Chico Friday night results 2007-09-07

Saldana Wins Second Night of Gold Cup Joey Saldana surprised himself on Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway in the second qualifying night of the Gold Cup Race of Champions. Lining up 12th for the preliminary feature on the high-banked ¼-mile, ...

Chico Friday night results 2007-09-07

Saldana Wins Second Night of Gold Cup

Joey Saldana surprised himself on Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway in the second qualifying night of the Gold Cup Race of Champions. Lining up 12th for the preliminary feature on the high-banked ¼-mile, he would have been happy to have earned a Top-Five finish to put himself in a good position for the finale on Saturday night. He took that one step further, winning a thrilling dual with Steve Kinser in the closing laps of the 30-lap contest.

Saldana and Kinser officially traded the lead three times over the last five laps. Saldana closed in on Kinser on the 25th lap and looked high exiting the second turn and again coming off the fourth corner. The next lap, he again looked high in the second turn and exiting the fourth turn, and he inched ahead of Kinser at the line.

As the pair raced into second turn on the following lap, Kinser retook the lead, as he looked to add to his remarkable at record at Silver Dollar Speedway, which includes 11 Gold Cup wins.

On the 28th lap, Saldana charged back around Kinser on the high side of the fourth turn to make the pass for the lead and ultimately the win. Kinser valiantly fought back prior to the yellow flag flying later that lap, setting up a two-lap green-white-checker shootout. On the restart, Saldana shot down the front straightaway riding the high line, with Kinser looking low in both turns one and two as well as turns three and four. Saldana held on to earn his first preliminary feature victory of the season.

"This track is very demanding and to come from 12th to win in a World of Outlaws event, I am tickled to death," said Saldana, driver of the Open Joist JEI. "The team is working great right now and I am glad to get to drive for such a great team with Kasey Kahne Racing. I'm very fortunate."

Saldana got around Tim Shaffer on the opening lap and gained two more positions on the next lap, using the high side of the track. After getting past Terry McCarl and Sam Hafertepe Jr., the native of Brownsburg, Indiana found himself in the Top-Five on the 14th lap. Continuing to use the high side of the track, he charged by Brooke Tatnell. He then took the third spot from Tim Kaeding. After passing Daryn Pittman, Saldana turned his focus toward the lead. He used a number of caution periods to his advantage as it closed the field up and gave the leaders clean race track to operate on.

"That was a good race," he said. "I think everyone was a little scared of the top after last night. We just kept working with it and stuck with it. Even when I had to go to the bottom, I felt pretty good. I definitely felt better on the top."

Kinser claimed the Crane Cams Dash to earn his seventh pole position of the season. He jumped to a sizeable advantage in the early laps, with Tatnell and Pittman in toe. The 20-time World of Outlaws champion encountered traffic on the seventh lap, with one car nearly turning down into him as he continued to run the bottom of the track. The caution flag flew on the same lap, giving him a clean race track to work with.

He again pulled away on the restart, while Kaeding battled Pittman for the second spot. Lap after lap, Kaeding would go to the high side of the track, just inches from going over the bank, as he looked for a way around the runner-up.

Kinser encountered heavy traffic on the 12th lap, as he again had opened up a very comfortable advantage. He continued to look for a way around the slower machines, of which a number held him up. As the 19th lap rolled around, he again found himself in traffic, but also had one of his largest leads of the race.

A restart with two laps to go put Kinser right on Saldana's bumper. The native of Bloomington, Indiana looked low entering the first and second turns and again in the third and fourth corners. He led 26 laps on the night and finished second in the Q Oil Maxim, which earned him the fifth most event points heading into the finale on Saturday night, where he will start on the inside of the third row.

Tatnell finished third aboard the Volcano Joe's Coffee Schnee to put himself sixth in event points heading into the finale.

Daryn Pittman was fourth in the Titan Garages Maxim, after running second in the early stages of the event. The reigning Gold Cup winner was just inches behind Tatnell at the line.

