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Ranked: The 2020 Supercars liveries

Ranked: The 2020 Supercars liveries

The paint brushes have been working overtime in the weeks leading up to the 2020 Supercars season-opener in Adelaide – which means it's time to name our pre-season livery champion.

Warning: You'll disagree with something on this list. Maybe everything on this list.

Looks are subjective, which is what makes livery launch season a wonderful time to argue with your mates. Some like black wheels, some – like me – hate them. Some want big and bright, others prefer subtle and simply. Some like pineapple on pizza, wait, that's a seperate debate...

Anyway, to celebrate the impending start of the 2020 Supercars I decided, at the severe risk of upsetting some hard-working graphic designers, to rank the liveries based on my personal opinion.

In reverse order, here we go.

#14 Brad Jones Racing

This one just misses the mark in my opinion. The black wheels don't help.


#55 Tickford Racing

This one is just a tough sell. So many considerations in terms of colours and branding, so little racing car. It's never going to be pretty, but it's also hard to miss on track.


#23 Tickford Racing/23Red Racing

This isn't offensive by any stretch of the imagination, but loses points because the white-and-red version was so much better. Black wheels, too.


#4 Brad Jones Racing

Clean and simple, very clear branding, but just lacks a little... something.


#5 Tickford Racing

I'm not sold on the grey. The 2019 Tekno Truck Assist car looked pretty sharp, perhaps that would have been a better direction to go in.


#35 Matt Stone Racing

Busy, but, like the Supercheap car, will definitely stand out.


#8 Brad Jones Racing

This is a tough one to rank. The Mobil look is iconic, but given it's a one-off it's hard to have it too high on the list.


#34 Matt Stone Racing

Black and gold is cool, no doubt about it. But I fear this might not stand out in the pack.


#19/#22 Team Sydney

It's still bizarre how little detail on the Coke deal has been released by the team. But, as simple as it is, it's a cool look.


#20 Team 18

In launch spec, with black wheels, I wasn't sure. But the silver wheels in race trim make a big difference. Would love a little more yellow on the roof.


#97/#88 Triple Eight Race Engineering

I slightly preferred the 2019 version of this look, but by no means a disaster.


#18 Team 18

Big, bold colours. Definitely stands out.


#12/#17 DJR Team Penske

These guys and girls cop a bit of heat for not changing the livery, but to me it's unwarranted. Liveries become iconic through both success and longevity. It's a cool look, long may it continue.


#2/#25 Walkinshaw Andretti United

Probably the most controversial take here. A lot of the social media reaction has been negative, but, for some weird reason, I kinda like these cars. Extra points for looking for consistency despite two sponsors with very different branding.

Chaz Mostert, Walkinshaw Andretti United Holden
Bryce Follwood, Walkinshaw Andretti United Holden

#3 Brad Jones Racing/Tim Blanchard Racing

The CoolDrive car consistently flies under the radar when it comes to its livery.


#6 Tickford Racing

This thing just looks cool, simple as that. The green grill is a nice touch too. In this very specific case black wheels are forgiven. 


#15 Kelly Racing

I'm always a sucker for a Castrol livery. Thumbs up to KR for ditching the black wheels that were on the launch car.


#9/#99 Erebus Motorsport

You could argue it's a little busy, but I just feel like it works. Would have loved the 2019 Bathurst look to be made permanent, though.


#7 Kelly Racing

The champ. Rocketed up the charts when it rolled out on silver rims at The Bend.


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