TCR/S5000 promoter announces 'eSport Cup'

The promoter behind the TCR Australia and S5000s categories has announced it will run an Esports series while real-world racing is suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

TCR/S5000 promoter announces 'eSport Cup'

Drivers from the full suite of Australian Racing Group categories, including TCR Australia, S5000, Touring Car Masters, Trans-Am and more, are set to take part in the series of online races.

The news follows confirmation that the next scheduled hit-out for each series, next weekend's Motorsport Australia Championships round in Sydney, has been postponed.

Among those already confirmed are TCR race winners Dylan O’Keeffe, Nathan Morcom and Aaron Cameron, along with S5000 stars Thomas Randle, James Golding and Tim Macrow.

Trans-Am drivers George Miedecke, Nathan Herne and Brett Holdsworth will also take part.

While ARG has teased that 'special guests' will be involved, the competition won't be open to pro gamers.

Races will be split between tin-tops and open-wheelers, with the winners taking home prize money.

“This week has been a roller coaster for everyone, both here in Australia and around the world," said ARG boss Matt Braid.

"This is a way for us to bring some normality back to our worlds as we are faced with our new environments.

“The initial response from drivers and teams has been very encouraging. I would not be surprised if we end up with a grid of around 40 cars, with dedicated drivers from the ARG stable of categories.

“The eSport Cup is open to all drivers and teams from the ARG categories, and there will be some really exciting entries keen to show their skills in the online format.

“More details will be available soon, however, we trust that all race fans will see this as a great way to fill the gaps before we get back to our real world racing.”

The series is set to kick off on the evening of April 2, with qualifying and races staged over a 90-minute meeting. It will then continue over consecutive weeks through April and May.

Supercars is also set to stage a 10-round Esports series to fill the gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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