Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Gomes and Pizzonia dominate second half and win All Star Race

Reigning Champion relied on the experience of his co-driver to take the lead after the pit stop and cruised to the victory. Khodair/da Costa, Mauricio/Salas completed the podium.

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Gomes and Pizzonia dominate second half and win All Star Race
Felipe Fraga, Rodrigo Sperafico
Thiago Camilo, Lucas di Grassi
Átila Abreu, Nelson Piquet Jr.
Max Wilson, Vitor Meira
Daniel Serra, Danilo Dirani
Átila Abreu, Nelson Piquet Jr.
Lucas Foresti, Luiz Razia
Átila Abreu, Nelson Piquet Jr.
Marcos Gomes, Antonio Pizzonia
Ricardo Zonta, Laurens Vanthoor
Allam Khodair, Antonio Felix da Costa
Nestor Girolami, Franco Girolami

Last year in Goiânia the All Star Race podium had Ricardo Maurício, Marcos Gomes and Allam Khodair with their guest drivers. This Sunday afternoon, the trio once again stepped on the podium - although in reverse order and with different guests (the only exception was Antonio Felix da Costa, again with Allam Khodair).

The All Star Race opened the 2016 season of Brazilian V8 Stock Cars with the reigning champion on the top of the podium. Marcos Gomes relied on the experience of Antonio Pizzonia and his bet worked. Even having started fifth, Gomes went up to second in his stint and after Pizzonia stepped in after the pit stop, he overtook Eurofarma-RC’s Guilherme Salas. Ricardo Maurício’s guest had some issues with rear visibility - he had no right-side mirror -, and Felix da Costa, in a brilliant move, took second place.

Other duos were among the protagonists, but they did not have a positive closure. Rubens Barrichello and Augusto Farfus, all the time in the top-4 spots, retired after Farfus had a drive-through penalty with three laps to go after hitting Lucas di Grassi’s rear. On the other hand, Átila Abreu started at the back of the grid, moved up and Nelson Piquet Jr finished the job by seeing the chequered flag in P6, one position behind Laurens Vanthoor, Ricardo Zonta’s guest.

"Pizzonia did an amazing job. He overtook the leader and managed tyre consumption. It is an excellent result for the team and important points for the championship", said Marcos Gomes. "I only have to thank Marcos’ invitation and the team’s trust on me. Everything worked well and I am glad I could help in great fashion", said Pizzonia.

The All Star Race was the official farewell of the Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba. The venue was sold and will be officially closed in three months, holding a Stock Car race for the 56th and last time in its history.

Second round of the championship takes place at the Velopark circuit on April 10th with the first double-header of the season.

All Star Race - Results*

Drivers Time
1 80 Marcos Gomes/Antonio Pizzonia 1h06min42s638
2 18 Allam Khodair/Antonio F. Costa 1s398
3 90 Ricardo Mauricio/Guilherme Salas 2s149
4 29 Daniel Serra/Danilo Dirani 15s920
5 10 Ricardo Zonta/Laurens Vanthoor 17s271
6 51 Átila Abreu/Nelson Piquet Jr 17s947
7 46 Vitor Genz/David Muffato 18a348
8 12 Lucas Foresti/Luiz Razia 18a731
9 70 Diego Nunes/Dennis Dirani 19s320
10 8 Rafael Suzuki/Franco Vivian 23s034
11 28 Galid Osman/Damián Fineschi 23s237
12 5 Denis Navarro/Felipe Maluhy 26s681
13 110 Felipe Lapenna/Marco Cozzi 29s710
14 21 Thiago Camilo/Lucas Di Grassi 30s236
15 45 Fabio Carbone/Vicente Orige 31s269
16 88 Felipe Fraga/Rodrigo Sperafico 12s394
17 74 Popó Bueno/Beto Gresse 33s054
18 65 Max Wilson/Vitor Meira 39s52s
19 6 Alceu Feldman/Tarso Marques 44.749
20 111 Rubens Barrichello/Augusto Farfus 3 laps
21 66 Felipe Guimarães/Duda Pamplona 6 laps
22 77 Valdeno Brito/Maxime Martin 6 laps
23 26 Raphael Abbate/Nicolas Costa 7 laps

*Unofficial Results


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