Tim Shaffer was fifth in the Casey's General Stores Maxim, with rookie Sam Hafertepe Jr. in sixth in the G.H. Plumbing J&J. Terry McCarl was seventh in the Big Game Treestands Eagle. Brent Kaeding was eighth in the Al's Roofing Supply Maxim. Evan Suggs, who began the night by setting fastest time of the 56 cars that took to the track in time trials, was ninth in the Crestwood/Riley-Collins Body Shop Maxim. Jeremy Campbell rounded out the Top-10 in the RLM Financial Maxim.

Tatnell had a simple plan entering action on Friday night, and he was quick to point out that Saturday night is the night with the big money on the line. He tried a couple of different grooves in an attempt to see where his car will work best for the finale, which will be 40 laps.

"We had a pretty good race car," said the native of San Souci, NSW, Australia. "We had a little bit of luck there. Before we went out, we talked about being consistent and get some points to put us in a better position for Saturday night."

Saldana used the five cautions to his advantage. After turning the fourth quickest lap in time trials of the 56 cars that took laps, he earned a third-place finish in his heat. With his win, Saldana is tied with Jonathan Allard for total events points, with the tie breaker going back to qualifying results. Allard was seventh in time trials on Thursday night. Thus, Saldana will start on the pole for the 40-lap, $50,000 to-win Gold Cup Race of Champions on Saturday night.

"You never know on these tracks, you just work hard at it," said the winner. "The yellows definitely helped me. You just deal with it. When Steve (Kinser) and I got close and I got off the track on the backshoot, I thought it was over. I just kept digging and got him."

While he has finished second in the past at the Gold Cup, the number one position has eluded him and Saldana would like nothing more than to win the West Coast's biggest and most historical sprint car race.

"You have to stay out of trouble tomorrow and keep your nose clean," explained Saldana. "There were a few spots tonight where I put my nose and probably should not have, but it paid off for me. On these little tracks you can get yourself in trouble real fast. You have to race hard every single lap."

Tatnell slipped back to third on the opening lap and lost another position on the second, but that did not deter him. He had a very entertaining battle with Pittman over the last five laps of the event. At the line, Tatnell edged out Pittman by 0.006 seconds to finish in the third position.

"We tried the outside on the start and lost a couple of spots and stayed in line," said Tatnell. "We were in fourth and just kept plugging away at it. The motor loaded up a little bit in the corners which would get the car loose and then we couldn't drive off. As the track freed up that helped that problem out."

Tatnell was an interested observer on Thursday night in the opener of the Gold Cup, studying track conditions, as well as his fellow competitors. He was ready when he strapped into the cockpit on Friday night, knowing it would be a very demanding 30 laps in the high-banked ¼-mile. While he ran the high side of the track a couple of times, Tatnell predominately kept his car glued to the bottom of the track.

"We learned a few things watching last night," he noted. "We saw the guys run the bottom and back it down so far through the corners just to keep on the bottom. Tonight was a better track than last night. We'll come back tomorrow with what we learned last night watching and what we learned last year racing here. I think we have a good package together for Saturday night."

The World of Outlaws return to action on Saturday night with the finale of the 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions, which will pay $50,000 to the winner.


* FAST QUALIFIER: Evan Suggs paced the 55 cars that took time with an AMB i.t. timed lap around the high-banked 1/4-mile oval in 11.738 seconds at 76.674 mph. Because the Gold Cup is a multi-day show with varying championship point totals on each night, no qualifying bonus points are awarded.

* QUALIFYING WINNERS: Terry McCarl, Jeremy Campbell, Daryn Pittman and Tim Kaeding won heat races... Andy Forsberg won the C-Main... Ronnie Day won the B-Main... Steve Kinser won the Crane Cams dash.

* UP NEXT: The 54th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway concludes on Saturday, with the $50,000-to win finale.

