Selinsgrove Speedway race report 2002-08-17

Shaffer Scores Back-To-Back Sprint Wins Kerstetter Wins Classic In Bender Memorial Bachman Records 7th Pro Stock Win Of Season Bissinger New Winner In Roadrunners SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Adrian Shaffer of York made it two wins in a row and three on the ...

Selinsgrove Speedway race report 2002-08-17

Shaffer Scores Back-To-Back Sprint Wins Kerstetter Wins Classic In Bender Memorial Bachman Records 7th Pro Stock Win Of Season Bissinger New Winner In Roadrunners

SELINSGROVE, Pa. - Adrian Shaffer of York made it two wins in a row and three on the season at Selinsgrove Speedway following his convincing drive to victory in Saturday night's 25-lap sprint car feature.

Shaffer, who won the previous night's event at Williams Grove Speedway, was at the wheel of the Diversified Machine, Inc. No. 21 for his second win in one weekend.

Dale Kerstetter of Liverpool won the exciting 30-lap Bob Bender Memorial for late models, while Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove won his seventh pro stock main event of the season in the division's 12-lap event.

Keith Bissinger of Bloomsburg won his first 10-lap roadrunner event of the year.

Selinsgrove Speedway will present the 30-lap Summer Championship for sprint cars sponsored by Penn-Selin Air this Saturday, August 24 at 7 p.m. The event will pay $1,500 to win and $250 to start the race. Sprint drivers will draw for starting spots, and a $150-to-win dash will be used to set the first several starting positions.

Late models, pro stocks and roadrunners will also be on the racing program. The season's last camera and autograph opportunity will be held prior to the start of the evening's racing events. Gates open at 5 p.m.

Fourth-place starter Bob Beidleman powered into the lead at the start of the sprint car feature. Beidleman was followed by polesitter Jay Galloway for the first lap before a multi-car incident coming off the second turn stopped the event on the second circuit.

Involved in the skirmish were Tim Higgins, Darren Eash, Craig Eshenaur, Bob Camilli and Nate Snyder. No injuries were reported; and all drivers except Higgins were able to rejoin the race.

When the event resumed, Beidleman continued to set the pace. On lap three, 11th-place starter Adrian Shaffer stormed into second and set his sites on the leader. Shaffer made the winning pass by Beidleman using the inside lane on the frontstretch on the fourth circuit.

Once at the front of the pack, Shaffer streaked away from the rest of the field. On lap seven, second-place starter Tony Smolenyak reclaimed the position and followed Shaffer around the lightning-fast oval.

On the 14th circuit, while racing third, 12th-place starter Chad Layton withdrew from the race, reportedly with a broken motor. At this point, 14th-place starter Joe Whitcomb inherited the third spot, and then inherited the runner up position when Smolenyak withdrew from the race while pacing under yellow on lap 24.

For the last-lap restart, Shaffer and Whitcomb charged into the first turn, only to have Whitcomb's car drift into the second turn guardrail and come to a stop. Following the incident, Beidleman found himself back in the second position for the chase to the checkered flag.

At the finish, Shaffer was victorious over Beidleman, 15th-place starter Justin Zimmerman, 16th-place starter Donnie Beaver and 20th-place starter Blane Heimbach.

Scott Haus, one of the East's leading late model feature winners, drew the pole position for the start of the 16th annual Bender Memorial and drove into the early race lead.

Second-place starter Chris Wilkinson held his position for the first five laps before eighth-place starter Dale Kerstetter rocketed into second. Kerstetter reeled in Haus and made an exciting pass along the bottom of turns one and two on the 10th lap. At the same time, 10th-place starter Jeff Rine followed Kerstetter into the runner up position.

For the next 20 laps, Kerstetter and Rine dueled for the lead and win in the prestigious event. While Kerstetter drove his trademark high line around the track, Rine pulled alongside of him lap after lap on the inside lane.

