Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-09-13

America's busiest little race track was a crowded place Saturday as over 156 cars from five divisions filled the pits to wind down the 2003 regular season. Season championships were on the line for the final night for the 2003 Late Model and ...

Indianapolis Speedrome results 2003-09-13
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America's busiest little race track was a crowded place Saturday as over 156 cars from five divisions filled the pits to wind down the 2003 regular season. Season championships were on the line for the final night for the 2003 Late Model and SuperModified divisions and the Speedrome Hornet class saw over 80 cars vie for starting spots in their 100-lap summer ender.

The 27th running of the Speedrome's 1-Hour Figure-8 Endurance Race saw Bruce Tunny triumph over the reigning World Figure-8 champion Bill Tunny, Jr. and R.J. Norton after 171 laps of hard racing. The three were the only drivers on the lead lap and the win handed Bruce Tunny the 2003 Red Line Graphics Late Model championship for the fourth consecutive year. The two Tunnys and fast qualifier Norton were the only leaders of the event with Bruce taking control from brother Bill with one minute and thirty four seconds left to run.

Fred Baumgardner, Sr. has been one of the pack for much of the 2003 season in the All-Phase Landscaping SuperModified division with only a single feature win for the year. He became The Leader of the Pack with a flag-to-flag win in the season-ending 100-lap feature. Joe Thurman chased him the distance with fast qualifier Mike Hadley, Jr. right behind for third. Johnny Hargraves came across the stripe fourth securing his first championship in the Mods with Ray Evert rounding out the top five.

Bill Fortner enters the Speedrome record books by winning in his fourth division of his career and his second division this season. The former Roadrunner and Bomber Figure-8 winner started 2003 as a member of the Late Model division and garnered a main but switched cars with the 2003 Chuck's Race Car Parts Outlaw Stock champion, Kerry Wright late in August. Fortner topped the 25-Lap oval feature for the stockers with a solid win over Chris Shrum I and rookie Jimmy Anderson. Corey Turner and fast qualifier Greg Snow rounded out the top five while Jeff Armour split the heat races with Fortner.

Ricky Martin was the man dancing at the end of the Sunshine Cafe Roadrunners 25-Lap feature. In one of the roughest runs in ages that saw four red flags to clear debris it was Martin showing the hustle and flair to take the main over Kenny Smith and Bill McClain. Kevin Smith and Kevin Schell rounded out the top five. Points leader Scott Tabor and challenger Todd Amos were some of the racers taking an early out in the event.

Veteran Jerry Moore was tops in the Speedrome Hornet's 100-Lap Season Championship on the oval. Moore took control on Lap 15 and never looked back. Tim Harding chased him to the line with Brian Placek, Mike Gross, points leader Michael George and veteran Claude Hopper in a freight train right behind. Hopper eclipsed Moore's old track record in the afternoon's qualifying session.

With over 80 Hornet cars in the pits a pair of back-up features gave everyone in the four cylinder drowd a chance to run with Chris Turner topping Mike Bramblin in the first and Tim J. Smith beating Lonnie Wildrick to the line for the second 12-lapper.


FAST QUALIFIER - R.J. Norton , Jr. 18.824
1. Bruce Tunny - 171 Laps
2. Bill Tunny, Jr. - 171 Laps
3. R.J. Norton, Jr. - 171 Laps
4. Curtis McMurtrey - 168 Laps
5. Doug Greig - 166 Laps
6. Rodney Sizemore - 164 Laps
7. Kerry Wright - 164 Laps
8. Jeff Shackelford - 161 Laps
9. Ben Tunny - 161 Laps
10. Jeff Hizer - 159 Laps
11. Donnie Garrigus III
12. Casey White
13. Bob Foster, Sr.
14. Danny Turner
15. Kevin Ford
16. Steve Durham
17. Fred Bear, Jr.
18. Wes Spillers
19. Steve Prine
20. Rich Fenwick
21. Victor Rybolt
22. Christopher Green
(Note: Bruce Tunny wins 2003 Red Line Graphics Late Model Championship)

