 142
5 Allam Khodair 140
6 Thiago Camilo 138
7 Max Wilson 136
8 Júlio Campos 133
9 Ricardo Maurício 128
10 Valdeno Brito 120
11 Sérgio Jimenez 93
12 Felipe Fraga 93


Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Marcos Gomes on pole by 0.017 seconds

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