USRA: Hancock County results 2005-06-17

USRA: Hancock County results 2005-06-17

BAKKEN ANOTHER NEW WINNER AT HANCOCK COUNTY BRITT, Iowa (June 17, 2005) -- Picture perfect weather greeted race fans and a strong field of racers at the Pritchard Family Auto Stores Hancock County Speedway in Britt, Iowa, for an exciting night of ...


BRITT, Iowa (June 17, 2005) -- Picture perfect weather greeted race fans and a strong field of racers at the Pritchard Family Auto Stores Hancock County Speedway in Britt, Iowa, for an exciting night of racing action for the USRA Casey's General Stores Championship Series.

Ron Monson Trucking of Britt was the event sponsor.

The USRA Modified division at Britt has featured a new winner every week and Friday night was no exception. This time it was Brad Bakken's turn to cross the victory stripe first, with his first win of the season at Britt. A late-race caution with two laps to go erased Bakken's advantage over the field and allowed Mike Hejna and Rick Gustin to close the gap. Bakken was too strong and held off second place Hejna. Gustin finished third ahead of Kevin Stoa.

In the USRA Stock Cars, Larry Portis started on the front row and never looked back to pick up another win at Britt. Jared Dirks followed for many laps, but could not run down the faster Portis. Dirks held on to second ahead of Chad Palmer and Troy Reicks.

Fourteen-year-old Ryan Gustin quickly took advantage of his pole position start to lead the way in the USRA B-Modified feature. Scott Manske had other ideas for Gustin, however. As the laps wound down, Manske slowly ate into Gustin's lead and powered past the leader in the waning laps on the bottom of turn 4. Gustin finished second ahead of Jared Boumeester.

The USRA Hobby Stocks put on a super show in their main event, with three drivers contending for the win. Gary Lalor Jr., John Madson and Calvin Lange were all up front, but in the end it was pole sitter Lalor crossing the line for the win. Madson came home second in the event, ahead of Lange and Randy Hadacek.

Once again Alex Yohn was again the dominate driver in the Hornet class, besting Brandon Allen and Charles Gardner for the win. Tim Moretz didn't have a strong heat race run, but that didn't matter come feature time as he beat Kyle Germundson for the Junior Hornet victory.

Exciting racing action continues at the Pritchard Family Auto Stores Hancock County Speedway next Friday night as Pepsi will be the event sponsor. Hot laps begin at 7 p.m. with racing to follow.

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Heat 1: 1. John Madson, Britt; 2. Scott Germundson, Mason City; 3. Gary Lalor Sr., Eagle Grove; 4. Gary Lalor Jr. Eagle Grove.

Heat 2: 1. Chad Gentz, Forest City; 2. Dan Stromer, Klemme; 3. Chad Lundy, Eagle Grove; 4. Calvin Lange, Humboldt.

Feature: 1. Lalor Jr., 2. Madson, 3. Lange, 4. Randy Hadacek, Humboldt; 5. Lundy, 6. Chris Monson, Clear Lake; 7. Michael Trunkhill, Titonka; 8. Gentz, 9. Germundson, 10. Stromer, 11. Rodney Slagle, Eagle Grove; 12. Lalor Sr., 13. Brent Hanson, Mason City.


Heat 1: 1. Travis Lain, Titonka; 2. Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Jake Simpson, Algona; 4. Jared Boumeester, Waseca, MN.

Heat 2: 1. Scott Manske, Algona; 2. Mark Peterson, Algona; 3. Toby Boothroyd, Britt; 4. Jeramie Faber, Burt.

Feature: 1. Manske, 2. Gustin, 3. Boumeester, 4. Boothroyd, 5. Simpson, 6. Lain, 7. Faber, 8. Logan Brown, Messervey; 9. Thomas Buns, Woden; 10. Jesse Hoeft, Forest City; 11. George Gilliland, Lehigh; 12. Travis Woodbeck, Eagle Grove; 13. Peterson.


Heat 1: 1. Troy Reicks, Waucoma; 2. Wade Eastman, Nora Springs; 3. Larry Portis, Nora Springs; 4. Jeff Vsetecka, Charles City.

Heat 2: 1. Jared Dirks, Belmond; 2. Kevin Hoeft, Garner; 3. Craig Berhow, Belmond; 4. Cory Oftedahl, Whittemore.

Feature: 1. Portis, 2. Dirks, 3. Chad Palmer, Renwick; 4. Reicks, 5. Hoeft, 6. Berhow, 7. Eastman, 8. Andy Bruggeman, Garner; 9. Vsetecka, 10. John Campbell, Belmons; 11. Jeff Dolphin, Forest City; 12. Kevin Paca, Britt; 13. Randy Brands, Boyden; 14. Chris Frerichs, Emmons, MN; 15. Ryan Hiscocks, Britt; 16. Oftedahl.


Heat 1: 1. Brad Bakken, Garner; 2. Mike Hejna, Clear Lake; 3. Rick Gustin, Marshalltown; 4. Scotty Anderson, Mason City.

Heat 2: 1. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha; 2. Jeremy Mills, Garner; 3. Bob Sutherland, Blairsburg; 4. Kevin Stoa, Polk City.

Feature: 1. Bakken, 2. M. Hejna, 3. Gustin, 4. Stoa, 5. Ruter, 6. J. Mills, 7. A. Hejna, 8. Scott Olson, Ellsworth; 9. S. Anderson, 10. Todd Hanson, Clear Lake; 11. Sutherland, 12. Doug Doocy, Lone Rock; 13. Rick Schuller, Burt; DNS - Jeff Schluetter, New Hampton; Stacey Mills, Webb; Denny Anderson, Rochester, MN.


Junior Heat: 1. Trever Nelson, Garner; 2. Kyle Germundson, Mason City; 3. Logan Staley, Webster City; 4. Tim Moretz, Hanlontown.

Senior Heat: 1. Alex Yohn, Clear Lake; 2. Justin Birkhofer, Garner; 3. Brandon Allen, Belmond; 4. Charles Gardner, Kanawha.

Junior Feature: 1. Moretz, 2. Germundson, 3. Staley, 4. Nelson.

Senior Feature: 1. Yohn, 2. Allen, 3. Gardner, 4. Ben Kraus, Garner; 5. Greg Birkhofer, Garner; 6. Matt Baker, Britt; DNS - J. Birkhofer; Travis Nelson, Garner; Robert Black, Ventura.


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