New Egypt Speedway Race Results 1999-10-16

New Egypt, NJ (October 16) -- New Egypt Speedway'€™s 1999 Modified champion, Billy Pauch, took charge at the drop of the green flag and never looked back as he lapped all but the top four cars to post his 14th feature win of the year in the ...

New Egypt Speedway Race Results 1999-10-16

New Egypt, NJ (October 16) -- New Egypt Speedway'€™s 1999 Modified champion, Billy Pauch, took charge at the drop of the green flag and never looked back as he lapped all but the top four cars to post his 14th feature win of the year in the track’s 50-lap Modified finale on Saturday.

"€œ't’s the racie't I’ve seen the track all year; you could run both top and bottom,"€ Pauch exclaimed in Victory Lane" “Starting second made it easier, but coming through the lapped cars was like starting 18th. I'€™ve got to give the credit to my crew, they really keep this car going."

Lining up second by luck of the draw, Pauch took command at the start with Roger Laureno quickly moving into second. By the lap 15 mark, Pauch worked lapped traffic to his advantage as he opened up a commanding lead on the field. Gary Butler then advanced to second with Tom Hager riding third, trailed by Kenny Brightbill and Mark Bitner. Pauch was still in command with Brightbill making his presence known as he charged into second on lap 34. In the remaining laps, Pauch continued his march through backmarkers while Brightbill held sway in second a half lap behind. Pauch aced the $5,000 victory with Brightbill following. Butler, Bitner and Hager completed the top five.

In the Sportsman fray, Sinking Spring, PA'€™s Keith Brightbill used his second place starting spot to take charge on the green and lead all 40 laps to collect his sixth feature win of the season. “The guys worked hard all year -- this goes to them,” Brightbill told the crowd. Brightbill had several challengers throughout the event with invader Ryan Godown giving chase in the last ten laps. Making up the front five at the line were Brightbill, Godown, Jack Swain, Tom Eppolite Jr. and Mickey Kessler.

Howell, NJ'€™s Jeff Carpenter came from 17th to the lead at the halfway mark and dominated the 30-lap Street Stock event for his second win of '€™99. A caution with two to go closed the field on the leader; however, Carpenter was up to the challenge as he took the checker ahead of Billy Bauer, Richie Byrne, Kim Cooke and Carol Whitehouse. "€œThis was the ce I needed to win -- I had a lot of ups and downs this season. I didn't think I could come from 17th to win it,"€ Carpenter informed.

The special race meet attracted 158 entries. Brenda Reeser won the special Garden State Vintage Stock Car exhibition match while the fans were able to meet more than 30 legendary racing heroes who participated in interview sessions and signed limited edition collectible autograph cards.

The nightly 50/50 was worth $1,882 to one lucky fan. The track awards banquet will take place on Sat., Feb. 5th at Bally'€™s Park Place Casino in Atlantic City. For information, call (609) 758-1900.

10/16/99 MODIFIED RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Horton 2. Hager 3. VanGorder 4. Laureno 5. Leach 6. Short

2nd Heat: 1. Brightbill 2. Butler 3. Velenger 4. Osmun 5. Bauma 6. Dmuchowski

3rd Heat: 1. Pauch 2. Carberry 3. Grosso 4. McVay 5. Bohn 6. Bitner

'A'’ Main: 1. Hendershot 2. Polenz 3. Cox 4. Garland 5. Ostwald

(Fan's€™ Prov: Miller) Feature (50 laps): 1. Billy Pauch ($5000) 2. Kenny Brightbill 3. Gary Butler 4. Mark Bitner 5. Tom Hager 6. Tom Carberry 7. Jimmy Horton 8. Eddie Bohn 9. Willie Osmun 10. Roger Laureno 11. Mike Hendershot 12. Rick Grosso Jr. 13. Rich Polenz 14. Gary Valenger 15. Johnny Leach 16. Scott VanGorder 17. Tad Cox 18. Jeff Miller 19. Doug Ostwald 20. Tom Garland 21. Larry McVay 22. Fred Dmuchowski 23. Bob Bauma 24. Ken Brenn 25. Norman Short

Halfway Bonus: Billy Pauch ($150) DNQ: Jerry Glenn, Jim Hawkes, Carmen Scarpati, Tim Tanner Jr., Kory Keimeg

