Mission Valley Speedway race report/results 2001-06-09

Goll and Beegle Lose Out, While Dick Robinson Finds the Winners Circle at MVS Pablo, MT (June 9, 2001) -- Kalispell's Flathead Legend cars found out the hard way that turn four on Mission Valley Speedway's Tri-Oval track can take a bite out of ...

Mission Valley Speedway race report/results 2001-06-09

Goll and Beegle Lose Out, While Dick Robinson Finds the Winners Circle at MVS

Pablo, MT (June 9, 2001) -- Kalispell's Flathead Legend cars found out the hard way that turn four on Mission Valley Speedway's Tri-Oval track can take a bite out of anyone. Two drivers, both in the Legend Main Event hit the concrete wall losing tires and sheet metal.

Josh Goll, driving legend #32 was just finishing lap four of the main when he kissed the wall and had to be towed off. Goll was uninjured, however the same could not be said of his car having lost a front tire and fender. It was a short two laps later when George Beegle, driving legend #42 lost his brakes rounding corner four slamming into the concrete and spinning across the track. Beegle's car also lost his front passenger tire.

With only four cars left after this second Legends restart, the race continued on with exciting competition between Chad Roth, #8 and Dick Robinson, #74. Roth and Robinson continually played cat and mouse with each other in their evenly matched cars. Roth would lead for several laps, and then Robinson would sweep by Roth and lead. It was lap nine when Robinson took and held the lead for the remaining seven laps. Lap 12 saw the departure of car #77, Eric Brekel who pulled off the track. With only three cars remaining in the 25-lap race Robinson was given the checkered on lap 15.

The Budweiser Compacts, Alamon Telco Formula Indy's, Bomber 4's, two Media Races and the annual rollover contest rounded out the evening's events. Local radio stations KERR and KQRK were the trophy sponsors of the night with presentations being made by Bessie Staggs, a Big Sky High School Sophomore, and daughter of Indy driver Don Staggs and his wife Billie. Bessie had the added bonus of presenting the Indy Trophy Dash trophy as well as the Indy Main Event trophy to her Dad, Don who completed a clean sweep in the Indy class. Trophy car of the night was a 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 owned and driven by Wes Johnson.

The Bomber 4's and the Budweiser Compacts shared the wealth in their heat and main event races; with four different drivers taking the first place finishes. In the Bomber 4's heat race, Tony Adams, Jr. driving car #2 was leading from the green flag with current points leader Nathan Dumont in car #32 right on his bumper. Dumont tried to pass Adams several times with no luck. Dumont tried again on lap nine, however making contact with and spinning out both Adams and himself. Dumont was black flagged and had to pit. This left the race open to brother Ben Dumont, #44 who went on to lead the remaining seven laps taking the checkered. Later that evening, Nathan came back in the Main event to steal the lead from Ben on lap 20 holding on for the win on lap 25.

Alvin Brester, Budweiser Compact driver #4 came back from a disappointing night of driving two weeks ago to claim victory in the Compact Heat race. Brester lead all fourteen laps, fending off recent Ronan High School graduate, Don Webster's attempts to pass him.

Brester looked as though he would take the Main Event win as well, having successfully staved of Webster who tailed him from lap one through 16, as well as Arnold Colman #2 who passed Webster on lap 17 moving into second behind Brester. However it was on the final lap rounding corner four and racing for the checkered that Colman spun Brester, as well as himself. This action resulted in a black flag for Colman, a first place finish for Don Webster who had been running in third, and a fourth place finish for Brester, who gathered it up as quickly as possible to cross the finish line.

At intermission the fifth annual Rollover contest was held. Twelve drivers competed for a $200.00 purse and trophy. Each driver was given three runs at the ramp to try and roll their compact sized car. A total of 14 full rolls; one roll, two rolls, and four rolls were accomplished between all the drivers. Two drivers were tied with three full rolls apiece at the end of their three turns. A roll off was held between Travis Keiser and Willy Ovitt. Keiser completed a half roll with Ovitt completing a full roll. Ovitt was declared the 2001 Rollover Champion.

Two specialty Media races were held, finishing off the nights racing. Six media people ran in race number one with Larry "Big Trucker" Smith from Z100 charging into the early lead. Smith led for five laps holding off the likes of KERR and KQRK's own Gary Meuli, Z100's Ragin' Jasper James, NBC-Montana's Wade "The Walloper" Mulehoff of KECI Ch. 13, CBS-TV's Buddy "Boom-Boom" Blankenfeld of KPAX Ch. 8, and Bill "Wild Man" Williams also of Z100. It was Meuli who passed Smith for the lead, continuing on to take the win.

