TMS Shootout results 2005-04-16

MERCHANT CHARGES FROM 13TH TO GRAB NGK SHOOTOUT TOP PRIZE FORT WORTH-DALLAS (April 15, 2005) - Kenny Merchant has always run well at the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track but could never make it to Victory Lane. That changed Saturday night as the ...

TMS Shootout results 2005-04-16


FORT WORTH-DALLAS (April 15, 2005) - Kenny Merchant has always run well at the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track but could never make it to Victory Lane. That changed Saturday night as the 2003 O'Reilly SUPR Late Model Series champion charged from 13th starting position to capture the 50-lap NGK Spark Plugs Shootout and its $10,000 top prize.

It appeared that Merchant would remain on the other side of Lady Luck at the Dirt Track as he was forced to qualify for the feature through the first Last Chance Race. But once the green flag dropped, Merchant pushed his J.D. Caver/Cliburn Truck Lines MasterBilt late model to the front in just 13 circuits around the four-tenths mile clay oval. Merchant passed Wendall Wallace for the top spot and cruised to a 1.71-second triumph over Jason Ingalls. The win was Merchant's 33rd of his O'Reilly SUPR career.

"I want to thank Texas Motor Speedway for putting on a race like this," Merchant said about the richest race in O'Reilly SUPR Late Model Series' 16-year history. "I love racing at the Dirt Track. We have run well before here, just never made it to Victory Lane. We even use NGK spark plugs in our car!"

Ingalls' trek to the $5,000 runner-up payoff was as adventuresome as Merchant's. The third-generation driver finished second in the Third Last Chance event and started the 50-lapper in 19th position. Ingalls moved methodically through the field in the Nash Trucking/Nash Rentals GRT and passed Ken Taylor for second on lap 43.

Taylor claimed the $3,500 in the Hawkeye Truck Sales/Mark Martin 5. Pro-Cuts Texas World Dirt Track Championship winner Kelly Boen nearly spun out while running fourth on the second lap, fell to 17th then rode the cushion to a $2,750 payoff. O'Reilly SUPR Late Model Series point leader David Ashley pushed his Thronhill Wrecker 14 from 21st starting position to the $2,500 fifth-place check.

NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver Ken Schrader finished fourth in his Last Chance race but didn't qualify for the feature. "We drew a starting spot at the end of our heat and just missed on our setup," Schrader said. "In the Last Chance race the groove moved up on the track and we got to fourth but it wasn't good enough."

Cam Case led the entire 15-lap Legends Cars feature.


O'Reilly SUPR Late Models

First Heat (10 laps): 1. Jeff Taylor, Cave City, AR; 2. Steve Drake, San Luis Obispo, CA; 3. Doug Ingalls, Longview, TX; 4. Duke Whiseant, Texarkana, TX; 5. Randy Timms, Oklahoma City, OK 6. Robbie Stuart, DeRidder, LA; 7. Dewaine Hottinger, Russellville, AR; 8. Jack Ambern, Arp, TX; 9. Jerry Bell, Rowlett, TX; 10. Donald Watson, Baton Rouge, LA; 11. Kyle Taylor, Longview, AR.

Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Kelly Boen, Henderson, CO; 2. Jason Ingalls, Longview, TX; 3. Robbie Starnes, Baytown, TX; 4. Jon Mitchell, Greenbrier, AR; 5. Gary Stolba, Willow Springs, MO; 6. Stacy Veuleman, Zwolle, LA; 7. Jay Blair, Angie, LA; 8. Phillip Cooper, Lafayette, LA; 9. Michael Grubbs, Plano, TX; 10. Rusty Cummings, Minden, LA; 11. Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs, TX.

Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Garrett Durrett, Simsboro, LA; 2. Wendall Wallace, Batesville, AR; 3. Shawn Brassfield, Ada, OK; 4. Trey Beene, Bossier City, LA; 5. Randy Timms, Oklahoma City, OK; 6. Jody Prince, Sibley, LA; 7. Danny Mahan, Vidor, TX; 8. Bob Ewell, Forney, TX; 9. Jimmy Goodwin, Rowlett, TX; 10. Allen Tippen, Minden, LA; 11. Raymond Merrill, Sallisaw, OK.

Fourth Heat (10 laps): 1. Bill Frye, Greenbrier, AR; 2. Skip O'Neal, Red Oak, TX; 3. Ronnie Adams, Greenwood, LA; 4. Jim Bryant, Natechitoches, LA; 5. Bubba Mullins, W. Monroe, LA; 6. Rob Litton, Alexandria, LA; 7. Jimmy Gaylor, Luthersville, GA; 8. Delbert Smith, Wichita, KS; 9. Jerry Horn, Athens, TX; 10. Jon Wallace, Weatherford, TX; 11. Brad Couch, Bossier City, LA.