SPORTSMAN RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Brightbill 2. Lippincott 3. Godown 4. Reid 5. Robbins

2nd Heat: 1. Foy 2. Ely 3. Reed 4. Holsten 5. Mears

3rd Heat: 1. Brown 2. Eppolite 3. Infante 4. Gareis 5. Carpenter 4rd Heat: 1. Kessler 2. Swain 3. David 4. Archer 5. Marra 1st

'€B’ Main: 1. Worthington 2. Liedl 3. Harris 4. Szwed 5. Stinson

2nd '€'B’ Main: 1. Koczon 2. Krachun 3. Papiez 4. Flammer 5. Burke

Feature (40 Laps): 1. Keith Brightbill ($2000) 2. Ryan Godown 3. Jack Swain 4. Tom Eppolite 5. Mickey Kessler 6. Bob Worthington 7. Larry Archer 8. Mike David 9. Scott Reid 10. Mike Krachun 11. Brien Ely 12. Joe Szwed 13. Matt Papiez 14. Bryant Brown 15. J.C. Mears 16. Rick Holsten 17. Dick Robbins 18. Paul Marra Sr. 19. Larry Lippincott 20. Jimmy Harris 21. Tim Burke 22. Johnny Foy 23. Scott Flammer 24. Larry Reed 25. Rocco Infante 26. George Gareis 27. Donnie Kline 28. Ron Jon Koczon 29. Art Liedl 30. Rich Stinson(DNS)

Halfway Bonus: Keith Brightbill ($150) DNQ: Jeff Richardson, Brian Pierson, Dale Clickner, Tom Tomasko, Bob Burlew, Mike Mongiello III, Brian Godown, Dom Buffalino, Tom Mutchler, Bryan Coffey, Frank McAleer, Drew Grosso, Bryan Lamparter, Jim Rossell, Bill Carver Jr., Stan Ploski, Chuck Flesch, Rich Scagliotta, Kenny Roth, Mike Lyons, Keith Fleming, Bobby Rindgen, Bruce Reiss, Jim Hoestealing, Chris Wasson, Mike Toth, Robert Kaelin, Jim Horvath, Rob Pfister, Jim Macaluso.

STREET STOCKS RESULTS 1st Heat: 1. Gargiulo 2. Rutzky 3. Cremer 4. Gerber 5. Cheney

2nd Heat: 1. Whitehouse 2. Garey 3. Dalleckiesa 4. Bubeck 5. Cooke

3rd Heat: 1. Bauer 2. Byrne 3. Carpenter 4. Conaway 5. Quinlan 4th Heat: 1. Hammond 2. Flores 3. Giris 4. Berardi 5. Miller 1st ‘B’ Main: 1. Martin 2. Zeiner 3. Fleming 4. Hurley 5. Dewey

2nd 'B'’ Main: 1. Hammond 2. Guyer 3. Knighten 4. Bifulco 5.

Bauma Feature (30 laps): 1. Jeff Carpenter ($1000) 2. Billy Bauer 3. Richie Byrne 4. Kim Cooke 5. Ralph Gargiulo 6. George Quinlan 7. Al Cheney III 8. Carol Whitehouse 9. Ken Hammond 10. Jack Zeiner 11. Keith Flores 12. Tom Cremer 13. Mick Search 14. Kenny Guyer 15. Anthony Knighten 16. Larry Bubeck 17. Pat Conaway 18. Bill Gerber 19. Whitey Miller 20. Joe Garey 21. Dan Dewey 22. Bill Bauma 23. Evan Berardi 24. Richie Rutsky 25. Nick Giris 26. Allen Hurley 27. Craig Martin 28. Kory Fleming 29. Kevin Bifulco 30. Joe Dallackiesa Halfway Bonus: Jeff Carpenter ($100)

DNQ: Frank Dorry Jr., Joe Ormsbee, Bruce Leote, Spider Ensinger, Kevin Marosovitz, Steve Mongiello, John Scarpati Jr., Paul Heineman Jr., Chip Grant, Kenny Loux, Len Riley, Bill Miscoski, Brian Wagner, Wayne Hanson, Mark Ranalli, John Peters, Tom Holloway, Ray See Jr., Pete Fogarty, Al Butzki, Ben Jones, Dale Haines, Chuck Barker, Jim Hewitt

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