Mid-Ohio notes and results (G Production)

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Mid-Ohio notes and results (G Production)

RACE #11 - G Production Sports Car picks: Tom Reichenbach, Fiat X1/9 Dean Johnson, Triumph Spitfire Victor Skirmants, Porsche 356 Cabriolet Grid: Dean Johnson, Tom Reichenbach, Vic Skirmants LAP 1: Steady rain continues to fall for the start of the race with streams of water running down the back straight. 25 cars take the green flag. Johnson takes the early lead. The rest of the field gets through without incident. Leaders at the end of lap one are Johnson, Sargis, Reichenbach, Skirmants, and Prather. Kevin Allen off at turn 10 after a spin. LAP 2: Sargis takes the outside coming out of turn 8 and goes around Johnson into first. Sargis opens up a two second lead over Johnson and Prather who has moved into third and is pressuring Johnson. George Bauchman s MG Midget off in the gravel at turn 7. In a safe position. Lee Feineigle pitted his Datsun 1600, saying it wasn t worth it to stay out in the rain. LAP 3: Prather gets around Johnson into second and the three leaders start to stretch out from the remainder of the field. LAP 4: Rain is getting heavier. Prather catches Sargis and goes by into first. Prather now has a lead of 1.5 seconds over Sargis with Johnson another 1.5 seconds back. Hugh Armstrong pulled into the pits-he said he knew he was running slow and did not want to get in anyone s way. LAP 5: Prather already making his way through slower traffic. LAP 6: Big gaps now between the front runners. Prather has almost six seconds over Sargis who in turn has over four seconds over Johnson. Skirmants and Reichenbach follow with gaps of eight seconds between them. LAP 7: Sargis slides off on the back straight, in the gravel at turn 7. Driver out and OK LAP 8: Prather now has the entire back straight between himself and second place Johnson. Prather s lead is almost 20 seconds. LAP 9: Fred Thomas goes into the sand at turn 1, but manages to get back out into the race. Leaders are Prather, Johnson, Skirmants, Reichenbach, Hauser. LAP 10: Skirmants gets by Johnson at turn 7 for second place. Prather leads Skirmants by over 20 seconds with Johnson close behind. Reichenbach slides off at turn 14. Hauser moves into fourth. LAP 11: Skirmants is increasing his advantage over Johnson, but is not closing the gap to leader Prather. LAP 12: Peter Rogers is now running fifth, up from his 21st starting position and Terry Rohr, who started last in the only fully enclosed car, is up to sixth. LAP 13: Johnson is closing on Skirmants and makes a move for second place, but Skirmants holds on for now. Leaders are now Prather, Skirmants, Johnson, Hauser, Rogers and Rohr. LAP 14: Prather now leads by 17 seconds over Skirmants and Johnson. Hauser trails that battle by almost 45 seconds. LAP 15: Order is Prather, Skirmants, Johnson, Hauser, and Rogers. LAP 16: Skirmants and Johnson are making up some time on Prather, but Prather still enjoys a substantial lead. Mark McAllister s Spitfire blows a head gasket, but makes his way back to the pits. LAP 17: Johnson makes a move on Skirmants at the keyhole, but Skirmants recaptured second place at turn 7. Prather s lead is now 14 seconds over the second place battle. LAP 18: Johnson and Skirmants both spin in the keyhole. Both continue with no change in position. Prather is being very careful going into the corners, taking no chances. LAP 19: Prather cruises to a National Championship with a 11 second lead over Skirmants with Johnson following in third. Hauser comes across for fourth just ahead of Rogers. Race#11 GP Joe Hauser - 4th "How was it? It was slick" "I only had six laps of practice all week" "This is the worst I've ever started." "My 27th consecutive RunOffs." "I'm 76 - I'm 8 months younger than Dan Carmichael." Dean C. Johnson - 3rd Declined interview Vic Skirmants - 2nd "It was pretty hard holding old Dean off." "Dean didn't know I was coming and I just snuck-up on him." "I thought I was running third until I pulled into the pits." "My tires are about 10 years old." Kent Prather - 1st "I had the biggest Goodyear tires out there." "Gotta give a lot of credit to the MG-A - the engine has a lot of torque." "Everybody goes the same speed in the turns - power makes the difference on the straights." "The car was built in '63 as a race car and has always been a race car."

