Potomac Speedway race summary 2002-09-28

Adams takes checkered in 100-lapper at Potomac Speedway. Budds Creek, Md., -- The Arby's Hobby Stocks and Chesapeake Web Design Bombers had their big season finale this past Saturday night with a 100-lap feature event paying $1,000 to win. In his ...

Potomac Speedway race summary 2002-09-28

Adams takes checkered in 100-lapper at Potomac Speedway.

Budds Creek, Md., -- The Arby's Hobby Stocks and Chesapeake Web Design Bombers had their big season finale this past Saturday night with a 100-lap feature event paying $1,000 to win. In his second race ran this year, former hobby stock points champion, Joe Adams of Clements, Md., took over the lead on lap 84 from Barry Williams to put his car in victory lane.

"I've been wanting a 100-lapper for a long time. I'll be having nightmares about the back bumper of the six car (Williams). It got slick and he tried to protect the bottom and slipped up and I got by him," said Adams.

Adams gave credit to his crew and the track conditons. "We made some changes from last year. I didn't know if it would work. I had a lot of fun out there. In the heat race, the valve cover gasket got sucked in. I've got a heck of a crew. The guys keep calm. They worked really hard. I also want to thank Pete Cameron and the track crew. The track was awesome," Adams added.

Along with the 100-lappers, a roll-over contest and spectator drag races were held. There was one participant in the roll-over contest. Jimmy Cardwell's Nissan rolled over after some assistance from the track officials.

In the spectator drags, fans, drivers, track officials, etc., brought their own cars out onto the track for a drag race that started mid-way down the backstetch and ran around to the start-finish line.

In the first round, Matt Krickenbaum and Jimmy Cardwell took to the track. Cardwell's Dodge Neon easily pulled ahead for the win. In the second race, Terry Bealle, in a Ford Fiesta, raced Coors Light Street Stock driver Rusty Alton in a Chevy Dually. Alton went on to beat Bealle by four car lengths. In the third race, Ms. Freeman in a Camaro, took on Arby's Hobby Stock driver, John Latham in a Chevy Celebrity. Latham got the early lead and went on to get the win.

In the fourth match-up, track promoter Pete Cameron, driving the pace-car, went up against Bill Bailey of Bailey's Catering (the concession provider at the track) in a Dually. It was a drag race off of turn four with Cameron edging Bailey back to the start-finish line for the win.

In the second round of racing, Alton got the early jump on Cardwell, but Cardwell came battling back, getting the edge off turn four and taking the win. Cameron and Latham battled it out with Latham getting the edge going into the turns. Latham beat Cameron back to the line by two car lengths.

In the final round of drag races, Cardwell took the inside lane with Latham on the outside. Latham got the advantage in the turns and went on to take the checkered flag. The drivers then raced again with Latham on the inside and Cardwell on the outside. This time, Cardwell beat Latham back to the line by inches for the win. Cardwell and Latham were then declared as co-winners.

The "Can Kids" donated a scooter for the children's prize giveaway. Thirteen-year-old James Hill of Clements, Md., was the lucky scooter winner.

Twenty-six cars made up the starting field of the 100-lap Arby's Hobby Stock feature. Tommy Randall and Jimmy Suite made up the front starting row with Randall taking the lead as the green flag waved. Jimmy Suite and Barry Williams made contact causing Suite to hit the wall in turn two, bringing out the caution flag. The field then had a complete restart.

Williams jumped out front as the green flag waved again. By lap five, he had about a five car length advantage over second place runner Kevin Sprague. His lead was cut down on lap 12 when the yellow flag waved for debris on the track.

Williams led the way on the restart with Sprague glued to his rear bumper. On lap 18, Williams was caught in slower traffic. Sprague looked to the outside on the backstetch, but couldn't make a move. The yellow flag then waved for Billy Crouse who came to a stop in turn two. On the restart, Sprague dove to the inside of Williams. Williams held him off and then started to pull away again.

On lap 23, Wayne Weaver went to the outside of Sprague as they exited turn four. The two made contact causing Sprague to spin. Sprague never came to a four-wheel stop enabling him to get his position back even though the yellow flag waved.

Sprague looked to the inside of Williams as the exited turn four on lap 29. Weaver then made his move and was able to pass Sprague for second. Sprague was able to repass him on lap 32, but Weaver once again got the position on lap 37. Two laps later, Joe Adams passed Sprague for third and then set his sights on Weaver.

Adams wouldn't take over the second place position until lap 62. Six laps later, Williams got caught behind some slower traffic. Adams made his move on the inside, but Williams held him off. Adams challenged for the lead again on lap 72, but Williams once again retained the top spot.

On lap 84, Adams looked to the inside of Williams on the backstretch. He then made his move as they exited turn four, taking the outside groove. Adams edged Williams back to the start-finish line to take over the lead. Just as the lap went into the books, the caution flag waved for Justin Gilroy who stopped on the frontstretch.

Adams easily showed the way on the restart. He went on to take the checkered flag, finishing with about a four car length advantage. On lap 98, Wayne Suite and Williams made contact near the start-finish line causing Williams to spin. He was able to keep going but fell back to a sixth place finishing position.

Weaver finished second followed by Wayne Suite in third, Sprague in fourth, and Jerry Lee Stevens in fifth.

On the schedule for this coming weekend is the season finale, the Southern Maryland Nationals. On Friday, October 4th, there will be time trials and qualifying for the Coors Light Street Stocks, the Bell Motor Company Limited Late Models, and the Four Cylinders along with a Chesapeake Web Design Bombers and Classic Cars features. Pit gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, October 5th, there will be a 40-lap, $1,500 to win Coors Light Street Stock feature along with a 30-lap $800 to win Bell Motor Company Limited Late Model feature and a 25-lap $500 to win Four-Cylinder feature. Also on the schedule for Saturday are the Classic Cars and the Vintage Cars. Pit gates open at 4:30 p.m., with racing at 6 p.m. For more information, contact the track office at 301-884-4624 or check us out on the web at www.potomacspeedway.com.

Arby's Hobby Stocks/Chesapeake Web Design Bombers
1. Joe Adams-69, 2. Wayne Weaver-71, 3. Wayne Suite-2, 4. Kevin Sprague-55, 5. Jerry Lee Stevens-33, 6. Barry Williams-6, 7. Kyle Nelson-66X, 8. Greg Mattingly-8, 9. Mike Manginell-56, 10. David Cooper-27


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