Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-08-02

A star is born as third generation racer Mark Tunny takes the Red Line Graphics Late Model 50-Lap Figure-8 feature. Threatening weather failed to keep the racers and the fans away from an exciting night of racing at America's busiest little race ...

Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-08-02

A star is born as third generation racer Mark Tunny takes the Red Line Graphics Late Model 50-Lap Figure-8 feature. Threatening weather failed to keep the racers and the fans away from an exciting night of racing at America's busiest little race track.

Mark Tunny had dreamed of his first big win at the Indianapolis Speedrome since he could remember. Watching his father, Bruce, and uncle Bill run every summer in the super-fast Late Model division left the teen-ager champing at the bit for his big chance. Tunny's big chance came Saturday when he took the lead of the 50-Lap Red Line Graphics Late Model 50-Lap Figure-8 on lap 5 and held off past champion Bobby Douthitt for 45 laps of tight traffic, left and right turns and the ever-dangerous cross-over. A tearful, crowded celebration greeted Mark after the race. Douthitt came home second followed by veteran George Sutton, Curtis McMurtrey, and Bruce Tunny.

For the second night in a row Ben Tunny looked to be on his way to his first career win in the Late Model 25-Lap oval feature. Ben took the lead on the second lap and held off veteran Rich Fenwick until Lap 14 when he tried to lap a back marker and ran out of room. Fenwick went on to win with Mark Tunny second, then Doug Greig, Bill Tunny Jr. and points leader R.J. Norton Jr. George Sutton was fastest in the time trials with Curtis Mcmurtrey topping the Hutcison Signs Trophy Dash. Heat wins went to Bill Tunny Jr., Jeff Hizer and Christopher Green.

Kerry Wright swept the weekend features for the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks adding Saturday night's 25-Lap Oval main to Friday's win and padding his points lead in the division. Jimmy Kirby tried to chase him down but settled for second followed by Ricky Amos, Brian Luttrell and rookie Eddie Rogers. Greg Snow was fastest in qualifying with rookies Ed Brickley and Dusty Hunt snagging the heat wins.

Todd Amos rolled his #25 Sunshine Cafe Roadrunner in to Victory Lane for the car's second feature win in two nights. Amos' pilot from Friday, John Collins, came home second in the 20-lapper chasedby Ricky Martin, Shawn Chapman and Danny French. Heat wins went Jacob Miller, Amos and Chapman.

Danny Carson topped the 20-Lap "A" main for the Speedrome Hornet division with Rob Hunt and Friday's winner Claude Hopper meeting him on the podium. Points leader Michael George finished sixth after tangling in traffic late in the race. The back-up 10-lap "B" Main went to Mike Smith Jr. over Tim L. Smith and Tony Roberts. Heat races were taken by George, Matt Smith, Billy Garrigus and Carson.

The green flag flies again Thursday evening as the NAMARS Midgets and . Kenyon Cars hit the asphalt for a pair of 50-lap features for the . open-wheel crowd. Friday sees the return of the All-Phase Landscaping . SuperModifieds and the battle between the Hargraves brothers and Billy . George. Kerry Wright leads the Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stocks for. oval and Figure-8 action Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners, Bomber Figure-8's . and Speedrome Hornets join in the fun. Saturday night sees the Red Line. Graphics Late Models in a full oval action plus a 50-Lap figure-8. R.J.. Norton, Jr. continues to lead the division but the late season pressure. is getting hot and heavy. Outlaw Stocks, Roadrunners and Hornets enjoy . full cards of racing action as well. The Pepsi Kids Bicycle Race Series. draws to a close with a run for the kids aged 14&15 years-old. All . three nights the gates open at 5PM, Time Trials start at 6PM and the . first race rolls at 7PM .


FAST QUALIFIER - George Sutton 13.668
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Bill Tunny Jr., Jeff Hizer, Christopher Green
1. Richard Fenwick
2. Mark Tunny
3. Doug Greig
4. Bill Tunny Jr.
5. R.J. Norton Jr.
6. Casey White
7. Curtis McMurtrey
8. Bruce Tunny
9. Rodney Sizemore
10. George Sutton
11. David Reel
12. Bob Foster Sr.
13. Ben Tunny
14. Steve Durham
15. Donnie Garrigus III
16. Bobby Whitaker
17. Jeff Hizer
18. Christopher Green

1. Mark Tunny
2. Bobby Douthitt
3. George Sutton
4. Curtis McMurtrey
5. Bruce Tunny
6. Rodney Sizemore
7. Rich Fenwick
8. Donnie Garrigus III
9. Jeff Hizer
10. R.J. Norton Jr.
11. Kevin Ford
12. Casey White
13. Bob Foster Sr.
14. Ben Tunny
15. Christopher Green
16. Bill Tunny Jr.
17. Bobby Whitaker

FAST QUALIFIER - Greg Snow 14.296
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Ed Brickley, Dusty Hunt
1. Kerry Wright
2. Jimmy Kirby
3. Ricky Amos
4. Brian Luttrell
5. Eddie Rogers
6. Johnny Hynes
7. Dusty Hunt
8. Ed Brickley
9. Greg Snow
10. Al Fullenkamp
11. Chris Stewart
12. Corey Turner
13. Bill Beasley
14. Ricky Schaeffer III
15. Danny French

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jacob Miller, Todd Amos, Shawn Chapman
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Todd Amos
2. John Collins
3. Ricky Martin
4. Shawn Chapman
5. Danny French
6. Jeff Kowell
7. Randy Hutchinson
8. Bill McLain
9. Ben Gorski
10. James Marsh
11. Kenny Smith
12. Jacob Miller
13. Mike Woodsworth
14. Mike Light
15. Bradley Brooks
16. George Fieldman
17. David Lee Byrd
18. Alex Gerrard
19. Aaron Couture
20. Robert Buskirk
21. Jeffrey Smith
22. Scott Tabor
23. Donnie Geary
24. Bob Wallen

HEAT RACE WINNERS - Michael George, Matt Smith, Billy Garrigus, Danny Carson
20-LAP "A" MAIN -
1. Danny Carson
2. Rob Hurt
3. Claude Hopper
4. Earl Bryant
5. R.J. Norton III
6. Michael George
7. Larry Hahn
8. Aaron Couture
9. Billy Garrigus
10. Jon Krolewicz
11. Anna Wessel
12. Mike Smith Sr.
13. Larry Patrick
14. Mark Smith
15. John Davenport

10-LAP "B" MAIN -
1. Mike Smith Jr.
2. Tim L. Smith
3. Tony Roberts
4. Rob Brookshire
5. Jeff Thomas
6. Bobby Carson
7. Jay Chapman
8. Michael Gross
9. Tim McDougalle
10. Allen Davey
11. Kevin McDougalle
12. Carlos Schilling
13. David Lee Byrd
14. Carl Schilling
15. Teresa Hayden
16. Darrell Keith

1. Bobby Rogers
2. Chad Nash
3. Tyler Brown
4. Derrick Taylor
5. Mark Mathews

1. Katie Tunny
2. Stephanie Runyon
3. Vanessa Murphy
4. Michelle Hopper
5. Vanessa Stiles


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