Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-09-05

A packed pit and crowded stands greeted racers from throughout the United States as the Indianapolis Speedrome prepared for the 27th Annual World Championship Figure-8 Three Hour Endurance Race. A busy evening that included the world's best Figure-8 ...

Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-09-05

A packed pit and crowded stands greeted racers from throughout the United States as the Indianapolis Speedrome prepared for the 27th Annual World Championship Figure-8 Three Hour Endurance Race. A busy evening that included the world's best Figure-8 cars and racers plus the home-grown heroes of the SuperModifieds, Roadrunners and Hornets made for a full night of action.

One of the most competitive fields ever assembled in the history of the World Championship rolled out for a full day of practice and hard racing. Four qualifying races locked in twenty drivers for tomorrow's championship. The remaining racers have the chance to qualify for the starting field in tomorrow's time trials.

Bill Tunny, Jr., took charge early in the first twenty-five lapper but the real story was still in the parking lot as the cars took to the track. Danny Turner and crew had been thrashing on their car all day trying to get the #87 ready for the race. A last minute steering failure as they first tried to load the machine frustrated and delayed the team who got to the track as the National Anthem was playing. Turner suited up and the car was unloaded in the parking lot and made it to the gate just in time. Tunny won with R.J. Norton, Jr., hot on his tail. Turner, in an untested racer, finished third just ahead of Bobby Douthitt and Chris Green.

Rodney Sizemore claimed the second run that saw Bruce Tunny second, George Sutton third and Steve Durham and Mark Tunny rounding out the top five. Young Ben Tunny just missed the final transfer spot in a four-car battle for fifth.

Jeff Hizer has waited for that first Figure-8 win for 20 years and finally claimed victory in the third qualifying race. Defending World Champion Curtis McMurtrey, Donnie Garrigus III, Mark Murello and Casey White claimed the lock-in spots to the 3-Hour.

The fourth and final qualifying race was without a doubt the toughest as Jeremy Miller of Carlton, MI claimed the win over fellow Michigander Greg Studt. The second generation 3-Hour racers were chased by Danny Smith of Fairdeal, KY, Jeffersonville, IN's Leonard Basham and Don Eslick of Snohomish, WA. Jesse James of TV's "Monster Garage" settled for tenth on the lead lap after taking an opening lap spin.

Youth prevailed in the All-Phase Landscaping SuperModifieds as teen-ager Michael Hadley claimed the win ahead of Franklin College's Charlie Hargraves. Defending champ Billy George followed in third with Rodney Sizemore and Tim George rounding out the top five. Hadley and Tim George battled nose-to-tail for much of the race until heavy traffic sent Tim back.

In the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners Scott Tabor proved yet again that he is ready to move on up in the racing world. A clean, heads up driving style landed Tabor a lap ahead of the field just past halfway as his competitors spun into trouble. By race's end Tabor enjoyed a two lap advantage after again lapping Kevin Smith on Lap 85. Smith held on for second followed by Ricky Martin, D.J. Rhodes and Shawn Eastridge. Championship challengers Todd Amos and John Collins dropped out early leaving Tabor solidly on top of the points chart.

A pair of feature challenged a full field of Speedrome Hornets. Veteran Claude Hopper topped the first twenty-lapper after getting around new-comer Tom Lehrmann at halfway. John Abercrombie, Michael Gross and division points leader Michael George followed. In the second run it was championship challenger Rob Hurt taking the checkers over veteran Tim Harding. Bret Brookshire, Darrell Absher and last night's winner Bryan Placek rounded out the top five.


27TH ANNUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIGURE-8 3-HOUR ENDURANCE RACE - (* denotes drivers locked in for Saturday's Championship race)
1. Bill Tunny, Jr.*
2. R.J. Norton, Jr.*
3. Danny Turner*
4. Bobby Douthitt*
5. Chris Green*
6. Fred Bear, Jr.
7. Bob Foster, Sr.
8. Christopher Green
9. Kevin Ford

1. Rodney Sizemore*
2. Bruce Tunny*
3. George Sutton*
4. Steve Durham*
5. Mark Tunny*
6. Ben Tunny
7. John Passehl
8. Scott Settles
9. Mike Hughes
10. Donnie Sloan

1. Jeff Hizer*
2. Curtis McMurtrey*
3. Donnie Garrigus III*
4. Mark Murello*
5. Casey White*
6. David Lee Byrd
7. Doug Greig
8. Wes Spillers

1. Jeremy Miller*
2. Greg Studt*
3. Danny Smith*
4. Leonard Basham*
5. Don Eslick*
6. Eric Buck
7. Gordon Brown
8. Ricky Deitz
9. Tony Anderson
10. Jesse James
11. Art Groulx
12. Mike Riddle
13. Calvin Crain
14. Billy Ziemann
15. John LaValle

1. Michael Hadley
2. Charlie Hargraves
3. Billy George
4. Rodney Sizemore
5. Tim George
6. Johnny Hargraves
7. Joe Thurman
8. Rodney Smith
9. Ray Evert
10. Spike Brickley
11. Fred Baumgardner, Sr.
12. Rob McAllister, Sr.
13. Dale McPeak
14. Denny Daugherty
15. Bob Higgins
16. David George

1. Scott Tabor
2. Kevin Smith
3. Ricky Martin
4. D.J. Rhodes
5. Shawn Eastridge
6. Brad Bohnenkamp
7. Joe Sallee
8. Steve Wright
9. Mark Templeton
10. Bill McLain
11. Dustin Sapp
12. Bill Hasson
13. Barry Coy
14. Jerry Moore II
15. Randy Moon
16. Steve Grubbs
17. Larry Patrick
18. Casey Victery
19. David Gordon
20. Pete Grayer
21. Jeff Smith
22. Don Johnson
23. Danny French
24. John Collins
25. Todd Amos
26. Ron Enochs
27. Jimmy Carter
28. Larry Thomas
29. David Lester
30. Kenny Denny
31. Kenneth Smith

1. Claude Hopper
2. Tom Lehrmann
3. John Abercrombie
4. Michael Gross
5. Michael George
6. Dave Gabert
7. Danny Carson
8. Mike Smith, Sr.
9. Ronnie Ricketts
10. Tony Stevens
11. Mike Couture
12. Jack Stevens
13. James Irwin
14. Tim Gregory
15. Brad Brooks
16. Donnie Scurry
17. Thomas Jacob
18. Tony Ashlock
19. Steve Capps
20. Aaron Couture

1. Rob Hurt
2. Tim Harding
3. Bret Brookshire
4. Darrell Absher
5. Bryan Placek
6. Daryl Keith
7. Trevor Lay
8. Bryan Pierce
9. Tanta Chia
10. Shorty Gross
11. Dennis Love
12. Josh Presley
13. Josepha Manuel
14. Teresa Hayden
15. Dan Presley
16. James Swindell
17. Keith Graybill
18. Larry Patrick
19. Aaron Hess
20. Jay Chapman
21. Jay Baker

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