PROVISIONAL RESULTS FOR RACE NUMBER - 11 GP Valvoline Runoffs on October 9-15 1995 SCCA Club Racing processing by MONITOR Systems as licensed to: SCCA CLUB RACING Sanction # IDC-95-S Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Length of Track: 2.4 Miles 11:59:40 10-14-1995 Number of starters: 25 Number of Finishers: 18

Qual Laps Fast # Driver/Hometown/SCCA Division/SCCA Region Sponsor Pos. Comp Lap Time

1 26 Kent Prather/Wakarusa/KS/MW/Kan Prather Rcng/Victoria British MGA 6 19 2:08.804 2 70 Victor Skirmants/Warren/MI/CE/OhV 356 Enterprises Porsche 356 3 19 2:08.182 3 35 Dean C Johnson/Wayzata/MN/CE/LOL TJF TriumphSpitfire 1 19 2:07.877 4 47 Joseph Hauser/Odenton/MD/NE/WDC Lois Nissan SPL311 14 19 2:12.277 5 62 Peter Rogers/Miami/FL/SE/Fla Action Parts A-H Sprite 21 19 2:11.250 6 25 Mark Weber/St Louis/MO/MW/StL Hopkins Scrn Prt/Gdyr/Mini Mn A-H Sprite 18 19 2:09.489 7 83 Terry Rohr/Phoenix/AZ/SP/Ariz VW Rabbit 25 19 2:12.477 8 29 Chris Fox/Gaithersburg/MD/NE/WDC Buckingham British Parts A-H Sprite 8 18 2:14.249 9 67 John Snow/Orange/CA/SP/CSCC Snow's Foreign Car/Rd Ln/PBS Fiat X 1/9 19 18 2:15.210 10 86 Tom Mankin/Bellaire/TX/SW/Hous 104 + Octane Boost AlfaRomeoSpider 13 18 2:09.536 11 61 Fred Thomas/Travelers Rest/SC/SE/CCar Mini Mania/Craftsman Painting A-H Sprite 7 18 2:13.201 12 5 Chuck Udell/Chesterfield/MO/MW/StL AMT Motors/Mini Mania/Comptune A-H Sprite 24 18 2:16.827 13 21 Jim Creighton/Atlanta/GA/SE/Atl Creighton Racing Turner 950S 20 18 2:18.022 14 56 Jim Fahey/Hawthorn Wood/IL/MW/DMV Mini Mania A-H Sprite 23 17 2:25.393 15 30 Mark McAllister/Webster/NY/NE/Fing Aamco Transmission/M.A.D.D. TriumphSpitfire 16 * 15 2:17.322 16 66 Chris Crisenbery/Adrian/MI/CE/Det Rascal Rcg/Midw Mtrspt/Rek Rcg TriumphSpitfire 5 15 2:36.426 17 28 Gary Wittman/Costa Mesa/CA/SP/CSCC Tiodize/Vinolia Pistons A-H Sprite 15 15 2:37.285 18 32 Thomas Reichenbach/Livonia/MI/CE/Det PI Electronics/Vlvln/Loctite Fiat X 1/9 2 * 9 2:12.421 DNF 18 Steve Sargis/Frankfort/IL/CE/BhV Hoosier Tire/SBS Batteries TriumphSpitfire 4 * 6 2:12.371 DNF 58 Lona Bradbury/Simpsonville/SC/SE/Atl B & Z Racing/Mini Mania/MdwstV A H Sprite 11 * 5 2:17.626 DNF 11 Edward Merhar/N Ridgeville/OH/CE/NeOh Alfa Romeo/Team Wahoo AlfaRomeoSpider 17 * 4 2:28.467 DNF 97 Hugh Armstrong/Wilmot/WI/CE/Chi Midw Mtrspt/Mini Mn/Lakes Auto MG Midget 9 * 4 2:56.225 DNF 44 George Bauchman/Maumee/OH/CE/NwOh Midwest Motorsports MG Midget 10 * 2 2:19.098 DNF 84 Lee Feineigle/Findlay/OH/CE/NwOh F & R Imports/Midwest Mtrsprt Datsun 1600 22 * 2 3:17.419 DNF 42 Kevin Allen/Green Cove/FL/SE/Bucc RC Racing/A & S Chassisworks TriumphSpitfire 12 * 1 2:18.366

