New Egypt Speedway 2000-10-14

New Egypt, NJ (Oct. 14) -- Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ, bested a stellar field of big-block Modifieds in the season-ending Legends of the Fall 50 at New Egypt Speedway. Pauch collected $5,000 for his efforts as he won his 15th feature of the year ...

New Egypt Speedway 2000-10-14

New Egypt, NJ (Oct. 14) -- Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ, bested a stellar field of big-block Modifieds in the season-ending Legends of the Fall 50 at New Egypt Speedway. Pauch collected $5,000 for his efforts as he won his 15th feature of the year and the 29th of his career at New Egypt.

"This was a different motor than we used all year here," said Pauch, "I have to thank Precision Engines in New York for building a great motor."

Pauch quickly took the lead from his pole starting spot as Rick Grosso Jr. charged forward from his seventh starting position. By lap 4, Grosso was in second and was matching Pauch move for move as he was glued to his bumper through lapped traffic. Grosso looked to be a serious threat to Pauch, until he dropped from competition on lap 11. Kenny Brightbill then chased and caught Pauch in lapped traffic just before halfway, but "Billy the Kid" turned it up a notch and cruised to the victory about 10 car lengths ahead of Brightbill. Third was Doug Hoffman, who rebounded from a pitstop on lap one, followed by Keith Hoffman fourth and Jeff Strunk fifth.

Ringoes, NJ's Ryan Godown took home $2,000 and scored his seventh win of the season in the 40-lap Sportsman feature event. Godown edged out the top two point men this season as Rich Scagliotta finished second and 2000 champion Ron John Koczon came home third. Larry Archer and Jeff Carpenter rounded out the top five.

Bill Gerber of Waterford, NJ, pocketed a cool grand by winning the 30-lap Street Stock feature, notching his sixth career victory in the process. Gerber beat 2000 division champ Billy Bauer off the last turn for the victory. Bauer had to settle for second, as Pat Conaway, George Quinlan and Ralph Gargiulo completed the top five.

Winners of the OfficeMates 5 of Englewood Cliffs Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature event were Brightbill (Mods, 15.575), Scott Singley (Sportsman, 16.862) and Gerber (Street Stock, 17.295).

On a beautiful day, 180 cars packed the pit area for the second annual Legends of the Fall event. Over 30 legendary drivers from the past signed autographs and reminisced with the fans during the day, including Gil Hearne, Bobby Bottcher, Sammy Beavers, Stan Ploski, Parker Bohn, and Frankie Schneider just to name a few. In addition, 36 restored vintage stock cars were on display and competed in two exhibition matches.

This event brings the 2000 season to a close at New Egypt Speedway. The Grosso family and staff would like to thank everyone for another successful year. The track's third annual gala awards banquet will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2001 at Bally's Park Place Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. For tickets or more information, call the track at (609) 758-1900.



1st Heat: 1.Taylor Jr. 2.Velenger 3.Van Gorder 4.Horton

2nd Heat: 1.Grosso Jr. 2.Pauch 3.D.Hoffman 4.McCaughey

3rd Heat: 1.Bohn 2.Butler 3.Strunk 4.Hager

4th Heat: 1.K.Hoffman 2.Kn.Brightbill 3.Moss 4.Dmuchowski

5th Heat: 1.Hirthler 2.Kth.Brightbill 3.Ploski 4.R.Godown

1st B Main: 1.Polenz 2.J.R.Crouse 3.Bitner 4.Ostwald (Fans Prov: Grbac)

2nd B Main: 1.Carberry 2.Laubach 3.Worthington 4.Cranmer (Fans Prov: Howard)

Feature (50 laps): 1.Billy Pauch 2.Kenny Brightbill 3.Doug Hoffman 4.Keith Hoffman 5.Jeff Strunk 6.Bob Worthington 7.Steve Moss 8.Eddie Bohn 9.Scott VanGorder 10.Duane Howard 11.Ryan Godown 12.Fred Dmuchowski 13.Rich Polenz 14.Tom Hager 15.Rick Laubach 16.J.R.Crouse 17.Mark Bitner 18.Doug Ostwald 19.Lee Taylor Jr. 20.Darren McCaughey 21.Gary Velenger 22.Kevin Hirthler 23.Stan Ploski III 24.Gary Butler 25.Keith Brightbill 26.Eddie Cranmer 27.Chris Grbac 28.Rick Grosso Jr. 29.Jimmy Horton 30.Tom Carberry