FAST QUALIFIER - Mike Hadley, Jr. 13.608
1. Fred Baumgardner, Sr.
2. Joe Thurman
3. Mike Hadley, Jr.
4. Johnny Hargraves
5. Ray Evert
6. Max Olmsted
7. Charlie Hargraves
8. Tim George
9. Rodney Smith
10. Dale McPeak
11. Chris Shrum II
12. Spike Brickley
13. Rob McCalister, Sr.
14. Bob Higgins
15. David George
16. Randy Schaeffer
17. Billy George
(Note: Johnny Hargraves wins 2003 All-Phase Landscaping SuperModified Championship)

FAST QUALIFIER - Greg Snow 14.749
HEAT RACE WINNERS - Jeff Armour, Bill Fortner
1. Bill Fortner
2. Chris Shrum I
3. Jimmy Anderson
4. Corey Turner
5. Greg Snow
6. Ricky Amos
7. Brian Luttrell
8. Ed Brickley
9. Rick Gillespie
10. Al Fullenkamp
11. Chris Stewart
12. Dusty Hunt
13. Tim Logan
14. Jeff Armour
15. Ricky Schaeffer III
16. Danny French
17. Kenny McDonough
(Note: Kerry Wright wins the 2003 Chuck's Race Car Parts Stock Championship)

1. Ricky Martin
2. Kenny Smith
3. Bill McClain
4. Kevin Smith
5. Kevin Schell
6. Danny Scott
7. David Gelke
8. Rob Perkins
9. Tanta Chia
10. Jason Perkins
11. James Marsh
12. Jerry Gulley
13. Barry Coy
14. Mike Gulley
15. Dusty Sapp
16. Charlie Potts
17. Shawn Eastridge
18. Todd Amos
19. Mike Light
20. D.J. Rhodes
21. Scott Tabor
22. Steve Grubbs
23. Kenny Denny
24. Larry Patrick
(Note: July/August/September points season ends September 27th.)

FAST QUALIFIER - Claude Hopper 16.143 NTR
1. Jerry Moore
2. Tim Harding
3. Brian Placek
4. Mike Gross
5. Mike George
6. Claude Hopper
7. Rob Ricketts
8. Tom Lehrman
9. John Abercrombie
10. Nick Denny
11. Bill Smith
12. Darrell Keith
13. Earl Bryant
14. Mike Couture
15. Mike Smith, Jr.
16. Dave Gabbert
17. Darrell Absher
18. Howard Wessel
19. Terry Pierson
20. Monroe May
21. Terry Gross
22. Jay Chapman
23. Bret Brookshire
24. Chuck McGinnis
25. Danny Carson
26. Mike Smith, Sr.
27. Rob Hurt
28. Brian Cooper
29. Bobby Keith
30. Brandon Harding
31. Tony Stevens
32. Mike Church
33. Terry Gunn
34. Tom Courtney
35. Oza Hoosier
36. Brian Pierce
37. Trevor Lay
38. Scott Camhi

1. Chris Turner
2. Mike Bramblin
3. Stephen Hawks
4. Dave Popalaus
5. Tom Moorman
6. Tanta Chia
7. Larry Patrick, Jr.
8. Jimmy McDougalle
9. Carl Schilling I
10. Cordell George
11. Tim L. Smith
12. Frank Wade
13. Tim Gregory
14. Billy Garrigus
15. Scotty Wagers

1. Tim Smith
2. Lonnie Wildrick
3. Mike Frazier
4. John Cosby
5. Sherman Kramer
6. Perry George
7. Josh Presley
8. Aaron Couture
9. Jay Baker
10. Jack Stevens
11. Brad Brooks
12. James Irwin
13. Allen Pavey
14. Keith Graybill
15. Jerry Green
16. Matt Smith
17. Jerry Johnson
18. Shawn Chapman
19. Brian Turner
20. Joe Manuel
21. Tony Roberts
22. Robbie Carson
23. Carl Schilling II
(Note: 2003 points season ends September 27th)

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