Fifth Heat (10 laps): 1. Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, AR; 2. Tim Crawley, Mabelville, AR; 3. Charles Randolph II, Muskogee, OK; 4. Kenny Merchant, W. Monroe, LA; 5. Ray Moore, Shreveport, LA; 6. Eric Johnson, Watsonville, CA; 7. Elizabeth Harpin-Smith, French Settlement, TX; 8. Chad Broach, Broken Bow, OK; 9. Jerry Russell, Shreveport, LA; 10. John Sliney, Colleyville, TX.

Sixth Heat (10 laps): 1. Patrick Daniel, Wills Points, LA; 2. Jeff Chandler, Minden, LA; 3. David Ashley, Zachary, LA; 4. Lee Davis, Greenwood, LA; 5. Kenneth Crowe, Port Allen, LA; 6. Brock Williams, Leesville, LA; 7. Ken Schrader, Fenton, MO; 8. Michael Coleman, Tyler, TX; 9. Mike Rucker, Wichita Falls, TX; 10. Kenneth Mitchum, Strong, AR.

First Last Chance (10 laps): 1. Merchant, 2. Litton, 3. Daniel, 4. Ashley, 5. E. Johnson, 6. Ewell, 7. Goodwin, 8. Mullins, 9. Whiseant, 10. K. Taylor, 11. Horn.

Second Last Chance (10 laps): 1. Randolph, 2. Starnes, 3. Davis, 4. Schrader, 5. Bryant, 6. Lorenz, 7. Moore, 8. Halpin-Smith, 9. Mahan, 10. J. Wallace, 11. Russell, 12. Rucker.

Third Last Chance (10 laps): 1. Stolba, 2. J. Ingalls, 3. Beene, 4. Crowe, 5. B. Williams, 6. Bryant, 7. Stuart, 8. Watson, 9. Grubbs, 10. Cooper, 11. Sliney, 12. Blair.

Fourth Last Chance (10 laps): 1. J. Mitchell, 2. Cummings, 3. Brown, 4. Chandler, 5. Prince, 6. Brassfield, 7. Veuleman, 8. Mitchum, 9. Coleman, 10. Bell, 11. Ambern, 12. Couch, 13. Hottinger.

Feature (50 laps): 1. Kenny Merchant, W. Monroe, LA, $10,000; 2. Jason Ingalls, Longview, TX, $5,000; 3. Jeff Taylor, Cave City, AR, $3,500; 4. Kelly Boen, Henderson, CO, $2,750; 5. David Ashley, Zachary, LA, $2,500; 6. Ronny Adams, Greenwood, LA, $2,250; 7. Robbie Starnes, Baytown, TX, $2,000; 8. Patrick Daniel, Wills Points, LA, $1,750; 9. Bill Frye, Greenbrier, AR, $1,500; 10. Ray Moore, Shreveport, LA, $1,250; 11. Gary Stolba, Willow Springs, MO, $1,000; 12. Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, AR, $900; 13. Rob Litton, Alexandria, LA, $800; 14. Tim Crawley, Mabelville, AR, $700; 15. Wendall Wallace, Batesvillel, AR, $700; 16. Jon Mitchell, Greenbrier, AR, $700; 17. Steve Drake, San Luis Obispo, CA, $700; 18. Charles Randolph II, Muskogee, OK, $700; 19. Doug Ingalls, Longview, TX, $700; 20. Skip O'Neal, Red Oak, TX, $700; 21. Garrett Durrett, Simsboro, LA, $700.

Lap Leaders: 1-12 Wallace, 13-50 Merchant.


First Heat (8 laps): 1. Cam Case, 2. Larry Nance, 3. Jay Turner, 4. James Buescher, 5. Randy Abbey, 6. Nathan Rice, 7. Johnny Coats, 8. Jeff Caryer, 9. Keaton Feller,

Second Heat (8 laps): 1. Bob Mock, 2. John Gottsacker, 3. John Stuttsman, 4. Danny Sander, 5. Tim Brockhouse, 6. Kyle Sager, 7. Scott Coats, 8. Hoyt Richter, 9. Kyle Cox.

Third Heat (8 laps): 1. Scott Evans, 2. Pat Pennington, 3. Chuck Comer, 4. Chris Buescher, 5. Larry McCoy, 6. Tom Hargenrater, 7. Nathan Rice, 8. Randy Reasor, 9. Richard Hargenrater, 10. Rhonda Casey.

Feature (15 laps): 1. Cam Case, 2. Tim Brockhouse, 3. Scott Evans, 4. John Gottsacker, 5. Pat Pennington, 6. James Buescher, 7. Bob Mock, 8. Chris Buescher, 9. Danny Sander, 10. Keaton Feller, 11. Randy Reasor, 12. Hoyt Richter, 13. Randy Abbey, 14. Johnny Coats, 15. Larry McCoy, 16. Richard Hargenrater, 17. Jeff Caryer, 18. John Stutsman, 19. Jay Turner, 20. Rhonda Casey, 21. Tom Hargenrater, 22. Larry Nance, 23. Nathan Rice, 24. Chuck Comer, 25. Daniel Stefanoff, 26. Kyle Cox, 27. Scott Coats, 28. Kyle Sager.

Lap Leaders: 1-15 Case.


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