World of Outlaws Statistical Report; Gold Cup Race of Champions Night #2; Chico, CA; Sept. 7, 2007

1) 33E-Evan Suggs 11.738
2) 5H-Barry Martinez 11.805
3) 6-Tim Shaffer 11.833
4) 9-Joey Saldana 11.834
5) 11-Steve Kinser 11.860
6) 20-Paul McMahan 11.876
7) 2-Brooke Tatnell 11.889
8) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr. 11.915
9) 24-Terry McCarl 11.932
10) 49-Mike Monahan 11.978
11) 57-Shane Golobic 11.990
12) 6M-Jon Maiwald 12.010
13) 29-Willie Croft 12.011
14) 10C-Jeremy Campbell 12.019
15) 21-Daryn Pittman 12.025
16) 10-Tim Kaeding 12.028
17) 31-Danny Bullock 12.034
18) KR14-Tyler Spath 12.062
19) 1-Ronnie Day 12.111
20) 69-Brent Kaeding 12.129
21) 35M-Sean Becker 12.153
22) D1-Justin Henderson 12.173
23) 26-Tayler Malsam 12.190
24) 44-Matt Shelton 12.220
25) 27L-Korey Lovell 12.241
26) 1HD-Shane Stewart 12.249
27) OO-Jason Statler 12.250
28) 6H-Kyle Hirst 12.273
29) 6W-Mark Workentine 12.281
30) 11H-Kerry Madsen 12.304
31) 73-Kevin Pylant 12.311
32) 67-Shain Matthews 12.323
33) 71-Johnny Gray 12.384
34) 92-Andy Forsberg 12.401
35) 83B-Robert Ballou 12.403
36) 7X-Eddy Lewis 12.609
37) 24M-Matt Petty 12.616
38) 10X-Peter Breshears 12.638
39) 20J-James Sweeney 12.641
40) 2B-Jeremy Burt 12.649
41) 84-Brad Bumgarner 12.717
42) 56-Shawn Arriaga 12.721
43) 18B-Kevin Sharrah 12.734
44) 3-Adrien Betournay 12.746
45) 36N-Mark Tabor Sr. 12.757
46) 9M-Cody Myers 12.865
47) 29K-Josh Keheley 12.896
48) 55-Brandon Carey 12.905
49) 80X-Mark Haynes 13.045
50) 35JR-Ricky Wright Jr. 13.080
51) 3C-Bill Cornwell 13.156
52) 7B-Brent Bjork 13.272
53) 87S-Tony Silveria 13.334
54) 50S-David Silveria 13.445
55) 87-Mike Mossi 13.647
56) 25-Brian Boswell -.---

Heat 1 (10 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 24-Terry McCarl
2) 11-Steve Kinser
3) 33E-Evan Suggs
4) 29-Willie Croft
5) 35M-Sean Becker
6) 31-Danny Bullock
7) 27L-Korey Lovell
8) 71-Johnny Gray
9) 24M-Matt Petty
10) 6W-Mark Workentine

Heat 2 (10 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 10C-Jeremy Campbell
2) 49-Mike Monahan
3) 20-Paul McMahan
4) 11H-Kerry Madsen
5) 5H-Barry Martinez
6) 1HD-Shane Stewart
7) 92-Andy Forsberg
8) D1-Justin Henderson
9) 10X-Peter Breshears
10) KR14-Tyler Spath

Heat 3 (10 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 21-Daryn Pittman
2) 2-Brooke Tatnell
3) 6-Tim Shaffer
4) OO-Jason Statler
5) 83B-Robert Ballou
6) 1-Ronnie Day
7) 57-Shane Golobic
8) 26-Tayler Malsam
9) 20J-James Sweeney
10) 73-Kevin Pylant

Heat 4 (10 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 10-Tim Kaeding
2) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.
3) 9-Joey Saldana
4) 6M-Jon Maiwald
5) 69-Brent Kaeding
6) 6H-Kyle Hirst
7) 44-Matt Shelton
8) 67-Shain Matthews
9) 7X-Eddy Lewis
10) 2B-Jeremy Burt