DNQ: Kenny Wismer III, Kenny Huchko, Joe Sarvis, Sam Martz, Jimmy Allen, John Miloszar, Bob Drayton, Craig Pondish, Bucky Kell, Wade Hendrickson, Kenny Hammond, Rich Yetter, Bryant Brown, John Megill, Ray Swinehart, Jack Hartnett, Korey Keimig, Tad Cox, Mike Hendershot.


1st Heat: 1.R.Godown 2.Archer 3.Flesch 4.VanGorder

2nd Heat: 1.Smith 2.Carpenter 3.Reid 4.Tinnes

3rd Heat: 1.Lyons 2.Swain 3.Scagliotta 4.Koczon

4th Heat: 1.Kessler 2.Singley 3.McClelland 4.Force

5th Heat: 1.Fleming 2.Kline 3.Pearson 4.B.Godown

1st B Main: 1.A.Leidl 2.Brennan 3.Spence 4.Papiez

2nd B Main: 1.D.Leidl 2.Ely 3.Cremer 4.Wasson

Feature (40 Laps): 1.Ryan Godown 2.Rich Scagliotta 3.Ron John Koczon 4.Larry Archer 5.Jeff Carpenter 6.Larry Kline 7.Scott Singley 8.Mike Lyons 9.John McClelland 10.Brian Godown 11.Jack Swain 12.Brian Pearson 13.Scott VanGorder 14.Joey Tinnes Jr. 15.Art Liedl 16.Mickey Kessler 17.Jimmy Spence 18.Tom Brennan 19.Chris Wasson 20.Brad Force 21.Doug Liedl 22.Matt Papiez 23.G.R.Smith 24.Chuck Flesch 25.Brien Ely 26.Tom Cremer 27.Keith Fleming 28.Scott Reid

DNQ: Keith Foster, Jeff Geigis, Paul Marra, Gene Stravinsky, Mike Reutter Jr., Larry Reed, Pat Priore, John Bush, Joe Szwed, Chuck Barker, Nick Melar, J.C. Mears, Rob Schuster, Rich Kuiken, Tom Tomasko, Bruce Leote, Ken Snook, Bob Burlew, Mike Mongiello III, Wayne Stout, Jimmy Heolterling, Kyle Morrison, Dick Robbins, Jimmy Rossell, Don Barone, Rob Pfister, Dave Hoffman, Peach Cole.


1st Heat: 1.Cheney 2.B.Gerber 3.Quinlan 4.Nixon 5.Fogarty 6.Bubeck

2nd Heat: 1.Gargiulo 2.Conaway 3.Bauer 4.Mongiello 5.Cooke 6.Whitehouse

3rd Heat: 1.Freiberger 2.Ferris 3.Guker 4.W.Miller 5.Carr 6.Ensinger

1st B Main: 1.Berardi 2.Reed 3.Byrne

2nd B Main: 1.Page 2.Fleming 3.Bifulco

Feature (30 laps):1.Bill Gerber 2.Billy Bauer 3.Pat Conaway 4.George Quinlan 5.Ralph Gargiulo 6.Pat Freiberger 7.Al Cheney III 8.Kim Cooke 9.Bryan Reed 10.Brian Nixon 11.Steve Mongiello 12.Carol Whitehouse 13.Joe Ferris 14.Blair Guker 15.Rich Page 16.Kory Fleming 17.Whitey Miller 18.Shawn Carr 19.Pete Fogarty 20.Richie Byrne 21.Larry Bubeck 22.Spider Ensinger 23.Evan Berardi 24.Kevin Bifulco

DNQ: Jim Hewitt, Bill Miscoski, Paul Heineman Jr., Jason Seredy, Joel Quick, Jimmy Carpenter, Jeff Miller, Les Miller, Brian Johnson, Chip Grant, Rich Roveda Jr., John Scarpati, Joe Garey, Tom Hollaway, Wayne Hanson.

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