At the finish, Kerstetter was victorious by a mere .84 of a second over Rine, Haus, fifth-place starter Brian Cochran and 13th-place starter Alan Sagi.

The pro stock feature saw front row starter Gary Kerstetter charge into the lead at the start of the event. Kerstetter was chased by fourth-place starter Jake Buck for the first five laps before seventh-place starter Kyle Bachman advanced to second.

Bachman tracked down Kerstetter during the second half of the event and raced in his shadow until the final circuit. Exiting the second turn, Bachman made the winning pass underneath Kerstetter and drove to his seventh win.

Kerstetter settled for second, while Buck, Peanut Heintzelman and Troy Miller completed the top five.

Keith Bissinger drew the pole position for the start of the roadrunner main event and wired the field for the his first victory of the season at Selinsgrove. At the finish, Bissinger had Rick Bixler and Mark Spencer right behind him. Billy McNeal and Dave Riddell completed the top five.


Sprint Cars - 32 Entries 25-Lap A-Main: 1) 21 Adrian Shaffer 2) 81 Bob Beidleman 3) 7J Justin Zimmerman 4) 10 Donnie Beaver 5) 12 Blane Heimbach 6) 11T TJ Stutts 7) 56 Nate Snyder 8) 22 Darren Eash 9) 5 Craig Eshenaur 10) 34 Bob Camilli 11) 46 James Layton 12) 15 Vince Snyder 13) 27 Jake Galloway 14) 71 Joe Whitcomb 15) 48 Tony Smolenyak 16) 67 Richie Jensen 17) U1 Chad Layton 18) 6H Tim Hershey 19) 6F Bill Fannasy 20) 64K Kyle Purks 21) 6 Jim Nace 22) 8C Troy Long 23) 9 Scott Tate 24) 31 Tim Higgins

Heat Winners: Craig Eshenaur, Tim Higgins, Bob Beidleman, Tony Smolenyak Consolation Winner: Tim Hershey

Late Models - 23 Entries 30-Lap Bob Bender Memorial: 1) 7 Dale Kerstetter $1,500 2) 2J Jeff Rine 3) 33 Scott Haus 4) 16 Brian Cochran 5) 7NY Alan Sagi 6) M15 Jason Covert 7) 45 Eric Hons 8) 8 Jimmy Adams 9) 111 JR Keiffer 10) 88X Chris Wilkinson 11) 98 Bobby Croop 12) 6 Donnie Schick 13) 3 Robbie Smith 14) 41 Lou Schultz 15) 86 Bob Spahr 16) 22 Mike Tudor 17) 8H Glenn Heddings 18) 5K Kirk Ryan 19) 4S Dave Schulski 20) 88 Tony Adams 21) 19J Pen Kester 22) 5 Erick Metzger 23) 7X Craig Swartzlander

Heat Winners: Kirk Ryan, Dave Schulski, Dale Kerstetter

Pro Stocks - 13 Entries 12-Lap A-Main: 1) 99 Kyle Bachman 2) 9 Gary Kerstetter 3) 11 Jake Buck 4) 99H Peanut Heintzelman 5) 115 Troy Miller 6) 10 Gerald Kratzer 7) 70 Matt Johnson 8) 48 Matt Drum 9) 111 Daryl Naiman 10) Jim Jurasich 11) 8B Harry Bell 12) 47 Chris Benfer 13) 21 Jason Bowersox

Heat Winners: Jake Buck, Peanut Heintzelman

Roadrunners - 14 Entries 10-Lap A-Main: 1) 33 Keith Bissinger 2) 1 Rick Bixler 3) 86 Mark Spencer 4) 2 Billy McNeal 5) 8 Dave Riddell 6) 00 Corey Long 7) 212 Matt Lawrence 8) 78 Frank Petroski 9) 115 Don Scheib 10) 41 Dennis Conrad 11) 7 Jeff Baney 12) 85 Chris Eckert 13) 48 Matt Drum 14) 415 Frank Boris

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