The second Media race starred Sean Wilde of Star-FM, Polson's own Glenn Timm of the Lake County Leader, Alan K of Z100 and the 2000 defending Media Race Champion, Scott Hershey of KYSS FM. It was apparent from the first wave of the green flag that Hershey was not about to be dethroned. Hershey took a commanding led immediately; with Wilde holding second through lap four. Alan K who had passed Wild on lap five for second pulled from the race, leaving Timm in second, and Wilde in Third. This line up would continue through the 10th and final lap, giving the win for the second year in a row to KYSS-FM's Scott Hershey.

On tap next weekend is a two-day show-Saturday, the 16th, and Sunday the 17th of June will feature the Mission Mountain Tire -- Les Schwab Northwest Modifieds on both days. The Bombers and Budweiser Compacts will run on Saturday with the Modifieds while on Sunday afternoon it will be the MGD Light Hobby Stocks and the Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks. Time trials on Saturday begin at 6:00 pm with racing at 7:00 pm and on Sunday Time trials begin at 1:00 pm with racing at 2:00 pm. Check our website for further details: www.missionvalleyspeedway.com or our 24 hr information hotline at 675-RACE. Also new this season is a sports segment on KECI Channel 13 "Weekend at the Races" that will be aired each Sunday night 10 PM. <pre> Results June 9th, 2001

Flathead Legends Fast Time of the night: Dick Robinson #74 -- 17.73 Legends Trophy Dash: 1) Robinson, 2) Chad Roth, 3) Eric Brekel, 4) Josh Goll Legends Heat: 1) Robinson, 2) E. Brekel, 3) Goll, 4) Mark Brekel, 5) Roth, 6) George Beegle Legends Main: 1) Robinson, 2) Roth, 3) M. Brekel, 4) E. Brekel, 5) Beegle, 6) Goll

 Alamon Telco Formula Indy's Fast Time of the night: Don Staggs -- 16.19 Indy Trophy Dash: 1) Staggs, 2) Chuck Wiech, 3) Robert Ragland, 4) Erik Boland Indy Heat: 1) Staggs, 2) Wiech, 3) Ragland, 4) John Logan, 5) Terry Eggleston Indy Main: 1) Staggs, 2) Ragland, 3) Eggleston, 4) Logan, 5) Wiech 
 Budweiser Compacts Fast Time of the Night: Arnold Colman #2 -- 17.66 (new track record) Compact Trophy Dash: 1) Don Webster, 2) Lynn Olsen, 3) Colman, 4) Alvin Brester Compact Heat: 1) Brester, 2) Webster, 3) Colman, 4) Brian Robinson, 5) Olsen, 6) Chad Brown, 7) Mike Plummer Compact Main: 1) Webster, 2) Brown, 3) Olsen, 4) Brester, 5) Robinson, 6) Plummer 
 Bomber 4's Fast Time of the Night: Nathan Dumont #32 -- 19.45 (new track record) Bomber 4's A Dash: 1) N. Dumont, 2) Ben Dumont, 3) Tony Adams, Jr. 4) Mike Mikesell Bomber 4's B Dash: 1) Lucinda Shepard, 2) Rich Zoobowitz, 3) Tawny Corrigan, 4) Billy Flesch, Jr. Bomber 4's Heat: 1) B. Dumont, 2) Bonnie Shepard, 3) Corrigan, 4) Zoobowitz, 5) Adams, 6) Mikesell, 7) Flesch Bomber 4's Main: 1) N. Dumont, 2) B. Dumont, 3) Adams, 4) Corrigan, 5) Zoobowitz, 6) Mikesell, 7) L. Shepard, 8) Flesch 

Media Race #1 1) Gary Mueli-KERR/KQRK, 2) Jasper James-Z100, 3) Larry Smith-Z100, 4) Bill Williams-Z100, 5) Wade Mulhoff-KECI, 6) Buddy Blankenfeld-KPAX

Media Race #2 1) Scott Hershey-KYSS, 2) Glenn Timm-Lake County Leader, 3) Sean Wilde-Star FM, 4) Alan K-Z100

Rollover Contest Results 1) Willy Ovitt, 2) Travis Keiser, 3-tie) Pete Zieler & Stormy Clark, 4) Justin Drake, 5) Shan Krahn, 6) Matt Cooper, 7) Mike Mikesell

*Derek Mikesell, Steven Morigeau and Dwayne Drake also competed but did not complete any rolls.


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