** Better than the Existing Track Record * Not Running at the Finish

Chief T/S: Bill Skibbe Time Posted O/A Time of Race: 40 minutes 38.435 seconds Signed:_________________________ ___________ Length of Race: 45.6 Miles Margin of Victory: 11.10 seconds 67.321 MPH Average Lap Speed Fastest Race Lap: 02:07.877 by Dean C Johnson in car # 35 ===================================================================================== LAP LEADER(S) # 35 1- 1 # 18 2- 3 # 26 4- 19

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Lexington, Ohio -- Results from the SCCA Valvoline Runoffs 19-lap, 45.6-mile G Production race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, with finishing position, starting position in parentheses, driver, hometown, SCCA Region, class, car, laps and reason out. 1, (6), Kent Prather, Wakarusa, Kansas, Kan, GP, MGA, 19. 2, (3), Victor Skirmants, Warren, Mich., OhV, GP, Porsche 356, 19. 3, (1), Dean C Johnson, Wayzata, Minn., LOL, GP, TriumphSpitfire, 19. 4, (14), Joseph Hauser, Odenton, Md., WDC, GP, Nissan SPL311, 19. 5, (21), Peter Rogers, Miami, Fla., Fla, GP, A-H Sprite, 19. 6, (18), Mark Weber, St Louis, Mo., StL, GP, A-H Sprite, 19. 7, (25), Terry Rohr, Phoenix, Ariz., Ariz, GP, VW Rabbit, 19. 8, (8), Chris Fox, Gaithersburg, Md., WDC, GP, A-H Sprite, 18. 9, (19), John Snow, Orange, Calif., CSCC, GP, Fiat X 1/9, 18. 10, (13), Tom Mankin, Bellaire, Texas, Hous, GP, AlfaRomeoSpider, 18. 11, (7), Fred Thomas, Travelers Rest, S.C., CCar, GP, A-H Sprite, 18. 12, (24), Chuck Udell, Chesterfield, Mo., StL, GP, A-H Sprite, 18. 13, (20), Jim Creighton, Atlanta, Ga., Atl, GP, Turner 950S, 18. 14, (23), Jim Fahey, Hawthorn Wood, Ill., DMV, GP, A-H Sprite, 17. 15, (16), Mark McAllister, Webster, N.Y., Fing, GP, TriumphSpitfire, 15, n.a.. 16, (5), Chris Crisenbery, Adrian, Mich., Det, GP, TriumphSpitfire, 15. 17, (15), Gary Wittman, Costa Mesa, Calif., CSCC, GP, A-H Sprite, 15. 18, (2), Thomas Reichenbach, Livonia, Mich., Det, GP, Fiat X 1/9, 9, n.a.. 19, (4), Steve Sargis, Frankfort, Ill., BhV, GP, TriumphSpitfire, 6, n.a.. 20, (11), Lona Bradbury, Simpsonville, S.C., Atl, GP, A H Sprite, 5, n.a.. 21, (17), Edward Merhar, N Ridgeville, Ohio, NeOh, GP, AlfaRomeoSpider, 4, n.a.. 22, (9), Hugh Armstrong, Wilmot, Wis., Chi, GP, MG Midget, 4, n.a.. 23, (10), George Bauchman, Maumee, Ohio, NwOh, GP, MG Midget, 2, n.a.. 24, (22), Lee Feineigle, Findlay, Ohio, NwOh, GP, Datsun 1600, 2, n.a.. 25, (12), Kevin Allen, Green Cove, Fla., Bucc, GP, TriumphSpitfire, 1, n.a.. time of race: 40 minutes, 38.435 seconds. average speed: 67.321 miles-per-hour margin of victory: 11.105 seconds fastest race lap: Dean C Johnson, 2:07.877 (67.564 mph)

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