Crane Cams Dash (8 laps, finishing order determined first 10 starting positions of A-feature)
1) 11-Steve Kinser
2) 2-Brooke Tatnell
3) 21-Daryn Pittman
4) 10-Tim Kaeding
5) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.
6) 33E-Evan Suggs
7) 24-Terry McCarl
8) 10C-Jeremy Campbell
9) 5H-Barry Martinez
10) 49-Mike Monahan

D-main (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to C-main)
1) 18B-Kevin Sharrah
2) 84-Brad Bumgarner
3) 36N-Mark Tabor Sr.
4) 56-Shawn Arriaga
5) 55-Brandon Carey [$25]
6) 9M-Cody Myers [$25]
7) 87-Mike Mossi [$25]
8) 80X-Mark Haynes [$25]
9) 7B-Brent Bjork [$25]
10) 3-Adrien Betournay [$25]
11) 29K-Josh Keheley [$25]
12) 87S-Tony Silveria [$25]
13) 50S-David Silveria [$25]
14) 3C-Bill Cornwell [$25]
15) 35JR-Ricky Wright Jr. [$25]
16) 25-Brian Boswell [$25]

C-main (10 laps, top 2 finishers transferred to B-main)
1) 92-Andy Forsberg
2) 20J-James Sweeney
3) 18B-Kevin Sharrah [$100]
4) 7X-Eddy Lewis [$80]
5) 84-Brad Bumgarner [$60]
6) 56-Shawn Arriaga [$50]
7) 10X-Peter Breshears [$40]
8) 36N-Mark Tabor Sr. [$30]
9) 2B-Jeremy Burt [$25]
10) 24M-Matt Petty [$25]

B-main (12 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 1-Ronnie Day
2) 57-Shane Golobic
3) 44-Matt Shelton
4) D1-Justin Henderson
5) 6H-Kyle Hirst [$150]
6) 92-Andy Forsberg [$125]
7) 20J-James Sweeney [$100]
8) 26-Tayler Malsam [$75]
9) KR14-Tyler Spath [$60]
10) 67-Shain Matthews [$50]
11) 1HD-Shane Stewart [$40]
12) 71-Johnny Gray [$40]
13) 27L-Korey Lovell [$40]
14) 6W-Mark Workentine [$40]
15) 31-Danny Bullock [$40]
16) 73-Kevin Pylant [$40]

A-main (30 laps) - Starting Position [#]
1) 9-Joey Saldana[12] [$5,000]
2) 11-Steve Kinser[1] [$3,000]
3) 2-Brooke Tatnell[2] [$2,500]
4) 21-Daryn Pittman[3] [$2,200]
5) 6-Tim Shaffer[11] [$2,100]
6) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[5] [$2,000]
7) 24-Terry McCarl[7] [$1,800]
8) 69-Brent Kaeding[18] [$1,600]
9) 33E-Evan Suggs[6] [$1,500]
10) 10C-Jeremy Campbell[8] [$1,300]
11) OO-Jason Statler[22] [$1,200]
12) 20-Paul McMahan[13] [$1,100]
13) 1-Ronnie Day[17] [$1,000]
14) 49-Mike Monahan[10] [$700]
15) 35M-Sean Becker[19] [$600]
16) 5H-Barry Martinez[9] [$600]
17) 11H-Kerry Madsen[23] [$600]
18) D1-Justin Henderson[20] [$600]
19) 57-Shane Golobic[14] [$600]
20) 44-Matt Shelton[21] [$600]
21) 10-Tim Kaeding[4] [$500]
22) 6M-Jon Maiwald[15] [$500]
23) 83B-Robert Ballou[24] [$500]
24) 29-Willie Croft[16] [$500]

Lap Leaders: Steve Kinser 1-25, 27; Joey Saldana 26, 28-30
KSE Hard Charger Award: Joey Saldana

-credit: woo

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